The back of the postcard reads " c/o Mrs Carter J. V., C. G. Road* Canterbury. Wednesday. What do you think of the children? Ruby comes out well, but Eric is dreadful. That's all our luggage outside and the bath chair. Never had that from Marquise yet. Isn't it wrong of her? I wish you'd write to her about it. Am going on Saturday. R. Posted Sept 25, 1907, from Canterbury to Miss Evans Smith* c/o Mrs. Edwards Sutton Hall Thirsk, Yorkshire.

*I thought this might have been Cherry Garden Road

I think above the doorway on the right it has written Kelvin House.

1921-26 - Mrs. M. S. Parva Domus, Cherry Garden Road, Canterbury

1928 - Archaeologia Cantiana - Mrs. Parva Domus, Cherry Garden Road


No. 20

Cherry Garden Farm House



Miss Abbott, Cherry Garden Road, St. Thomas' Hill, Canterbury

Miss Higgs, Cherry Garden Road, St. Thomas' Hill, Canterbury


*Miss Evans Smith was likely working for Mrs. Edwards at Sutton Hall, the wife of James Edwards. There is a lovely site showing Sutton Hall when James Edwards owned it. Sutton Hall, Sutton-Under-Whitestonecliffe, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

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