St. Alphege

(Blackfriars Street to King Street)

This street was once known as Blackfriars North, but is now just known as Blackfriars


1847 Mr. Joseph Bullen


No. 1

Richard Smith, Bootmaker ^

late 1880's Mrs. Parsons, chapel keeper, Unitarian Baptist Chapel

early 1900's Caroline Parsons, Caretaker of Houses


No. 2

Stephen Hughes, Coachman ^

Samuel Nathan )


No. 3

Charles Sale, Tailor )

Emma Tolhurst

Christian Hogan

John S. Skether


No. 4

George Crow, Postman )


No. 5

Charles Welling, Shoemaker )


No. 6

John H. Payn, Law Solicitor &

1889 John Marsh, Carpenter

Alfred Eldridge, Shoemaker )


No. 9

1861 John Terry, head, married age 38, Porter, born Canterbury, wife Eliza, age 37 dressmaker, daughter, Eliza J. Terry, Frederick J. Terry, Henry W. Terry, Charles Terry, Hannah M. Terry, visitor Maria Howard, unmarried age 40, servant, all born Canterbury

1863 John TERRY

1871 John Terry, head, age 49, Porter, wife Eliza Terry, Dressmaker, son Henry W. Terry, age 14, Errand Boy, son Charles Terry age 12, Scholar, Hannah M. age 10, Scholar

Domesday book for the county of Kent 1873 - John TERRY, Canterbury Acres 30 0 20 Rent 85 0

1889 William Rogers, Butler

Joseph J. Wright, Cabinet Maker )


No. 10

Henry C. Baker, Platelayer for the South Eastern Railway )


No. 11

Francis James, Coach Painter )


No. 12

William Wake, Butcher )


No. 13

Henry Williams, Shoemaker )


No. 14 1/2

1889 P.C. Bowles, Picture frame and cabinet maker

1903 Armitage Brothers, Cycle Makers & Repairers (near Archbishop's Palace and St. Alphege church) see ad


No. 15

1889 C. Eldridge, Boot & Shoe maker

Sarah Eldridge, w )


King Street


No. 16

Joshua Gammon, Shopkeeper )


No. 17

From Parliamentary Papers 1881 - Joseph Crouch, Tailor...where do you live, 17, Blackfriars north. Do you know Mr. Williams the tailor? Yes. Did he give you some money in the last election? No. I do not mean on the polling day, either before the last election or after? No, I had nothing for anything connected with the election. Did he give you any money? No, only in payment; I worked for him on several occasions. You are one of his workpeople? Yes. Did he give you your day's work? No. Did you vote? I did. Did you do any work on the day you voted? No I was not working for Mr. Williams at the time. For whom were you working? I was working in the country, at Sandwich. Did you get paid as though you had gone to work? No. Did nobody give you the price of your day's work? Yes. Who? I believe it was Mr. Davey. Mr. Washington Davey? Yes. I did not know it was Mr. Davey at the time, but from what I have heard since I believe it was him. Where did you meet him? At the "Seven Stars." In the morning? Yes. Did he ask you to vote? Yes. And did he say if you voted you would have the price of your day's work? Yes. And you got it? Yes. How much money; you did not tell me how much? 10s. Did you vote in 1879? Yes. Did you get money in 1879? I was engaged as a messenger six days. I received 5s. a day; that was all I received. Which side? The Conservatives. Six days at 5s a day? Yes. Did you get anything else from anybody? Nothing. Not in 1879? Nothing. Who paid you the money you received as messenger? Mr. Bing. Mr. Bing the collector? He is the agent for the association. He is the collector of the Association, and he paid you after the election, I suppose? Yes, the following Saturday. The witness withdrew.

1889 Mrs. Dalyrmple

Rachel Stone )


Blackfriars North Passage


George Laming, Store yard

Hobday's Store room


Blackfriars Street


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