Erected in 1842 for 180 boys, 180 girls and 180 infants.

Broad Street Schools, originally National Schools, later Diocesan and Payne-Smith Schools. The original Diocesan School opened in 1814, using the old jail in the parish of St Dunstan's. This was an unsuitable building and so a new site was found in Broad Street. This site involved the purchase of some cottages and part of the town ditch. Mr Butterfield was appointed architect and the new school was opened on the 8 January 1849 for 720 children of the parishes of Northgate and St Alphege. There were three departments, Boys, Girls and Infants.

Frances M. Bullard, Mistress of Model School %

Rebeca Small, Teacher in training

Lucy E. Beane, Teacher


National Society's Monthly Paper

To Mr. George Nash, Master of the Diocesan Model Schools, Broad Street, Canterbury, a handsome Easy Chair, inlaid with Silver Plate, bearing an appropriate inscription and the names of donors, by his Primary Staff of Pupil Teachers, five in number, three of whom are now schoolmasters, and the remainder student's at St. Mark's College. 1857


boys 180, average attendance - 150

girls 150, average attendance - 85

infants 180, average attendance - 136

William Fricker - Master

Miss Sophia Walker - Mistress

Miss Louisa Casterdine - Infant's Mistress


William John Taylor - Master

Miss L. Hughes - Mistress

Miss Hammant - Infant's Mistress


William Taylor, Elementary School Teacher. Broad Street School House, St. Mary Northgate

Albert Ridler, Elementary School Teacher. Broad Street School House, St. Mary Northgate

Harriett E. Hammant, School Mistress. Broad Street National Schools, St. Mary Northgate

Annie Hammant, Pupil School Teacher. Broad Street National Schools, St. Mary Northgate



boys 180, average attendance - 145

girls 150, average attendance - 145

infants 180, average attendance - 127

William John Taylor - Master

Miss L. Hughes - Mistress

Miss Lucy Cook* - Infant's Mistress



Now called Broad Street (formerly Diocesan)

for 140 girls & 161 infants

Miss L. Hughes, Mistress

Mrs. Wilmott, Infants' Mistress


William Baker: school attendance order of the Canterbury School Board that the child, John Baker, is to attend the Diocesan School Broad Street Canterbury every time the school is open, Elementary Education Act 1870. Note on the rear; 'a duplicate of this order was served on the defendant's wife on 12 July 1897'.
School Attendance order- 9 Jul 1897-Court of Summary Jurisdiction Canterbury Cathedral Archives CCA-CC-J/V/1897/133

*Lucy Cook was living at home at 7 Alexandra Terrace (Station Road) in the early 1900's with her father William Cook, a retired railway Porter, and her sister Ethel and brother John. They also had a visitor a Ms. Eleanor Hudson age 25 who was also noted a School Mistress (possibly also working for the Diocesan National schools)


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