This is Blackfriars Street


"Death at Canterbury, Eliza, second daughter of Richard Frend, esq." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1815

"May 9, 1846, death - At the Black Friars, Canterbury, aged 84. R. Frend, esq." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1846 (Richard Frend) *noted living in St. George's Street in 1841 with Marianne and Jane and four servants

In 1825 The Philosophical and Literary Institution was founded in Canterbury, and a special building for housing the Museum connected with it was erected in Guildhall Street. At the same time a library was included as part of the scheme and amongst the original donors of books were Alderman Richard Frend and the Right Hon. S. R. Lushington.

Miss Frend - Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851 - The Black Friars, Canterbury

Miss Jane Frend - Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851 - The Black Friars, Canterbury

Miss Ann Reynolds Frend - Subscriber to "Conseutudines Kanciae" by Charles Sandys 1851 - The Black Friars, Canterbury

"An Ancient Powder Flask"

A few years since, a chimney sweep was employed to clean a chimney in a house occupied by Mr. Chipperfield, High Street, Canterbury, nearly adjoining the Chequers Inn, spoken of by Chaucer, as being the resort of the Pilgrims on their way to the shrine of St. Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral; and after he had been in his sooty abode for some time, fears were entertained for his safety, and it was intended to break a passage through into the chimney to rescue him, but on this project being carried into effect, the little urchin made his appearance through another apartment of the house. It having soon been found necessary, from the dilapidated state of the premises alluded to, to remove the chimney, when an apartment was discovered, evidently intended, from its situation, to contain fire-arms and other weapons used in those troublesome days, which the ancient City of Canterbury have formerly so unfortunately witnessed; and in this apartment four ancient Powder Flasks were discovered, one of them being that of which we have given the above representation: it is made of wood, and the ornaments of steel. It is now in the possession of Richard Friend, Esq. of Canterbury.

We are indebted to the kind attention of Mr. Ward, bookseller of Canterbury, for the drawing and particulars of the above curious antiquarian relic.

The Mirror or Literature, Amusement, and Instruction...Vol. XXXIII, 1839


*Richard Friend TERRY may have been named after him

Samuel Powell, Burgate street, Hosier & Outfitter - c. 1840's - Apprentice - Richard Friend TERRY


Blackfriars Street looking towards St. Alphage Lane (what used to be Blackfriars North)


No. 1

late 1880's - 1890's Robert Stone, Waiter at an Inn

William Holdstook, House Painter )


No. 2

late 1880's - 1890's George Filmer, Waiter at an Inn

Alice Jordan )


No. 3

late 1880's - 1890's James Goulden, Cabinet Maker

Jane Jenkins )


No. 4

1889 A. G. Hodgskin, Tailor

George Buckingham, Coach Body Maker )


No. 5

1889 William E. Teal, Upholsterer

Mark Teal, Church Verger in Cathedral (

William E. Teal, Engine Attendant, Cathedral Organ )


No. 6

1838 Samuel WHITE, Deputy Registrar of births and deaths, 6 Blackfriars

1838 Samuel WHITE, Chorister of the Cathedral, 6 Blackfriars

Samuel White, deputy registrar of Births and Deaths, 6 Blackfriars, St. Alphege, Canterbury 1840

Arthur May, Labourer )


No. 7

George Burch, Printer and Publisher %

late 1880's - 1900's William Solly, Waiter

*SOLLY - 1830, William Rayment SOLLY (sued as Wiliam Solly) formerly of Canterbury, and late of Dovor, Kent, carver and gilder (Southern Circuit)


No. 8

1889 William Mumford

Mary Dalton )


No. 9

1838 Miss HONEYMAN, ladies boarding and day (listed under Academies and Seminaries), 9 Blackfriars

1889 G. Missing "MAID OF KENT"

George Wilson, Licensed Victualler, Pub )

1903 George Wilson, Beer Retailer, 9 Blackfriars Street


Blackfriars North


No. 10

Joseph Admans, Master Carpenter & Constable %

*Feb 7th, 1854, Insolvent Debtors, Jos. Admans, Canterbury, Kent, Carpenter, Feb. 14 at 11, County Court of Kent, at Canterbury

1889 William Redman, Carpenter


No. 11

Sopia Lewis %

Alfred Daniels, Where do you live? 11 Black Friars, Northgate. In whose employment are you? Mr. Drury's Storekeeper. What are they? Ironmongers. Did you get anything over this last election? No, I was not in Canterbury; I did not come here before the 9th of April. ....Were you on the register in 1879? No, I had not been in Canterbury for six years before. Are you a voter? No. Have you not got a vote? No. PP1881

Harry Charrison, Lamp Cleaner, Electric Lt. Works )


No. 12

James Whiddett, Baker %

late 1880's - 1890's Augustus Barrow, Carpenter & Joiner

William Page, Postman )


No. 13

1889 Henry Overton, Carpenter

Frederick Delo, Tanners Labourer )


No. 14

1851 John TERRY, Porter, wife Eliza TERRY (nee HOWARD), Dressmaker, Sons George Thomas TERRY and William TERRY

*burial of a William TERRY of Blackfriars November 5th, 1854 age 4 1/2 years

*burial of a John TERRY of Blackfriars November 14th, 1855 age 73 years

1889 Benjamin Legge, Whitesmith

Charlotte Page )


No. 15

Mary Ann Goulden ^

1889 J. H. Harvey, Grocer's assistant

1890's Robert Featherstone, Railway Porter

George Dixon, Labourer )


No. 16

John Smith, Carpenter ^

late 1880's - 1900's Thomas W. Goldsmith, Metal Worker

1908 John HOLLAND (Oct), 16 Black friars street


No. 17

Thomas Kelsey, Cabinet Maker ^

1889 Canterbury Refuge

Charles T. West, Grocer's Assistant )


No. 18

Sarah Hyder, Baker ^

1889 Miss. C. Hyder, Dressmaker

Jane Giles, Letting Apartments )

No. 18A

1889 Mrs. James

1890's William E. Fowler, Tailor


Gothic Cottage, Black Friars

Richard Smith, Bootmaker ^


No. 19

1889 John Martin, Painter

Jane Martin, (w) )


Mill Lane


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