A view down Black Griffin Lane 2010

A photo of the flooding October 1909, the photo courtesy of michaelsbookshop.com

Detail from 1907 OS Canterbury Map

Insolvent Debtor's Dividends (from The Jurist 1844), Samuel Pollard, Black Griffin Lane, Canterbury, Watch Maker: 4s. 2d. in the pound.

*was in High Street in 1841

Black Griffin Lane - Credit for this photo goes to the 'Tongeman/ Fairbrass' family


6 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Black Griffin Lane, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. AMJ


Black Griffin Lane


1838 St. Peter's Tea Gardens, George KIDMAN, Black Griffin Lane

1838 Edward NEWTON, Autioneer and Appraiser, Black Griffin Lane


No. 1

1889 James HARRIS


No. 2

1889 James J. DANIELS

1917 Richard TERRY, Hairdresser


No. 3

1838 Henry EYLES, Lay Clerk of Canterbury Cathedral, 3 Black Griffin Lane

1889 James SKINNER, Labourer


No. 17

Charles CARDINAL (


No. 20



No. 24

1838 Policeman, J. EPPS, 24 Black Griffin Lane

Richard COACHWORTH, Gardener (


No. 25

Albert WHITE, Carpenter (


No. 25A

Robert HAMON, French Polisher (

1917 Benjamin TERRY


Flooding in Black Griffin Lane Dec 1927, a photo from my collection


No. 27

John IVES, Policeman (


No. 28



No. 33

Charles William BLOGG. Where do you live? 33 Black Griffin Lane. What are you? A Salesman...." PP


No. 34

1852 Poll Book - registered to vote in Strood - 34 Black Griffin's Lane, St. Peter's, Canterbury


No. 35



No. 36

Jane RYE (


No. 37

Charles J. GARLAND, Assistant to an Ironmonger (


No. 38


No. 39

Frances A. DUNK (w) (


No. 40

Benjamin RICHARDSON, Carpenter (


No. 41

Stephen G. SPAINE, South Eastern Railway Platelayer (


No. 42

Eliza MUNNS (


No. 43

William EWELL, Bricklayers Labourer (


No. 44



No. 45

Alfred WILES, A Porter working for a Grocer (


No. 46

William B. STONE, Tanners Labourer (


No. 47

Edward HOGBEN, Plumber (


No. 48

Frank SMITH, Porter working for a Grocer




1917 Jame Edward WALES


The Carpenters Arms, Black Griffin Lane

1838 CARPENTERS' ARMS, Charles WILLIS, Black Griffin Lane


No. 49

1917 Charles OAKENFIELD


No. 55

Reuben T. NYE, General Labourer (

1896 - At the Canterbury Quarter Sessions, two young men named Richards and Cork, were indicted of stealing a large quantity of corrugated iron and wire netting, the property of their employers, Messrs. Court Bros., and Reuben Nye and Harry Baldock were also indicated of feloniously receiving the same. The case created considerable public interest, as it appeared that the depredations had been going on for a long time. For the defence it was contended that the supervision over the warehouse department had been exceedingly lax. Richards was imprisoned for four months and Cork for three months, the other prisoners being acquitted by the jury.


No. 95

Aug 2, 1913 (Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press) Cottages, 4s 6d week, to Let. Apply, A. Barrett, 95, Black Griffin Lane, Canterbury


James Blogg, Shoemaker

Maurice Saunders, Tailor

Elizabeth Andrews

Mary Horton

Martha Thurston

John George Phillips

John Knight, Labourer

William Gorely, Cooper

John Brady, Smith

Jesse Butler, Ostler

Thomas Lawrence, Hotel Porter

Thomas Boorman, Labourer

George Hunt, Labourer

James Hammond, Labourer

Mary Lemoine

Charles Shaxby, Baker

Thomas Rolfe, Carpenter

Thomas Olive, Labourer

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