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Family Chart

John BATEMAN was born about 1820 in Canterbury, son of George and Sarah BATEMAN. John's father George was a Builder. I'm assuming John was apprenticed to a Baker, as he was working as a Baker in his early 20's, while he was still at home in Broad Street, St. Mary Northgate with his family in 1840. His family: George BATEMAN, Builder, mom Sarah, sisters Mary, Charlotte, Susannah and his brother Richard who was a Carpenter and his other brother ... who was a Baker, his married sister Sarah CHILD is with them with her daughter Sarah Child who is 18 months old.

From the poll books 1830 there is an Edward BATEMAN listed, Broad Street, Canterbury, Carpenter, George BATEMAN, Broad Street, Canterbury, Carpenter, as well as John BATEMEN, Castle Row, Canterbury, Carpenter

John BATEMAN married Ms. Charlotte WRIGHT, in Blean in 1845. By the early 1850's the couple had three children, Emma Maria, John Montague and Selina Kate, and the family is living on Palace Street and John is working as a Baker.

*John's father died in 1850 (will of George BATEMAN, Carpenter of Canterbury, St. Mary Northgate) May 7, 1850. Parts of the will note:

George BATEMAN of Broad Street in the parish of Saint Mary Northgate in the city of Canterbury and county of the same city Carpenter...

*1838 George Bateman was a church warden of St. Mary Northgate



Here lieth awaiting the resurrection

in Christ, the body of


of this parish who departed this life

the 5th day of April 1850 age 66 years

And of RICHARD Third son



who died 7th June 1822 aged 7 years

Also EDWARD Eldest of the above

who died 7th August 1835

aged 27 years

And of SARAH Eldest daughter of

the above and wife of EDMUND CHILD

of London who died 10th of November 1841 aged 31 years

Left surviving two sons

and one daughter

Also MICHAEL Youngest son of

the above who died 16th of August

1845 aged 20 years


Twenty seventh day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty four ..

...Interred in the burial ground of Holy Cross Westgate in this city and as to such worldly goods or ....

.....eight cottages or tenements with the appurtenances ... to belonging situate lying and being in a place called .. Coal Harbour in the parish of Saint Mary Northgate in the said City and county of Canterbury and now in the tenure or occupation of Laura Hayward and ... likewise ... brick built dwelling . Court and ... a .. with the appurtenance ..... belonging situate lying and being partly in Military road and partly in Broad Street in that said parish of Saint Mary Northgate in the said City of Canterbury and now in the .... or occupation of my son Edward Bateman as a yearly tenant also two brick built cottages or tenements situate in Broad Street in said parish of Saint Mary Northgate in the said city of Canterbury and which are now in the tenure or occupation of the widow Fox? and a William Jurrow? and which are adjoining to my afore named .... ... and bakers shop which is in the tenure of my son Edward BATEMAN all and singular of which my freehold property I give and a desist unto the use of my wife Sarah BATEMAN and to Thomas ...Westwood of New Military Road in that said parish of Saint Mary Northgate in the said City of Canterbury Gentleman and to John Giddard? of Bridge Street in the parish of Saint Paul in the said city of Canterbury Tailor their heirs and assigns upon trust is to say upon trust by and never the less

... not already been appreciated as aforesaid I do will and bequeath to be equally and fairly divided between the whole of my lawful children re.... of first Edward 2nd Sarah the wife of Edmund Child of London Carpenter (**) 3rd George 4th Mary Surrey? 5th John 6th Richard 7th Michael? 8th Charlotte and 9th Susannah heirs and amongst each have and that alike also at ......... of my brother Edward Bateman. I do will and bequeath my ... in bring and this part of one thousand pounds in the ... ... bequeathed to me by the will of the said Mrs. Braddon of the said parish of Saint Mary Magdalen in the said city of Canterbury to the whole of my said lawful children their heirs and assigns and

Witnessed by John ADMANS Senr, Bricklayer and Joseph DEWHIRST, Schoolmaster and John ADMANS Junr Bricklayer

I have bound myself to pay to John Pi..ello and his wife of the parish of Saint Dunstan in the Borough of Canterbury the sum of one pound and four shillings on ... and every week during the time of their natural lives and have also granted to George RYE? (RIST?) a .. of my eight cottages which are situate in Coal Harbour in the parish of Saint Mary Northgate in the city and borough of Canterbury as is described in my said will and testement which .. will expire in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty nine and I have .. found myself to sell to the said George RYE? at the end of the said term or before at his option the said eight cottages for the sum of one thousand pounds I so ..fore.. that part of my said will which .. my executors to sell the said eight cottages at the second marraige of my said wife Sarah BATEMAN and I do hereby declare that my said wife Sarah BATEMAN shall enjoy the rents profits and ... of the whole of my ... ... during her widowhood .. and ..p.t so ... as may be necessary to pay all ......which I have or may ... after into and in the case of the second marriage of my said wife then she shall enjoy so ... and no... as is ..

L.J. B. MIETTE, Baker Broad Street, James LANCEFIELD, Builder, Broad Street, Joseph DEWHIRST Schoolmaster, No. 6 Military Road (born Woolwich)

Possessed of more tenements (codicil) purchased other freehold property which property I also .. to my said wife Sarah Bateman, Edward Westwood and John Gibbons their heirs and assigns upon ... which are situate in Broad Street adjoining to my own dwelling house in the parish of Saint Mary Northgate in the said Borough of Canterbury and which messuages or tenents are now in the occupation of ____*Carpenter (Isaac Carpenter, Basket maker on the 1841 census) and Foreman (Jackman?). Jereby also give and the said two mesusuages or accour..... which are now in the tenure or occupation of the said Carpenter and ... and __Farfuan?

John ADMANS Jun Bricklayer St. Peter's Friars (& Knotts Lane), John JACKMAN Tailor Broad Street, Frederick CORNWELL, Tailor Broad Street

** granddaughter Sarah A. Child is staying with Sarah BATEMAN in 1851, born Chelsea, Middlesex

Sometime between 1850 and 1860, John changed professions and became a Photographer. This could be due to John's connection with Jabez Hughes. John's wife Charlotte, had a sister named Esther who married Cornelius Jabez Hughes in 1843, and Cornelius became a photograher around 1846. In 1862 Jabez was noted as a photographer to Queen Victoria.

The couple's daughter Fanny Ada BATEMAN was born February 3th, 1853, at 13 Killermont Street, in Glasgow, Scotland, and at this time Jabez Hughes was living and working as a photographer in Glasgow at 67 Buchanan Street, which was about 1/3 of a mile from where John and Charlotte's daughter Fanny Ada BATEMAN was born.

There was a birth of a John Edward BATEMAN in Canterbury in 1855.

In the early 1860's John and his wife Charlotte are living at 51 St. George's street with their children John, Selina Kate, Charlotte, Fanny, Flora A., and Hinton Ernest Bateman. Daughter Charlotte was born in Canterbury in 1852 and we know Fanny Ada BATEMAN was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1853, so they could have been there for a year or so, but they were back in Canterbury when their next child Flora was born in 1856.

Goddard Testimonial Fund. Subscription - J. Bateman, Esq., Canterbury 1£ 1s. 0d. The Photographic Journal. April 15. 1863.

Feb. 15, 1864 - Goddard Testimonial Fund - J. Bateman, Esq. Canterbury, 1£ 1s 0d

Date of Registration - October 20th, 1869 - John Montague Bateman, Residence, Palais de la Favorita, Naples no. of examination certificate 1281, Pharmaceutical chemist

1872 - Marriage of John Montague BATEMAN, age 24 (father John Bateman) to Elizabeth Southee MOSE, age 22 (father Thomas Mose), marriage date December 31, 1872, Brighton, Sussex, England. *John was staying with Elizabeth's family in London in 1871. In the 1860's Elizabeth's family were in Canterbury in St. George's Street (where John's father also was). Elizabeth's father was a Draper.

1877 - Benevolent Fund. Subscriptions received during February, March, April and May 1877 - John Montague Bateman, Cairo 16s. 10d.

I found a note of a photograph by a J. Bateman c. 1870's of a Cottage in Cambridge, Eng. (Basil Prior Photographs), Henry Madden Library, California

In 1870's the family were at 54 St. George's Street, John now in his early 50's continues working as a Photographer.

The Photographic News, August 6th, 1875 - Photographs Registered - Mr. J. Bateman, Two photographs of Bishop PARRY.

"The Microscopical department has been ably represented by the original work of our Hon. Assistant Secretary, Mr. J. Fullagar, whose painstaking investigations and beautiful delineations of natural objects make our Association known far beyond the locality that gives name to the Society. Mr. Fullagar's researches are published with the transactions, illustrated by a frontispiece of actual drawings, from the microscope of living objects, copied photographically by the well-known photographer, Mr. Bateman of St. George's Street, Canterbury, to whom the Society are indebted for 150 copies of which Mr. Bateman has generously presented it." (Report of the Committee for 1880 - The East Kent Natural History Society, pub. 1881)

In the early 1880's John was still located at 54 St. George's Street, Photographer, with wife Charlotte and his three unmarried daughters Selena, Charlotte J. and Flora Ada.

I believe their daughter Fanny Ada Bateman passes away in 1878, at the young age of 25 in Canterbury.

1882 Directory - John Bateman, photographer - Exhibition Soiree of the London Photographic Society (We resume our observations of this admirable exhibition, the doors of which were closed on Tuesday afternoon) Mr. J. Bateman, Canterbury, had a couple of fine pictures of the famous Cathedral in that ancient city, with a garden scene as a foreground.

1882 - Rambles round old Canterbury, by Francis W. Cross & John R. Hall Note. — "The illustrations in this volume are from original sketches made during the present year, or from pen-and-ink copies of photographs which were specially taken by Mr. John Bateman, of Canterbury. The aim has been to illustrate the text rather than to ornament the book."

1883 Photograph of Archbishop Benson and group of Bishops all standing except two, the Archbishop with both hands in front of him. Photograph of Archbishop Benson and group of Bishops, all standing except two, the Archbishop holding gloves in left hand. Copyright owner and author of photograph John Bateman, Canterbury. Form completed April 4, 1883.

There is a photograph of a Francis (Frank) J. Dawson taken before 1889, by J.Bateman, 54 St. George's Street, Canterbury in the Medway CityArk Archives. Rochester Book Society 1797-1965

May 2, 1884 - The Photographic News - Under Employment Offered - Operator, wet and dry - J. Bateman, St. George's Street, Canterbury (also in the May 9th edition)

October 24th, 1884 - The Photographic News - Under Photographs Registered - Mr. BATEMAN, Canterbury - 2 Photo's of "The Kent Eleven" Cricketers

1888 - Photograph of the skull of St. Thomas a Beckett full face, also, Photograph of the skull of St. Thomas a Beckett right side and Photograph of the skull of St. Thomas a Beckett left side shewing the sword cut, Photograph - full length skeleton of St. Thomas a Beckett, Photograph of back of skull of St. Thomas a Beckett tilted shewing fracture. Copyright owner and author of work: John Bateman, 54 St. George's Street, Canetrbury, Kent. Names of parties to agreement, H. G. Austin, Seneschal to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury and John Bateman

1889 Directory - J. Bateman artist and photographer, 54 St. George's Street

George Fullagar took over the premises & the studio, as he was here in the early 1890's see Fullagar

By this time John had retired, and was living in Deal with his wife Charlotte, and his daughter Selina.

There is a death of a Charlotte Bateman in 1900, in Eastry, Kent, and a death of a John Bateman at age 83 in Eastry, Kent in 1903.

John G. Charlton's invoice shows that he evenutally took over the shop at 54 St. George's street, and then moved to Mercery Lane.

A photograph of his in the Penn State University Library, Special Collections

(son of John Bateman, Photographer) 1925 - Death, Bateman - At 21 Station Road, Watford, on August 26, Mr. John Montague Bateman, Pharmaceutical chemist, aged seventy-seven. Mr. Bateman, who was a native of Canterbury, passed the Major examination in 1871. In 1874 he was appointed pharmacist to the Khedive at Cairo, with whom he remained until the death of the Egyptian ruler in 1895. Mr. Bateman eventually returned to England and settled at Watford. He was created Chevalier of the Order of the Crown of Italy in 1885, and in 1890 he was...- Chemist & Druggist 1925 v. 103 page 349

*Victoria 1819 - 1901, Helena was born 1846 and Louise Caroline born 1848, her husband was the Governor General of Canada (John Duke of Argyll)

*J. Bateman photographed the Rev. M. B. Moorehouse M.A., Vicar of St. Mary Bredin


*John ADMANS Jnr., Bricklayer of St. Peter's Friars, was a testator to the will of George BATEMAN, father of John Bateman, photographer


Bateman name

Richard BATEMAN married Elizabeth BARRETT, Sept 23, 1640, Canterbury (?)

John BATEMAN married Frances SABINE, Dec 28, 1699 at St. George the Martyr, Canterbury

John BATEMAN married Margaret COOKE, Feb 23, 1713 at St. Andrew, Canterbury (?)

John BATEMAN, married Lilly READ, Dec 27, 1798 at St. Mildred, Canterbury (?)

John BATEMAN married Elizabeth TERRY, Dec 2, 1675, at St. Andrew, Canterbury (?)

May/June 1882 Bradden BATEMAN, a Carpenter working in the shop (workshop & school) in the Cathedral Yard belonging to Dr. Blore




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