St. George the Martyr


Sale of fish by dwellers in Canterbury Lane "Caynter berre lan," rather than the fishmarket. CC/JQ/327/v 1528


Canterbury Lane looking towards Burgate


left from Burgate Street


No. 1

Henry GORE *

Henry GORE, Labourer (

1917 Mrs. FOSTER


St. George's Schools


James PARTRIDGE, Elementary Schoolmaster (


No. 2

Maria Ann GOODBAN, Dressmaker &

Herbert BENCHLY, Flyman *

William PETERS, Bootmaker (

1917 Robert GOWER


No. 3


John WATTS, Ships steward *


1917 Thomas RYAN


No. 4

Edwin INGE and wife Frances Ann Inge &

Edwin INGE, Baker * Sons Frank and Henry are also bakers

Emric INGE, Baker, with sisters Laurie & Helen (

1917 Thomas JUDGE, Co-operative Bakery


No. 5

1917 H . HADLUM, carrier


No. 6

F. G. RICHARDS, Gardener

T. and R. GOLDSMITH, Coppersmiths

H. P. TOMLIN, Farrier (Smith), Canterbury Lane, late 1880's

Goldsmith & Stredwick, copper smiths, etc.

Late 1880's - Goldsmith & Stredwick, locksmiths, Bell-Hangers, Stove and Range Fitters, Copper Smiths, Tin Plate Workers in all its Branches, Gas Fitters, And Authorised Plumbers for Water Fitting, Electric Bell Hanging. Executed on reasonable terms. Abysinia Well Sinkers. Workshop: Canterbury Lane, (St. George End), Canterbury

1903 - T. & R. Goldsmith, Brewers' and Sugar Boilers' Coppersmiths, Gas, Water and Steam Fitters, Stove and Range Fitters, General Metal Workers. Abyssinian Tube Wells Driven. Canterbury Lane, Canterbury

1917 G. A. GOBERY, tailor



left from St. George's Street


Canterbury Lane from St. George's Street towards Burgate & David GREIG memorial


1917 Y.M.C.A. stores, A.W. HAYES, secretary


No. 7

Charles DUNN, clerk

F. M. PRATT, Iron Merchant and Oil Stores

1909 Sydney Appleyard Ginder - Bookseller, of 45 St. George's Street *James MacMahon was working for him aged 15 yrs (7 Canterbury Lane) as an errand boy (he was later convicted of stealing items over an 8 month period. His mother was Phillis MacMahon of Canterbury Lane. He was sent to Church Army House Maidstone for some of his punishment. (Jan 30, 1909) CCA-CC J/V/1909/5

1917 nothing listed


No. 8

1917 Mrs PRICE


No. 9

1917 Mrs. A. BARWICK


No. 10


A view of Canterbury Lane showing the Friends Meeting House at No. 10 on the left (Destroyed 1942)

photo courtesy of Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/


The old site of the Friends Meeting House

1851 - The Society of Friends, Canterbury Lane

1917 Friends' Meeting House and Canterbury Adult School


No. 11

Catherine PAGE &

John B. WARREN, Shipman in the Furniture Trade *

John WHITEHEAD, Coachpainter )

1917 Miss CHAMPION


No. 12

Susan CASEY &

Alfred BISHOP, Gardener *

Elizabeth WILLEY, Washerwoman )

1917 Mrs. ALLEN


No. 13

Mary & Anna HATTON, Straw Hat maker &

Mary and Annie HATTON, Straw Bonnet Makers *

The Misses HATTON, straw hat and bonnet makers )



No. 14

Agnes Harriet GIBBS &

George PARSONS, Cordwainer * his nephew Henry E. Bingham is a professional cricket player

George Charles Parsons - Where do you live? 14 Canterbury Lane. What are you? A bootmaker. Did you get any money over this last election? No. Do you know a man named Burton? I know several by that name. Did you give away any money? No, not at all. Neither gave any nor took any? No, nor received any, I have never had anything to do with giving or receiving. Not in 1880? No. Had you anything to do with either giving or receiving in 1879? No, nor in 1879. I had nothing to do with Burton, or giving to any person. The Burton you are speaking of, I think, was in my district. I had a district, but I never offered him any money. The Burton I canvassed was living in North Lane, is now living in Burgate Lane, if that is the one you are speaking of. Parliamentary Papers

Michael FARLEY, Harness Maker *

Charles E. PAYN, Stationer & Local Preacher (

Elizabeth PARSONS (

1917 Mrs. L. BURBRIDGE


No. 15

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) George KIRKBY, 15 Canterbury Lane

70s - 80's Alfred ANDERSON & wife Augusta Maria, Tea Dealer (see Wincheap Burial Ground)

Alfred ANDERSON, wife Harriet, Grocer/Tea Dealer (

1917 Mrs. W. BLIGH


No. 16

George H. KIRBY, Watchmaker &

Ellen SADLER (

1917 Mrs. HANNON


Canterbury Lane junction with Link Lane, showing the rear of St. Thomas Roman Catholic Church


No. 17

1917 Mrs. FAGG


No. 18

William MALES, Maltman &

Thomas J. ELVY, House Decorator *

Frank WILSON, Dentist (

1917 Tom CHILD


No. 19

Ann POOL, Lodging House &

George ALLEN, Greengrocer

Joseph J. F. WETT, Groom (

George W. ALLEN, Farm worker (

1917 S. A. COOK


Canterbury Lane from Whitefriars towards Burgate

Canterbury Lane towards Whitefriars


No. 20

The Dispensary is located in Canterbury Lane in late 1880's and run by George Rigden, surgeon & secretary and B. Rigden, assistant surgeon.

1885 Kellys Directory - Canterbury Dispensary (George Rigden, surgeon & see.), 20 Canterbury Lane, Canterbury



"Amongst rings found in Canterbury, we may add a silver mediaeval ring with an intaglio engraved + Sigell - Secreti; a plain Roman bronze ring, Canterbury Lane, 1868;...." Canterbury in the Olden Time


Henry BUSHELL, baker


1830 Poll book

John CHAPMAN, Canterbury Lane, Cabinet maker

Benjamin HOBDAY, Canterbury Lane, Bookseller

George HATTON, Canterbury Lane, Butcher

David MORGAN, Canterbury Lane, Tailor

James SMALL, Canterbury Lane, Tailor

Edwin INGE, Canterbury Lane, Baker (unpolled)


"The next is called Canterbury Lane, from a family of that name, in which is a meeting house for the Quakers." A Walk in and about the City of Canterbury 1825


"Anthony Colley writes to Henry Muddiman from Canterbury, October 15th, 1665 as follows:

In duty I am bound to say nothing was prosecuted at the last quarter sessions against the Quakers, nor the rest of that diabolical rabble, although several bills of indictment have been framed and presented at sessions against that viperous brood, yet by reason most of the grand jury are fanatics, the bills were not found, and that they have several places of meeting will manifestly appear, as at the house of Mr. Taylor, a blind man, formerly a minister, he liveth in St. George's Parish, Canterbury; at Francis Germain's a tanner in St. Paul's Parish, Catnerbury; at one Hill's, a tanner, in the parish of Holy Cross, West-gate, Canterbury; at one widow Clarenbold's at St. Stephen's, a mile distant; at Henry Roger's a desparate Quaker, in St. Mary Magadlen's, Canterbury; at one Thomas Pollard's a cordwainer, in the same parish, every Thursday; at one Vidion's at North Gate, Canterbury; at one Tritton's a miller in the parish of West-gate, Canterbury, fifth monarchy man; at one Garad's, a bricklayer, at Ickham, three miles from Canterbury; besides the many sturdy pieces of Presbytery, no less dangerous than the other; all which (are) most bitter enemies to the laws ecclesiastical and civil. God preserve his sacred Majesty.

The honest souls especially church officers and others, are much afflicted to be reviled and affronted in the performance of their offices by the bold faction."


MM. Vol. 30 Death, October 1810 in Canterbury lane, Mrs. BUSHELL, 77.


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