1837...Near this mound is a row of handsome houses, overlooking the promenade; they are of modern erection, and called Dane John Grove.


1838 Miss COUCHMAN, day and boarding, preparatory, for Boys (listed under Academies and Seminaries), Dane John

1847 Obituary - Henrietta Sarah LINDSELL, youngest daughter of W. B. LINDSELL, Esq., of Dane John Grove, Canterbury, 26th October (b. 1839, Surrey)


Don John Grove


1838 W. Edward CRAKE, Gas & Water Works, Dane John Grove

1838 Mrs. BOUVERIE, Dane John Grove, listed under nobility, gentry, clergy and retired persons

1838 John GILES, Dane John Grove, listed under nobility, gentry, clergy and retired persons

1838 Warner George LEE, Dane John Grove, Incumbent Rector (St. Mary Bredin, Rose Lane)

1838 Mrs. LOVE, Dane John Grove, listed under nobility, gentry, clergy and retired persons

1838 Mrs. NAYLOR, Dane John Grove, listed under nobility, gentry, clergy and retired persons

1838 Miss WEAR, Dane John Grove, listed under nobility, gentry, clergy and retired persons


"...It is possible that some of this material was derived from the landscaping works, but the dating of the levels suggests that most of the dumping occured slightly later, possibly when cellared buildings to the south-west (Dane John Grove) were erected in 1822." (Shakespeare's Terrace (nos. 12-15 Dane John))



No. 1

Susannah BOORMAN, Grandson Charles J. FOX, a clerk in the Fire Office &

George E. JONES, Professor of Music (



No. 2

Jessie HAWKINS, Retired builder &

John H. DIXSON, M.A. Cambridge & Dublin Curate of Charltham, Kent &

John E. HENRY, Presbyterian Minsiter *

Wanted by the session of hte Presbyterian Church, Canterbury, an Organist to play a fine new instrument. For terms apply with references to Rev. J. Edgar HENRY, M.A., 2 Dane John Grove, Canterbury. August 1, 1881


No. 3

Susannah WHITE (

Sussanah M. WHITE *


No. 4

Eliza POWELL &

------ *


No. 5

1865 Edward BAKER

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1355, BAKER, Edward, 5, Dane John Grove, Canterbury listed under parish of St. George the Martyr (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for Bridges and Knatchbull

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.

Philip JACKSON &

Charles ABOTT (

Joseph J. MADDOCKS, Newspaper Editor *


No. 6

Edward YEOMAN (

William B. HICKS, Commercial Traveller (Hardware) &

---- *


No. 7

George W. GREEN, Woolstapler *


No. 8

1838 William PALMER, Lay Clerk of the Cathedral, 8 Dane John Grove

1838 William PALMER, Dane John Grove, listed under Professors of Music

John BRENT, Treasurer of the City of Canterbury &

John BRENT, Secretary to the Kent and Canterbury Building Society, and Registrar for Canterbury and F.S.A. (Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries) *

John Brent (1808-1882) antiquary and novelist, was born at Rotherhithe on 21 Aug. 1808, and was the eldest son of a father of the same name*, a shipbuilder there, who about the year 1821 removed to Canterbury, and became thrice mayor of the city and deputy-lieutenant of the county. His mother was Susannah, third daughter of the Rev. Sampson Kingsford of Sturry, near Canterbury. In his early days he carried on the buisness of a miller, occupied for many years a seat on the council of Canterbury corporation, and was elected an alderman, but resigned that position on being appointed treasurer. Brend died at his house on the Dane John, Canterbury, 23, April 1882. During the course of a long life, he was indefatigable in his attempst to throw light on the past history of the city and county in which he dwelt. He became a fellow of the society of Antiquaries in April 1853. amd was also a member of the British Archaeological Association and of the Kent Archaeological Society. His contributions to antiquarian literature are mostly to be found in the various publications of these societies.....In 1855 he had published a revised edition of Felix Summerly's Handbook for Canterbury, and in 1875 there appeared his Catalogue of the Antiquities in the Canterbury Museum, of which he was an honorary curator. His work upon "Canterbury in the Olden Time", 8vo, 1860 (enlarged in 1879) from its research and originality, bears testimony to his unwearied industry and his ability as an antiquarian topographer. Brent also claims notice as a poet and novelist, having published..... At the time of the insurrection in Poland, Brent became the local secretary of the Polish Association. ...

Samuel BRENT died 1814, his father was John BRENT d. 1812 (also a shipbuilder)

Mr. John Brent, F.S.A. an antiquary who made the history of the Metropolitan city of England the subject of his study for many years, died at Dane John, Canterbury on April 23. The family originally resided at Cossington in Somerset, but removed to Kent about a century ago; and Mr. Brent was born in that county in 1808. His first work in antiquarian literature was a revised edition of the Handbook of Canterbury, by Felix Summerly, the nom-de-guerre of the late Sir Henry Cole. His own learned and intersting volume on Canterbury in the Olden Time was first published in 1860. It has since been reprinted, and is universally accepted as one of themost accurate and valuable specimens of topgraphical literature ever issued in this country. Mr. Brent published two volumes of poetry, and was a frequent contributor to the pages of the archaeological magazines. The pilgrms to Canterbury should hold his name in especial honour for the patient labour which he bestowed on its past history. The Academy 1882

George W. GREEN, Woolstapler (




1870's - 1896 Charles COURT, Gardener

possible marriage 1854 to Anna Maria Benefield

1896 Death *after a prolonged illness the death occurred on the 3rd inst. of Mr. C. COURT, head gardener at the Dane John, who had held that position over 30 years. (he was born at Harbledown)

1873, purchase of gardener's cottage and mortgage of the moat at the Dane John CCA

1917 Dane John Lodge, F. SURRY, head gardener



August 2, 1913 - To be let or sold: The old established dairy premises known as "The Dane John Dairy" comprising House, premises and meadow. Particulars on application to Messrs. Cooper and Wacher Canterbury. Telephone No. 214


1830 Poll Book - JAMES TERRY, Dane John, Canterbury, Gardener


1830 Poll Book - Thomas MARSEILLE, Dane John, Canterbury, Gentleman

Joseph CHAMBERS of St. Andrews, Canterbury, bachelor age 24 and Maria MARSEILLE of St. Mary Bredman, Canterbury, age 18 (father Thomas MARSEILLE, gardener), at St. Mary Bredman. March 7, 1807

Thomas GOODBAN of St. Paul Canterbury, gentleman, bachelor age 24 and Fran MARSEILLE of St. Mary Bredman, Canterbury, age 19 (father Thomas MARSEILLE, gardener) at St. Mary Bredman. April 13, 1809

1830 poll book - Thomas Goodban, Bridge Street, Music Master

$ Bridge Street, Thomas Goodban, Professor of Music and wife Frances, children Frances, Katherine and Frederick


Death - August 5th, in the Dane John Grove, Canterbury, the Rev. Theophilns JONES, aged 84, B.A. late of Pembroke College, Oxford, and for many years Rector of St. Mary's in Romney Marsh. Kentish Gazette, Aug 11, 1835


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