A glass side above of the Priory in my collection

"Death at Canterbury, February 4th, Mrs. Anthony Clarke. At her house, the Priory, near St. Augustine's Abbey Gate, Canterbury, aged nearly 75, Mrs. Anthony Clarke. Mrs. Clarke was the last descendant of one of the most considerable of the Huguenot or Walloon Refugees, who settled at Canterbury, about the year 1572. The original name was De Macaire. She was the daughter of Johnson Macaree, esq. of Canterbury, who died 12 Dec. 1786, aged 62, by Anne Knowler, a grand-daughter of the Rev. William Elstob, the learned Saxon scholar, brother to the still more celebrated Saxonist Mrs. Elizabeth Elstob. An interesting account of this learned family will be found in Nichols's Literary Ancedotes, IV. 112-140. By the mother's side the Elstobs were descended from the old kings or princes of Wales; and Mrs. E. Elstob had drawn a pedigree of her family, which passed with the Earl of Oxford's Collection into the British Museum (Harl. MSS. No.1397. 241. b.) and a beautifully illuminated copy, with the necessary additions, was in the possession of the late Mrs. Clarke.

Mrs. Clarke married the late Anthony Clarke Esq. formerly of the Stock Exchange who with his lady retired from the metropolis some years since to her family house at Canterbury, where he died April 3, 1830, aged 72. He was a benevolent man, and author of some well-meant religious tracts. Mrs. Clarke's character might appear to the world to be somewhat eccentric; but it may safely be said, she was beloved by all her dependents and poor neighbours, and highly valued, as well as deeply loved, by the few who knew her intimately. Her house, called Priory, was built on part of the out-buildings of St. Augustine's Monastery; some interesting fragments of St. Ethelbert's Tower, which fell down fourteen years since, were to be seen disposed as mimic ruins in her garden. She died of gradual decay, her life having been prolonged by all the care that medical skill and watchful affection could supply. She left her property and house (which was filled with curiosities) to her faithful companion Miss James for life, and after her decease to her friend the Hon. Mrs. Stuart, widow of the late Archbishop of Armagh. By an arrangement between these ladies, her books, furniture, pictures, and other curiosities, have been lately sold by auction." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1835 pg 544 545

*I've recently been made aware that Rev. William Elstob was never married, so Anne Knowler could not be his granddaughter.

Anthony Clarke b. 1758

Clarke, Grestock, Williams, Macaree, Knowler, Elstob

CLARKE memorial in St. Paul's Church, Canterbury

To the memory of Johnson Macaree Esqr.
Who died 12th Decr. 1786 aged 62 years.
Also Abraham his son
who died an infant 30th June 1756.
Johnson Macaree Esqr. another son
Died 4th March 1798 aged 40 years.
Also Ann widow of the above Johnson Macaree
who died July 28th 1803 aged 80 years.
Also of Anthony Clarke esqr.
who died April 3rd 1830 aged 72 years
and of Matilda Hill relict of the said
Anthony Clarke Esqr. Who died
February 4th 1835 aged 74 years.

Anthony CLARKE of St. Bart Lane Royal Exchange London Bachelor (30) and Matilda Hill MACAREE of St. Paul, Canterbury, Spinster (30) at St. Paul's. Jan 23, 1793. (Marriage Licence)


Anthony CLARKE, Esq., Princess Street (?) 1807


From a list of subscribers to Practical Sermons, selected from the MSS. of the Rev. J. Skinner (edited by C. E. CLARKE) - Anthony CLARKE, Esq., Canterbury 1824


1826/27 Anthony CLARKE, Esq. Lady Wooton's Green


Was an Anthony CLARKE, son of John of Bidford, co. Warwick, cler. Magdalen Hall, matric. 18 Oct. 1740, aged 20 (Oxford University Alumni)


Saturday, 8th July 1815

His lordship doth declare, that the power of selection and apportionment, given by the said testator's will, cannot now be exercised; and that the residue of the real and personal estate of the said testator, is held in trust for such persons as were the next of kin of the said testator, within the statute for the distribution of intestate's estates, living at the time of his death; and it appearing by the report of Mr. Steele, one of the masters of this court, dated the 25th day of July 1814, that the late plaintiff John COLE, and also Thomas JENKIN, late of the city of Canterbury now deceased, George KNOWLES, late of the said city of Canterbury now deceased, and Ann MACAREE, late of the same city of Canterbury, widow, now deceased, were the second cousins and sole next of kin of the testator living at his death. His Lordship doth declare, That the said residue of the said testator's real and personal estates, belonged to and was divisible amongst the said John COLE, Thomas JENKIN, George KNOWLER, and Ann MACAREE: And his Lordship doth order and declare, that the said John COLE, Thomas JENKINS, George KNOWLER, and Ann MACAREE being dead, such part of the said residue as is real belongs to their respective heirs, according to the nautre and quality of the several estates, whether held in fee simple of according to the custom of gavelkind; and it appearing by the said report of the said Master Steele, that the plaintiffs John Cole, and John Beard, and Samule Cole, and John Cole, infants, are the coheirs in gavelkind of the said plaintiff John COLE; and that Stephen JENKIN, Thomas JENKIN, John JENKIN, and Charles JENKIN, are the coheirs in gavelkind of the said Thomas JENKIN, deceased; and that John BAKER, Thomas BAKER, William BAKER, Charles BAKER, Edward BAKER, Henry BAKER, William BAKER, and Narborough Filmer BAKER, are the coheirs in gavelkind of the said George KNOWLER deceased; and that Matilda Hill CLARKE, wife of Anthony CLARKE, is the sole heir in gavelkind of the said Ann MACAREE, deceased; His Lordship doth declare, that the lands, tenements and hereditaments of the said testator, situate in the several parishes of Tenterden, Horsmonden, Goudhurst, Staplehurst, and Marden, in the county of Kent, certified by the said Master's repor to be of gavelkin dtenure, belong to and are divisible amounts the said plaintifs.....His lordship doth declare, that the two messuages or tenements of the said testator, situate in Aldersgate street, in the city of London, certified by the said Mr. Steele in his said report, as having descended to the said testator as heir at law of his father Charles BOOTH, belong to and are divisible amongst the said plintiffs John BEARD, and also amongst the said Stephen JENKIN, John BAKER, and Martha? Hill CLARKE, as such heirs at law as last aforesaid;.... that the plaintiff William WALTER was the personal representative of the said Thomas JENKIN, that William FITCH was the personal representative of the said George KNOWLER, and that John LADE and Edwin Humphrey SANDYS, were the personal representatives of the said Ann MACAREE;....etc.

Subscribers - Mrs. Anthony Clarke - Lady Wootton's Green, Canterbury (Memoirs of Granville Sharp, Esq., by Prince Hoare)


The Genealogical Roll done by Thomas Sharpe for Anthony Clarke Esq. was sold by Christie's in 2007 for c. 1600 pounds

Anne Knowler, a granddaughter of the Rev. William ELSTOB, the learned Saxon Scholar



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