No. 2

"George TERRY, Senior. Where do you live? 2 Alma Street. What are you? A bricklayer. Did you get any money about the last election? No. Did you get any in 1879? Yes. How much? 1l. What was that for? My carriage to and from Elham. Who gave it to you? Mr. Blogg gave me 10s and Mr. Sampson gave me 10s. They are two Liberals; Blogg and Sampson? Yes. Did he give it to you to come in and vote for the Liberals? Yes. Where is Elham? 11 miles from here, on the Folkestone Road. Was it for travelling expenses? For travelling expenses and the day's pay. Did they send a carriage for you? Yes. Then you did not want to spend anything in travelling expenses? I do not know what it was for except that. It was for your vote, was not it? No. It was for your expenses? For losing a job. If we have a job on piece work of course our expense is rather great. It was to enable you to come and vote? Yes. Without losing any money? Yes." PP, October 14, 1880

William RAIN )

1917 William HARDIMAN


No. 3



No. 4


No. 5

James SHEPPARD, Painter of houses )


No. 6

Eliza WILLDING (w) )

1912 George William RAY - Billiard Master at the Canterbury Club - CCA

1917 George RAY



No. 10

William H. Hindmarsh, Solider )


No. 11

John THOMPSON, Officer, Keeper of the Barracks )


No. 12

Henry DENNE - Where do you live? 12 Alma Street. What are you? A mason. Did you get anything about the last election? No. Neither before nor after? No. Did you get anything in 1879? I did not vote: I had not got one.

Emma KEELER, soliders wife )

1917 Joseph CLARKE


No. 13

Elizabeth DALE )


No. 14

Richard Hopkins was summoned by Jane CHAMPION, a spinster living at 14, Alma Street, to show cause why he should not contribute towards the support of her two illegitimate children, of whom she alleged him to be the father. Mr. Henry Fielding appeared for the complainant. Evidence having been given, the Bench made an order for defendant to contribute 1s. 6d. a week until the eldest child reaches the age of 15, but in the second case the Bench decided that there was not sufficient corroborative evidence. The defendant would have to pay the costs of the day, amounting to 16s. 6d., in default of seven days's hard labour. Defendant said he had no money nor any prospect of getting any, and he was therefore removed in custody. KGaCP Sat Dec 26, 1896

Walter BLIGH )

1917 George BEENEY


No. 15

Joseph CLARKE, Tanner )


No. 16

Alfred BLIGH, Bricklayer )

1903 Alfred BLIGH, Shopkeeper

1917 Frank DOBSON


Alma Place


No. 17


1917 John TABOR


No. 18



No. 21

Francis J. WOOD, Baker )


No. 22

Walter E. C. G. BURLOIN, Blacksmith )


No. 24

John Charles STYLES - Where do you live? 24, Alma Street. What is your occupation? A coach builder. I believe you are no relation to the Styles' who were called yesterday? Yes I am. I thought you were no relation of theirs? Why did you think I was not a relation, sir? I was informed you were not. How are you related to the Charles Styles who was in the box yesterday? I am a cousin. Did you get anything for your vote last April? No. Or in 1879? No. Do you know Kennett? Yes. ....Do you know Laming? I know ever so many Lamings. Do you know the one who keeps the curiousity shop? Yes. Did he give you anythin in 1879? No. Did anybody else? No. PP

Edward Corrigan, Bricklayers Labourer )

1917 Edward CORRIGAN


No. 26

Thomas HAMMOND, Solider )


No. 27

1885 George DONNELLY, 27 Alma Street

Jessie HALL, wife of a Soldier )

1917 David PARNELL


No. 28

Sarah Sutton, wife of a Soldier )


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