St. Mary Bredin

1843 Map showing Dane John Farm area (no. 23 is Rodaws Town/Rhodaus Town)


Dungeon Manor, or Dean John Farm, near the Dane John, was anciently the property of the Chiche family; it's present possessor is George Henry Lee WARNER. The manor house was called Coventry House. Stuppington Manor also belonged to the Chiche family, is situate near the last mentioned and is now in the possession of Mr. Joseph ROYLE. 1838


The Manor of the Dungeon, the mansion of which, situated just without the city walls, at a small distance westward from the lesser hill of the Dungeon, in the parish of St. Mary Bredin, has been pulled down for some years, and only part of the out-offices are remaining, with part of the garden walls. This manor, now known by the name of Deanjohn farm, was formerly the property of an ancient family called Chiche, one of whom, Ernaldus de Chich, was a person of principal note in the reigns of Henry II. Richard I. and King John, and the aldermanries of Burgate and Northgate in this city, being then held as an estate in fee, did then belong to him and his heirs, and had continued for some time in his family. Thomas Chiche, who was one of the bailiffs of Canterbury in 1259, and again in 1271, was a principal benefactor to the above church of St. Mary Bredin. John Chich was likewise one of the bailiffs of it in the 23rd and 26th years of king Edward III. HT


Isaac EPPS, Waggoneer Agricultural Labourer

Sarah ELLIS, Charwoman

Thomas INGLETON, Agricultural Labourer

Sarah CASTLE, Charwoman

John POTT, Agricultural Labourer


Back of Dane John

Ann VIDEAN, Nurse

Bartholomew STRINGER, Agricultural Labourer

John JORDEN, Labourer


Henry LINES, Bricklayer


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