10 PALACE STREET (it now occupies no. 10 & no. 11)


Some people who have dwelled in this building in earlier times:

Peter Cook c. 1200, Arnold of Eastry, and Thomas Chilham

The Bell & Crown was first licenced in 1862 to Thomas Newman. Although prior to this Thomas was noted as Victualler at 19 Palace Street (street numbers changed)

In the early 1870's Thomas Newman is living in Westgate Street (at The Green?) - Publican

1882 - Henry Bailey

1903 "BELL & CROWN" Public House, Henry Bailey

July 1904 - WALTER - At the Bell and Crown, Palace Street, Canterbury, the wife of George WALTER, of a daughter (Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press)

1917 "BELL & CROWN" Public House, Mrs. Knight

1917 - Turnbridge Wells Equitable Friendly Society - Held and the Bell & Crown, Palace street, last Monday in every month. Juvenile Branch for boys and girls; Sec. A.J. Bassett, 2 High Street,; also Fig Tree, Rough Common


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