Constructed in 1831, cleared for re-development 1962


No. 1


No. 2

1838 Policeman, J. P. WEBSTER, 2 Artillery Street

1911 Richard BOWDEN, 2 Artillery Street *courtesy of a family member (later moved to North Lane)


No. 3

1838 Policeman Edward GIFFORD, 3 Artillery Street


No. 1 to 3 were formerly 4 tenements built by David WHEELER, Canterbury (Brass founder), abutting on the wall and buildings called St. Gregory's Barracks (built by William Baldock)


No. 5

1845 Mr. B. WELLS, 5 Artillery Street, Canterbury (Ecclesiastical Gazette)


No. 6

1879 Henry HICKMAN, 6, Artillery Street, Canterbury (Insects for Sale and Exchange)


1838 Coal Merchants and Dealers - Cresswell & Son, Artillery Street

1838 Citizen of the World, John LAMING, Artillery Street (under Taverns and Public Houses)


Henry Hymers -Where do you live? 24, Old Ruttington Lane. What are you? Tailor.....Is there any other person of your name in your lane? No, not living in the lane. Is there in Canterbury? Oh, yes; I have one brother in Canterbury. Where does he live? He lives in Artillery Street. What is his Christian name? Herbert. Is your bother here today? I do not think he is. I have not seen him today. I saw him yesterday. You know the man I mean? Yes, I know David Clay indeed he used to keep a public house called the "Cambridge Arms".... Parliamentary Papers 1881


1838 Policeman, Robert GILES, Artillery Street



James WOOD, Publican

Robert REASON, File Cutter

James WOOD, Carpenter

Hendal HALL, Labourer

Matthew DRAYSON, Carpenter

William WHITE, Labourer, wife Sarah

John PARKER, Labourer

Thomas CULLEN, Labourer

George BEER, Brewer

Edwin GIFFORD, Policeman

Charles GUNNINGHAM, Stonemason

John KNOTT, Tailor


Charles UZZEY

William GAWLER, Labourer

Robert GAWLER, Labourer


Isaac WILDASH, Labourer

Thomas ELLIS, Labourer

George MAXTED, Sawyer

James WARNER, Bricklayer Journeyman

John TURNER, Gardener



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