Antiquities of Canterbury - 1640 - William Somner *

Enlarged Edition of Somner, 1703, Battely - Mr. Nicholas Battely, vicar of Beaksbourn, reprinted in 1703, with some addtions by Mr. Somner, designed for a second edition, some others of his own and a supplement which brought it to a folio.

A sermon preached in St. Martins Church in the suburbs of Canterbury, Sept 14, 1669, at the funeral of the right honourable Mabella, Lady Fordwith, the relict of Sir John Finch, Kt. Baron of Fordwich, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, Henry Hills in Black-fryars, 1709, 16 pages

The History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury (and the once adjoining monastery: containing and account of it's first establishment building, re-edifications, repairs, endowments, benefactions, chapels, altars, shrines, reliques...., 1726 - Rev. John Dart, printed by J.Cole, J. Smith, Jeremiah Battley, Aaron Ward, T. Edlin, Joseph Pote (61 plates)

Walk about Canterbury - 1777 (2nd edition)- William Gostling - died March 9th, 1777, at age 82, Minor Canon of Canterbury cathedral for 50 yrs*

A historical description of the metropolitan Christ Church Canterbury, 1783, printed by Simmons and Kirby, 156 pages

History of the three Archiepiscopal Hospitals, 1785 - Nichol

The Topographer - A magazine published monthly between 1789-1792, 48 pages, St. Alphage Church, Canterbury (9 pages)*

1790 Poll Books for the County of Kent

History of the City of Canterbury - 1799 - Hasted (1732-1812) *

History of the Ancient and Metropolitical City of Canterbury, Civil and Ecclesiastical; of the Cathedral and Priory of Christ-Church, and of the Archbishopric; with the Lives of the Several Archbishops, Archdeacons, and Dignitaries of that Church, Edward Hasted, c. 1801, published by W. Bristow on the Parade, Canterbury

1802 Poll Books for the County of Kent

Captain Thomas Hastings, Associated of the Liverpool Royal Academy, Late Captain and Assistant Quart Vestiges of Antiquity; or; A Series of Etchings & Engravings of the Ancient Monastery of St. Augustine, with the Cathedral, Castle and other Antiquities, in the Suburbs of the Metropolitan City of Canterbury, 1813, published by the Author and sold by Murray

A Graphic Illustration of Canterbury Cathedral, 1816 by W. Woolnoth, 20 plates engraved by the author from drawings by T. Hastings 174 pages, published by T. Cadell and W. Davies

A walk in and about the city of Canterbury, with many observations not to be found in any description hitherto published, 1825, published and sold by William Blackley

1832 Poll Books for East Kent

1837 Poll Books for the East Kent


(The Gentleman's Magazine - 1838, Kentish Books, MSS., Prints and drawings on Sale)

37- Collection of Tracts relative to the City of Canterbury and the Eastern Division of the County of Kent, 8vo. plates, new bds. 6s (pub. at 15s) Canterbury 1836 Contents: The book of the Chronicles, containing the History of the Jews, with a few Hints concerning Samaritans, by an Old Woman; a Critique upon Certain Leading Characters Professing (what is called) Anabaptism, in the City of Canterbury, 1806, Reprinted, 1836 - East Kent Poll Book for 1833 - Poll Book of the City of Canterbury, 1835 - Two Poll Books for Town Councillors of the City of Canterbury, 1835-36 - Life and History of Betty Bolaine, the Celebrated Canterbury Miser - An Essay on the Character of Sir William Courtenay, alias Mr. Tom or Truro, with his Trial at Maidstone for Perjury - The Eccentric Productions, Speeches, &c. of Sir William Courtenay - The Canterbury Guide, latest edition.

60 - Kentish Register and Monthly Miscellany for 1793, 4, 5, 3 vols. 8vo. plates, half calf, very scarce, £1 4s Canterbury, v.y.

84 - Parsons's (Rev. Philip) Monuments and Painted Glass of upwards of One Hundred Churches, chiefly in the Eastern Part of Kent, most of which were examined by the Editor in Person. 4to. bds. very scarce £2. 2s. Canterbury 1794

132 CANTERBURY - Account of the Canterbury Election, May 8th, 1807. 8vo. sewed, 1s

133 Act for the Recovery of Small Debts in the City and County of Canterbury, small 4to. 1s 1752

134 An Act for Erecting a Workhouse in the City of Canterbury, 8vo. sewed, 1s. 1727-8

136 Bennett's (C.F.) Donjon, a Poem, 12 mo. bds. 1s 6d Canterbury 1834

137 Berkeley's Dangers of Innovations in the State, exemplified fromt he Reigns of the first two Stuarts, a Sermon in Canterbury Cathedral, on Jan. 31, 12 mo. 1s 6d Cant. 1785

138 Britton's (John) History and Antiquities of Canterbury Cathedral, 4to. many fine plates, bds. £1. 15s (pub. at £3. 3s) 1821

139 Bunce's (C.R.) Translation of the several Charters, &c. from Edward IV. to Chas. II. to the Citizens of Canterbury; also a List of the Mayors and Bailiffs from 780 to 1791; with a Description of the Boundaries of the City, &c. &c. 8vo. half calf, 7s 6d Canterbury 1791

140 Canterbury Guide, 12 mo. plates, last edition, 1s 6d Cant. H. Ward.

141 Canterbury Magazine by Geoffrey Oldcastle, Gent., 8 vo. pp.444 all that was published, bds. 5s Canterbury, 1834

145 Dart's (Rev. J.) History and Antiquities of Canterbury Cathedral, atlas folio, LARGE PAPER, numerous fine plates. Good Copy, calf, very neat and gilt, £2 5s. 1796

146 Description and History of the Cathedral Churches of Canterbury and York, folio, 117 fine plates, neat, 15s. 1753

147 Denne's (Rev. S.) Brief Survey of Part of Canterbury Cathedral, as described by Eadmer and Gervase, with a Review of Mr. Clarke's Opinion of the origianl use of Stone Seats in Chancels (from the Archaeologia) 4to. sewed, 2s 1793?

171 Poll of the Burgesses voting for Town Councillors for the Borough of Canterbury, Dec. 1835, and Jan. 1836, 8 vo. sewed, 1s. 1836, 8vo. sewed, 1s. 1836

172 Roch's (Thomas) Charters destructive to Liberty and Property, demonstrated by the Principles and Practices of Corporation Patriots of Canterbury, 8vo. sewed, 3s 1776

173 Roger's (Dr. Minister of St. Margaret's Canterbury) Funeral Sermon in the Cathedral on Lieut. Col William Proude., 4to. 2s 6d *The Cathedral contains a handsome monument to his memory 1633

175 Sendell's Sermon preach'd to the Company of Leather Men in the City of Canterbury on their Annual Fast Day, 8vo. 1s.

182 Todd's (H.J.) Account of the Deans of Canterbury, with a Catalogue of the MSS. in the Church Library, 8vo. half russia gilt, with autograph of the Rev. Samuel Denne, 6s 6d 1793

183 Westgate Prison, a Canterbury Story, by James Perry (afterwards Editor of the Morning Chronicle), half morocco, 3s. Canterbury 1773

185 Woolnoth's Graphical Illustrations of Canterbury Cathedral from Drawings by Hastings, with an Historical Account of that venerable Fabric, also fo the once adjoining Monastery, original impressions of the plates, extra bds. 16s. 1816

187 CHATHAM - An Act from repairing the Road from Chatham to St. Dunstan's Cross, Canterbury, folio, 1s 1729-30

388 Deed of Trust of the Manor of Ickham, in the County of Kent, for the benefit of the Sons of Thomas Barrett and Sir Francis Head, with autographs and seals, in fine state, 10s 6d Jan. 13th 1712

391 A Note from Sir Walter Roberts to Sir Phill. Yorke, desiring his influence with the Archbp. of Canterbury, should the Rev. Mr. Byrch have any difficulty in getting a licence to preach at Dover. 2s Hunton, Jan. 8, 1731

394 A Long Letter from S. Fremoult, Rector of Wooton, addressed to John Bridges, Esq. Canterbury, giving a particular account of Bath and the Waters. "The late intended invasion hath often brought on my mind a concern for poor Kent, which was to have been the first scene of slaughter. I am told they were to have landed at Hythe." 2s 6d Bath, April 2, 1744

395 Another Letter by S. Fremoult to John Bridges, full of Kentish gossip, 2s - Bishopbourne, April 25, 1743

398 Three long and very curious Letters from John HARDRES, addressed to John Bridger, Esq. Canterbury, 3s 6d. 1735-1738

404 A Deed of Convevance of Lands in St. Peters, in the Isle of Thanet, from Jeffrey Sandwell and Sons of Monckton to Dr. John Delapierre, alias Peters, of the City of Canterbury, witnessed by Francis Lovelace, Recorder of Canterbury, Anne Lovelace, John Whitfield, Nath. Richborow, Goldwell, Lovelace, Nathaniel Dennew, John Blaxland, and others, on parchment, in fine preservation. 10s 6d. Nov. 30, 1658

421 Affidavit of Robert Cumberland of Canterbury, as to the Burial of Elizabeth Boys, of Fordwich, witnessed by Thomas Denne, 2s Oct. 6. 1650

422 A Deed of Geroge Webbe of the City of Canterbury, on parchment, 2s Temp. Q. Eliz.

423 A Mortgage Deed between Edward Coppin and Edmund Roberts, of the City of Canterbury, witnessed by Anne and Mary Coppin, with seal, in fine preservation, 7s 6d. Feb. 20, 1687

424 The Affidavit of Ellenor Mathews, of the Age of 72 years, relative to the Jurisdiciton of the Blackfriars, Canterbury, curious, 3s. 1672

425 An Opinion, in the handwriting of Sir Paul Barret as to the right way through the Blackfriars, Canterbury, 2s

426 Deed of Sale of a House in the Parish of St. Paul, in Canterbury, belonging to Sir Paul Barrett to Anthony Farrar, on parchment, 5s. Feb. 20 1670

427 Two Notes from John Knowles addressed "to my loving friend (Sir) Paul Barret, of Chislet, this I pray deliver," requesting his assistance to get him out of Westgate Prison, 2s. Feb. 1644 - Dec. 1645

431 Two Deeds of Peter Master of Longporte, in the City of Canterbury, to W. Partridge, of Lands in Stodmarsh, 3s. 1575-1576

563 Drawing - Plan of the Scite of Blackfriars taken anno 37 Elizabeth, folio sheet, curious, 1s 6d

572 Drawing - Holy Cross Church, 4to. 4d. Stockdale

573 Drawing - Riding Gate, 4to. etching 4d Perry

574 Drawing - St. Gregory's, 4to. 4d. Perry

579 Drawing - The Moat near Cant. 4to. 4d. Thomas

582 Drawing - White Friars, 8 vo. 3d Godfrey

584 Drawing - Wincheap Gate, 4to. with description, 4d Grose

586 Worth Gate, Roman Arch, 4to. 4d Thorpe

(The Gentleman's Magazine - 1838, Kentish Books, MSS., Prints and drawings on Sale)



Sermons preached by the Rev. W. E. Hoskins, rector of St. Alphage, with St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury, author W.E. Hoskins, 156 pgs publisher Henry Ward, 1841

Felix Summerly's Handbook for the City of Canterbury, 1843 - by Henry Cole, C.B. *

British Archaeological Association, Canterbury Meeting, 1844, publisher John Russell Smith, 378 pages, 150 copies printed (23 illustrations, 3 coloured) ~74_92

Architectural History of Canterbury Cathedral, 1843, Rev. R. Willis *

Archaeological Mine; a magazine in which will be comprised the History of Kent, founded on the basis of Hasted. By A. J. Dunkin. 8vo. parts 1 to 39, published monthly, 8d and 1s each. 1854 (Archaeological Mine or Kentish Magazine)

Historical Memorials of Canterbury, 1855, Stanley *

Canterbury in the Olden Time, 1860, John Brent

Review from The Gentleman's Magazine 1860, Mr. Brent has in the first of these little works reproduced a paper of his published some years since in the Journal of the British Association, but with so many additions as almost to constitute a new work. He has treated our old friend Felix Summerley in very much the same style, and the result is, that we have a full account, not only of the edifices of the metropolitan city of Canterbury as they exist at the present time, which must be very useful to visitors, but also many curious extracts from the corporation records, selected with the descrimination that might be expected from a practised antiquary, which we know Mr. Brent to be. A plan of the city, another of the cathedral, giving the places of the most remarkable tombs, and several engravings of remarkable objects, render this volume attractive as well as useful.

Memorials of Canterbury, 1868, Walcott

Architectural History of the Conventual Buildings Christ Church, 1869, Rev. R. Willis "Considered in relation to the monastic life and rules and drawn up from personal surveys and original documentary research." printed for the Kent Archaeological Society 1869

Canterbury photographed by F. Firth c. 1870

Canterbury in the Olden Time, John Brent, 2nd edition, 1879 London: Simpkin, Marshall & Company, 312pp, Illustrated with 31 lithographs, 3 in colour*

Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral, 1880, Canon Scott Robertson - Archaeologia Cantiana vol 13, 1880 page 17, pt 2 page 500

The Black Friars of Canterbury by Rev. C.F.R. Palmer - Archaeologia Cantiana vol 13, 1880 page 81

The New Canterbury Guide; An accurate account of the antiquities of the city, the history and description of Canterbury Cathedral, St. Augustines Monastery, and the objects of interest in the vacinity of Canterbury. S. Hyde c. 1880

Diocesan Histories - Canterbury, Robert C. Jenkins, 1880, Society for Promoting Knowledge, 428 pages

Canterbury, Robert C. Jenkins, Society for Promoting Knowledge, 1880, 422pp plus index

Rambles Round Old Canterbury, Francis W. Cross and John R. Hall, 1882, Simpkin, Marshall and Co.*

Chronological History of Canterbury Cathedral, 1883, G.S. Claris 388 pp with folding plated and maps

The New Illustrated Canterbury Guide. An Accurate Account of the Antiquities of Canterbury, forming a complete hand book for the visitor to this ancient city, Printed for S. Hyde, 1885, 88p

Letter Books of Christ Church Monastery (3 vols) 1887-late 1880's, Edited by J. Brigstocke Sheppard LL.D.

Tourist's Guide to Kent, Bevan, published by Edward Stanford, 1887, 153 pages

History of the church of St. Alphege, Canterbury, 1888, Gibbs and Sons, Printers, Palace Street, sold by Goulden's Canterbury*

The Memorial Inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard of Holy Cross, Westgate, copied by Joseph Meadows Cowper, Cross & Jackman 1888 (50 copies)*

St. Augustine's Canterbury, It's Rise, Ruin and Restoration, 1888, Rev. G. F. Maclear 86 pages*

The regyster booke of chrystenynges, maryages and buryalls of the parish of St. Alphaege, Canterbury, 1558 - 1800 Edited by Joseph Meadows Cowper, late 1880's, 371 pages 2 plates released Canterbury Cross & Jackman, "The Canterbury Press", Edition of 106 copies

"A Peep at Old Canterbury," Illustrated with twenty photographs by J. Craik, Canterbury, Gibbs late 1880's, Square Quarto, 45 pages (23 thick card leaves) with 20 mounted albumen paper photographs.

The booke of Register of the parish of St. Peter in Canterbury 1560-1800 "Whether the church of St. Peter the Apostle, Canterbury, ever possessed a parish register before the year 1559 or 1560, we shall I suppose never know. All we do know is that no scrap of paper or parchment or an earlier date is at this day to be found within the walls of the quaint edifice of which claims to be one of the oldest of our existing city churches. From 1500 to 1800 is a long period extending over 241 years, are now placed within reach of the small, but ever increasing history of a parish, and these registers of Christenings, Weddings and Burials extending over 241 years, are now placed within the reach of the small, but ever increasing number of persons who are genuinely interested in the preservation of all memorials of the dead." - Joseph Meadows Cowper, 1888

An Ancient Record Concerning St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury, Academic Journal Offprint from British Archaeological Association Dec 1894. 8 pp

Goulden's Guide to Canterbury and the Cathedral, c. 1896, 72pp numerous engravings and map, pub. Goulden, Canterbury*

Canterbury Marriage Licences, second series Canterbury 1896, Joseph Meadows Cowper

Notes on the Painted Glass in Canterbury Cathedral, Rev. F.W. Farrar, 1897, Aberdeen University Press, 74 pages

Austen's Hand-book to Canterbury and the Cathedral c. 1897 (that' the date of the drawings), Printed and published by Walter G. Austen, 18 St. George's Street Canterbury *Walter Austen was at this address in the 1901 census*

St. Thomas of Canterbury: His death and miracles by Edwin Abbott Abbott, published 1898, A.&C. Black

Historic Canterbury, T. Norman Rowsell, 1899, Published by SPCK in 1899, 62 pages, hardback (8_20)

The Cathedral Church of Canterbury. A History & Description of Its Fabric and a List of the bishops, Hartley Withers, George Bell & Sons, London, 1899

Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of two old dutch painted and stained windows in the Royal Museum and Free Library at Canterbury, W. Pugin Thornton, 1899, 50 pages

Canterbury Cathedral, The Hon. and very Rev. W.H. Freemantle, Isbister & Co. London, 1900

Black's Guide to Canterbury and the watering places of East Kent, 1901, Adam & Charles Black

The Cathedral Church of Canterbury, Hartley Withers, 1901, George Bell & Sons (see 1899 & 1904)*

A History of St. Augustine's Monastery, Canterbury, Rev. R. J .E. Boggis, Cross & Jackman, Canterbury, 1901*

Inventories of Christchurch Canterbury with Historical and Topographical Introductions and Illustrative Documents, 1902, Archibald Constable, Edit J. Wickham Legg, W.H. St. John Hope, 379 pages - Published by Archibald Constable - 379 pages (*)

Canterbury, Sebastian Evans & Francis Bennett-Goldney (editors) c. 1902, 130pp, Chamber of Trade*

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Historical Memorials of Canterbury, Published by George W. Jacobs & Co. Philadelphia second american from the eleventh London edition*

The Canterbury pilgrimages. With fifty full page illustrations photographed by Catharine Weed Barnes Ward, as well as three sketch maps and many woodcuts. c. 1904 Henry Snowden Ward 321 pages

The Cathedral Church of Canterbury; a description of it's fabric and a brief history of the archiepiscopal See, 130 pages, lots of black and white illustrations, Hartly Withers 1904, published by George Bell, London *

Canterbury: A historical and topographical account of the city, written by J. Charles Cox, LLD, FSA and illustrated by B.C. Boulter, 1905, published by Methuen and Co., General Editor B.C.A. Windle, F.R.S., F.S.A.*

Archaeologia Cantiana by Kent Archaeological Society 1905 - church plate in Kent, Canterbury, St. Alphege, page 274....A chalice of silver, height, 7 inches, diameter 4 inches depth of bowl 4 inches, weight 13 oz no marks

Old Canterbury, Walter Cozens, Cross & Jackman, 1906 (122 pages)*

The Cathedrals of England & Wales - Their history Architecture & Associations. Part 1. Canterbury. 1906 Cassell and Co. UK

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Highways and Byways in Kent, Walter Jerrold, Macmillan & Co., London, 1907 (c. 8_50 to 40_56)

Schola Regia Cantuariensis: A History of the Canterbury School Commonly Called The King's School, 1908, published by Mitchell Hughes & Clarke, C.E. Woodruff and H.J. Cape*

Canterbury: Beautiful Britain, Gordon Home, 1911, Published by Adam & Charles Black 4, 5 & 6 Soho Square London*

Memorials of The Cathedral & Priory in Canterbury, C. Eveleigh Woodruff & William Danks, 1912, published by Chapman & Hall Ltd.*(19_48)*

Mediaeval Towns - Canterbury, Kent by G.R. Stirling Taylor, 1912, 390 pages, 45 Illustrations

Canterbury: Official Guide to the Cathedral Church and Handbook to the city, E. Crow & Son*

The Counterfoil Album, Canterbury - 6 images, E. Crow & Son

Canterbury: A Sketch Book, Walter M. Keesey 1922, Published by Adam & Charles Black Ltd*

An inventory of the parish registers and other records in the diocese of Canterbury with an introduction and appendix, Edit C. Eveleigh Woodruff, M.A., Kent, Gibbs & Sons, 1922

A Short Guide to St. Augustine's Canterbury, 1923

Canterbury Cathedral, S.A. Warner, 1923, published by S.P.C.K. 245 pg. Illustrated with b/w and coloured plates and text drawings ~19_37

The History of English Towns - Canterbury, 1st Edition 1923, by D. Gardiner 123 pages, published by Sheldon Press

The Grey Friars of Canterbury, 1224 to 1538: A Contribution to the 700th Anniversary of their... by Charles Cotton, Robert Harold Goodsall, published 1924 University Press, 112 pages

The Pilgrims Guide to the Royal and Ancient City of Canterbury 1925, Cross & Jackman Printers High Street*

Roundabout to Canterbury, Charles S. Brooks, c. 1926 Brace C. Harcourt

Canterbury of our Grandfathers & of Today, 1927, London the Homeland*

Black's Guide to Kent by J.E. Morris B.A. 1928 A. & C. Black, Ltd. London*

Cathedral Church of Christ Canterbury, notes on the old glass 1931 (32 pages)

A brief history of St. Margaret's Church, Canterbury, Dr. Charles Cotton, Published 1932*

Canterbury and Charles Dickens; A little guide for pilgrims c. 1932, by the Rev. S. Gordon Wilson Mayor of Canterbury 1930 & 1931, printed by J.A. Jennings, Ltd. "City" printing works Canterbury*

The Story of English Towns, Canterbury, Dorothy Gardiner, 1933?, published by the Sheldon Press

With the pilgrims to Canterbury and the history of the Hospital of Saint Thomas by S. Gordon Wilson master of St. Thomas' Hospital Eastbridge rector of St. Alphege with St. Margaret, ex-mayor of Canterbury produced for the Cathedral Bookshop, Canterbury by the Society for promoting christian knowledge, London, Northumberland Avenue, W.C. 2, 1934*

The Cathedral and Metropolitical church of Christ, Canterbury, A handbook for pilgrims 1935, Gibbs & Sons, Printers Orange Street, Canterbury*

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St. Martin's Church Canterbury, published by Northgate Press c. 1945*

Canterbury a Guide for Catholics, Rev. John Morris, 1948, published by the Catholic Truth Society

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Canterbury Cathedral, Margaret A. Babington, 1948, published by J.M. Dent and Sons*

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Canterbury in a day, Illustrated Guide to the city and cathedral, published sometime after 1942, edited by Charles Willett, Illustrations by W. Fisk-Moore, A Cinque Ports Publication*

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A Guide to Canterbury Cathedral: The Cathedral and Metropolitcal Church of Christ Canterbury, 1950, published by the Dean and Chapter

Historic Canterbury Map by Estra Clark 1952 "A pictoral map showing buildings of interest and incidents connected with the city's history from its foundation until the present day"*

Portrait of Canterbury, 1953, Richard Church

Street Plan of Canterbury with Seperate Index, 1954, published E.W. Crump Ltd. 8 Longmarket

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To be continued: A history of the first hundred years of the Simon Langton Schools, Canterbury, 1881 - 1981, Lawrence Lyle and Joyce Frame with a note on Games at the Boy's school since 1945 by A.G. Hummerston, published privately c. 1981

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The history and architecture of the former parish church of St. Alphege, Canterbury by Francis Woodman and Robert Robson, published by Canterbury Urban Studies Centre 1990 (pamphlet)

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Old photo book collections

Canterbury, Frith's Series, The Strong cover, H.J. Goulden, 39 High Street - The Westgate, The Cathedral S.W., The Cathedral S.E., The Cathedral Choir, The Cathedral Transept of Martyrdom, The Cathedral Cloisters, The Cathedral entrance to transept of Martyrdom, The Tomb of the Black Prince, The Cathedral Warriors Chapel, Christchurch gate, St. Augustines Gate, Westgate, Dane John, St. Martins Church, Norman Stair, Ruins at East End of Cathedral*

The Royal and Ancient City of Canterbury, Walter Scott, Bradford, Yorks - Canterbury Cathedral from the south west, The Nave looking east, The choir looking east, The pilgrims steps, The norman crypt, The nave looking west, The Martyrdom, The tomb of the Black Prince, The Archbishops Chair, The Norman Staircase, The Dark Entry, The Water Tower, The Monks Infirmary Ruins, The Christ Church Gateway, The Westgate, Norman Castle, The Weavers, The Black Friars, The Grey Friars, Mercery Lane, St. Augustine's Abbey Gateway, Christchurch from the air*


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