East Bridge Hospital, Kingsbridge

Opened 1569 (1511 noted in the 1882 directory of Kent)

The present building, though ancient, has a decent hall and chapel, where twenty boys are instructed gratis in reading, writing, and arithmetic. The schoolmaster, has an apartment in the house, as have also ten poor persons, who receive an annual stipent of 6l. each, and 10 others, who are not residents, have about 26s. a year from this foundation."

The Kentish Traveller's Companion 1776


By these statutes, the management of the Hospital is vested in a Master, who must be in Holy orders, and has the privilege of appointing a Schoolmaster to instruct twenty poor children to "read, write, and cast accompts:" ......

The Beauties of England and Wales 1808


......Fourthly, he appointed a schoolmaster to teach twenty poor children gratis, to read, write, and sing, and to be furnished with books, pen, ink, and paper, at the cost of the hospital; which also is continued to this day. But this was done not before the year 1569; when we shall have occasion to say more of this hospital.

Historical and Biographical Works 1821


In 1569, Archbishop Parker founded, out of the Revenues of East-Bridge Hospital, two scholarships, each of the yearly value of £3. 6. 8. in Corpus Christi alias Bene't College, Cambridge, during the space of 200 years, for the maintenance of two scholars, natives of Kent, and educated in this School, to be nominated by The Dean of Canterbury, and the Master of East-bridge Hosptial; they were to be called "Canterbury Scholars," and were to have all the benefits which any other Scholars enjoyed in the College. Archbishop Whitgift, in his Ordinances relating to that Hospital (which were confirmed by Act of Parliament, in 1585), renewed this Foundation, which is now perpetual; but instead of The Dean's, he made The Archbishop's consent necessary to the appointment.

A concise description of the endowed grammar schools in England and Wales, 1818


A school for twenty children was annexed to it by an ordinance of Archbishop Whitgift, confirmed by act of parliament in the 27th of Elizabeth; it is endowed with a manor and an estate at Blean, and with an investment of £2624 in the three per cent. consols., arising from legacies and fines for the renewal of leases: the present income is £331. 15. 10 1/2.: the master of the hospital has an annual income of £90. 18. 7 3/4., calculated upon an average balance of receipts and expenditure for several years; the schoolmaster has a salary of £30 per annum, with apartments in the hospital; there are thirty scholars at present in the school.

A Topographical Dictionary of England, 1831


East Bridge Extra-Parochial (Pop. 30) - One Daily School, containing 30 males, was endowed by a late ordinance from the Archbishop of Canterbury; the master receives 40l. per annum, and a house in the hospital. Parliamentary Papers (Education returns 1833)


...The present building is ancient; it has a decent hall and chapel, where the schoolmaster, who has a qood apartment in the house, performs the office of reader, and instructs the boys, gratis. There are also rooms for the five in-brothers and five in-sisters. The master has a neat modern house, situated in a court nearly adjoining but on the opposite, or western side of the river.

Canterbury Guide, Henry Ward 1843


The chapel was also used as a schoolroom from 1569 to 1880


1858 - Mr. John Crouch, Schoolmaster

1882 - Vacant



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