Barton Villas, CANTERBURY


The great high road, at the entrance to the city, through the late St. George's gate, from Dovor, being narrow, with several dangerous turnings, an act was obtained that year to alter the course of it entirely, by making new roads towards Dovor, in a straight line from that gate, for more than a mile and a half, through Barton Field, on each side of which several houses have been built.


John HEMERY, Esq., J.P. Barton Fields, Canterbury - subscriber to Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent

Births - at Barton house, Canterbury, the wife of Captain Augustus H. King, Royal Horse Artillery, a daughter. The Gentlemens Magazine 1864


The Solicitors' Journal & Reporter - July 12, 1873

Estate Exchange Report

At the Mart

By Messrs. Farebrother, Clarke & Co.

Canterbury - Barton Fields, freehold residence, with pleasure grounds - sold for 2,600 Pounds


For Sale 1907 - St. Augustine's Road, Barton Fields, Canterbury - House containing five bed and dressing rooms, bath, etc., nice conservatory and walled-in garden; £200 down and remainder on mortgate. Dean, 1, Cossington Road, Canterbury



John Bean, Farmer

John Brent Jr. - secretary to the Kent & Canterbury ..... Investement Society

John Brent Jr. Esq., Canterbury. Subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

1852 Poll Book - John Brent Jnr., Canterbury - "list of persons who have claimed and are registered to vote in the Tenterden District in which their places of abode are situate, or who are not resident in the county of Kent."

*John BRENT (1808 - 1882) antiquary and novelist, was born at Rotherhithe on 21, August 1808, and was the eldest son of a father of the same name, a shipbuilder there, who about the year 1821 removed to Canterbury, and became thrice mayor of the city and deputy-lieutenant of the county. His mother was Susannah, third daughter of the Rev. Sampson Kingsford of Sturry, near Canterbury (Gent. Mag. vol. lxxvii. pt. ii, 1074). In his early days he carried on the business of a miller, occupied for many years a seat on the council of the Canterbury Corporation and was elected an alderman, but resigned that position on being appointed treasurer. Brent died at this house on the Dane John, Canterbury, 23, April 1882. During the course of a long life, he was indefatigable in his attempts to throw light on the past history of the city and country in which he dwelt. He became a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in April 1853, and was also a member of the British Archaeological Association and of the Kent Archaeological Society. His contributions to antiquarian literature are mostly to be found in the various publications of these societies. To the forty-first volume of the "Archaeologia" (pp. 409-420) he communicated a paper of value to ethnological science, being an account of his "researches in an Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Stowing in Kent during the autumn of 1866," In 1855 he had published a revised edition of Felix Summerly's Handbook for Canterbury, and in 1875 there appeared his "Catalogue of the Antiquities in the Canterbury Museum,: of which he was honorary curator. His work upon "Canterbury in the Olden Time," 8vo, 1860 (enlarged edition in 1879), from its research and originality, bears testimony to his unwearied industry and his ability as an antiquarian topographer. Brent also claims notice as a poet and novelist, having published 1. The Sea Wolf, A Romance, 12mo, London, 1834. 2. Lays of Poland, 12mo, London, 1836. 3. Lays and Legends of Kent, 12mo, Canterbury, 1840; second edition 1851. 4. Guillemette La Delanasse, a poem, 12mo, Canterbury, 1840. 5. The Battle Cross. A Romance of the Fourteenth Century, 3 vols. 12mo, London 1845. 6........ Numerous tales, poems and miscellaneous articles from his pen are also to be found in the various magazines devoted to light literature. At the time of the insurrection in Poland, Brent became the local secretary of the Polish Association. (Information from Mr. Cecil Brent, F.S.A., Journal of the British Archaeological Association xxxviii. 235-36: Guillaumet's Tablettes Biographigues: Kentish Chronicle, 29 April 1882: Times, 29 April 1882: Roach Smith's Retrospections, i. 159.)

Cecil Brent, living with John Brent

Stephen Bean, Miller

John Brent Sr. Magistrate, Alderman

John Brent, Esq., Alderman and J. P. Canterbury. Subscriber to "Consuetudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851

John Love, Clerk to a Brewery

John Chandler, Miller


"Death, April 3, 1845. Louisa, wife of Mr. Charles Collard, of Wickham Court, and eldest daughter of Henry Collard, esq. of Little Barton, near Canterbury." The Gentlemen's Magazine, 1845

*Monuments of Nackington Church related to the Collard family on the Kent Archaeology website

"John Brent, jun., Esq., F.S.A., communicated some highly interesting remarks on antiquities discovered at or near Canterbury. The antiquities consisted of the following objects, which we arrange according to the localities where they were found. .... 6. (Little Barton): a skinning-knife.

Mr. Brent also exhibited a drawing of a cruciform fibula, already mentioned in our summary of the ordinary meeting of this Society, Jan. 10, and one of a gold torque found at Little Barton."

The Gentlemen's Magazine and Historical Review M DCCC LXI, January to June 1861

Charles Collard, Farmer 540 acres of Land &



Thomas Kingsford, Landowner

1881 Miss Kingsford, Barton House (from the Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)



William W. Mason, Silversmith *

William Watson Mason, Mayor, J.P. & Gold Jeweller (

The local magistrates, on the 19th sentenced an expert thief named Frank Bayley, who had been wanted by the police in various parts of the country, to six months hard labour for stealing a diamond brooch from the shop of Alderman Mason. 1896

William W. Mason, Retired Gold Jeweller, & City Councillor )

1903 - William Watson Mason, Barton Fields



1863 - George Taddy Tomlin, Esq. F.S.A. "COMBE HOUSE", Barton Fields (member of the Royal Institution of Great Britian)

1866 - Rev. C.A. Fowler, Barton Fields

1876 - George T. Tomline, Esq. F.S.A., F.R.G.S. "COMBE HOUSE", Barton Fields

1877...the brickfield occupied by Mr. Wilson - Barton Fields

1878 - Lt. Gen. James McQueen "TINTOCH HOUSE", Barton Fields

1903 - Cecil Edward Kingsford "PINECROFT", Barton Fields

*Examinations at the Incorporated Law Society. June 1878 - Final Examination. At the examination of candidates for admission on the roll of Solicitors of the supreme Court, the Examination Committee recommended the following gentlemen under the age of twenty-six, as being entitled to honorary distinction. 9. Cecil Edward Kingsford, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Wightwick, Kingsford, and Wightwick of Canterbury. The Law Times, July 27, 1878

1883 - The Law Times - Professional Partnerships Dissolved, Gazette, Jan. 4. Wightwick, Kingsford, Wightwick and Kingsford Solicitors, Canterbury: Thomas Norman Wightwick, Montague Kingsford, William Norman Wightwick and Cecil Edward Kingsford j. As regards T. N. Wightwick. Dec. 31. Debts by remaining partners.

1903 - Montague Kingsford "THE HOLLIES", Barton Fields

*On January 24th, killed in action at Spion Kop, Herbert M. Kingsford, of Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry, son of Montague Kingsford, Canterbury

.....How long have you been a resident in Canterbury? I have not been resident. I live four miles out of Canterbury. How long have you known Canterbury? Well, I was born in Canterbury, but I was in business at Ashford in 1857. At the end of 1857 I came here....." Parliamentary Papers

Mr. Montague Kingsford - Were you acting as Colonel Laurie's solicitor in 1879? Well, I have acted as his solicitor in conveying property to him, but I have never acted for him in any way as his solicitor in an election, if you mean that. Parliamentary Papers 1881

London Gazette 1902 - Notice is hereby given that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, Montague Kingsford, William Norman Wightwick and Cecil Edward Kingsford, practising at the city of Canterbury as Solicitors of the Supreme Court, under the firm or style of Kingsford, Wightwick and Kingsford, was on this 31st day of Decmeber, 1901 dissolved by mutal consent so far as concerns the said Montague Kingsford, who from that date ceased to be a member of such firm. All debts owing from or due to the late firm will be discharged and received by the said William Norman Wightwick and Cecil Edward Kingsford, who will continue to practice of the late firm upon their own account. Dated this 31st day of December, one thousand nine hundred and one. Montague Kingsford, W. N. Wightwick, Cecil E. Kingsford.

*W. N. Wightwick of Canterbury, married Margaretta Charlotte HAIG in 1876. she died August 1921, leaving issue.

*Wightwick, Thos. N., Montague Kingsford, and Jas. Fraser, Canterbury, Attorneys and Solicitors under the firm of Wightwick, Kingsford and Fraser, and Ashford, under the firm of Kingsford, Wightwick & Fraser. Dec 31, 1869, by mutal consent. In future the said Thos. N. Wightwick and Montague Kingsford will practise as Attorneys and Solicitors in partnership at Canterbury, and the said Jas. Fraser at Ashford on his seperate account. The Weekly Notes Jan 8, 1870

1903 - Capt. Thomas Lambert J.P. (late RHA) "STANMORE", Barton Fields

1881 Thomas Lambert, Late Captain R.A. from Devon, Devonport "Stanmore"

1903 - Mrs. Winton Molonv, Barton Fields

1903 - Mrs. Wightwick, Barton Fields

1903 - Mrs. Rogers, "THE GROVE", Barton Fields

Rev. Thomas Rogers was a vicar of Roxwell from 1884 until 1896, when ill-health compelled him to resign and remove to The Grove, Barton Fields, Canterbury. He died there on February 11th, aged 59 (1899). He was the eldest son of Thomas ROGERS, of Trenowth House, Penryn, Cornwall. Born at Falmouth, Cornwall in 1839 he was..." (was a Minor Canon and Precentor of Durham Cathedral) (Late Vicar of Roxwell, Essex)

The tombstone of Thomas ROGERS which sits in St. Martin's churchyard reads:








House 1 *

George Ash, Retired Brewer

Emily Mount, niece, born Nackington *daughter of George Mount and Martha Ash (Martha is George Ash's sister)

*George Ash, Barton Fields, Canterbury, 366 0 0 (acres) 750 0 (rent), return of owners of land, 1873 (Kent)

He was at 36 Watling street in the 70's, Retired brewer & landowner, born St. Mildred, Canterbury

Ann. O. Collard, was a neice of George Ash

George Mount married Martha Ash August 2, 1838 in St. Mildred's Cantebury, Martha was the daughter of George Ash and Ann Culmer. George and Ann also had a daughter Elizabeth b. 1815. Elizabeth married George Plomer Collard in St. Mildred's Canterbury, January 23, 1838, and daughter Louisa Harriet Ash born c. 1807, married Nelson Collard December 15, 1834, St. Mildred's Canterbury


House 2 *

1879 - George Furley, Esq. J.P. Barton Fields *1879 list of subscribers to Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent

George Furley, Banker

Caroline E. Furley

Agnes Furley

1891/92, East Kent Natural History Society - Members - Mr. George FURLEY, Barton Fields, Canterbury

**Saturday, September 15th, 1894, The Kentish Observer - Death of Mrs. George Furley. We announce with sincere regret the death of Mrs. Furley, the wife of Mr. George Furley, J.P., of Barton Fields, Canterbury, which occurred on Tuesday morning. The deceased lady, who was seventy-eight years of age, had been an invalid for a considerable time past, but it was only quite recently that her condition became such as to cause grave anxiety. During Sunday and Monday she lay in an unconscious state and passed away almost impreceptibly about nine o'clock on Tuesday morning, to the intense grief of her husband and family, for all of whom the deepest sympathy is felt by a very wide circle of friends and acquantances and, we feel sure, by the citizens generally.

*1894 - Ground plan of residence of George Furley CCA-CC-P/1/K/37


House 3 *

J. W. Z. Wright, Esq. J.P. Barton Fields, Canterbury - Subscriber Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent 1879 (Mr. Zorapore Wright)

John W. Z. Wright, head, married age 41, J.P. for Kent, Town Councillor and income from land and railway stock born India (british subject)

wife Mary Ann Wright,

Malcolm W. Z. Wright, Articled Clerk to Solicitor born Canterbury

Bernard D. Z. Wright, Student in the Medical Profession

Caroline, widow of late Lieut.-General

*January - Death at the residence of his son J. W. Z. Wright esq., Barton Fields, Canterbury, aged 72, Lieut-Gen Thomas Wright, C.B., Colonel 30th Regiment. The gallant officer entered the army in 1812, and had seen considerable service in India. He served the campaign against the Rajah of Coorg in 1834, and led the advanced attack at the taking of the stockade of Peripatan, the frontier stockage of the Coorg territory. In 1839 he was employed in the operations against Kurnool, and was severely and dangerously wounded at the affair of Zorapore on the 18th of October. He commanded a brigade at the battle of Maharajpore on the 29th of December 1843, in which action his horse was shot under him in taking the battery at Chounda. In recognition of his services the deceased officer was maked a Companion of the Order of the Bath in 1844. Gentlemens magazine 1867


House 4 *

George Beer, Brewer & Maltster

George was employing about 29 men at one time

Anna Beer

Emily A. Beer



Barton Field ^

John O. Burridge, Army Capt. Staff Officer



House 5 *

John O. Burridge, Major. Retired List

Wife Sarah

Mary Ann, daughter, born India Hymalayan Mountains



Barton Field ^

George Bentham, Vice Admiral born Newfoundland, CANADA

*February 24th, 1862 - death at Barton Fields, Canterbury, aged 74, Vice-Admiral Bentham

Death Feb 24. At Barton Fields, Canterbury, aged 74, Vice-Admiral Bentham. Gentlemen's Magazine 1862


House 6 *

Emma P. Bentham, W



William J. Graves, Landowner



Edward G. Edwards, w, Gardener



Roman Antiquities under bog earth at Canterbury - Dear Sir, a large pipe drain is being laid down in Canterbury, the course of it running the whole length of the city from the houses in Barton Fields, beyond the London and Chatham Railway on the Dover Road, to the River Stour at East Bridge.

The cutting is from ten to fifteen feet deep. In one part of the inn the workmen came to a stratum of bog earth, lying at about nine feet below the pavement. On each side of the black earth, and at the same depth, remains of Roman pottery, and, apparently, Roman foundations of buildings were found. These men also dug up some ornaments for the person, and other similar things. Some of this earth I have subjected to the process of boiling in acid, and upon examining with the microscope the residue, I found various Diatomaceae, Coscinodisci Navicula, &c. The Geologist, by Samuel Joseph Mackie 1861


Barton Field ^

Richard Buchanan, Retired from H. U. C. Service, (93rd Highlanders) Captain Neil Griffiths Buchanan

Florence born Barton Fields, Canterbury, Kent September 16, 1861, died 1913 Australia *the youngest of 6 children, both parents died prior to 1868

Jane Jorgan, sister in law

the children went to school at Clifton after the death of their parents?

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