No. 7

William Lampard. Where do you live? 7 Coldharbour Gardens. What are you? A colt cutter and gelder. Had you anything to do with the last election? Only voting. Only voting? Only voting. You neither gave anything or got anything? No. Had you anything to do with the election in 1879? Only voting. Nor with any other election? Nor with any other election. Can you tell us anything about either of the elections? I can only tell you this: I never received a bribe nor a promise from any individual previous to my voting, and I have never received any remuneration from anybody after I voted. Is your name Lampard? Lampard. Do you know a gentleman called Roberts? Yes. Can you add anything to your evidence about hin? Not in the least. Are you quite sure? Quite sure. I never saw any money stirring, or anything of the sort. I know nothing at all about it whatever. Parliamentary Papers 1881

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