1759 a John HANREE of St. Mary Northgate, lamp assesor

1770 christening at St. George's Church, Canterbury - March 4, Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen and Esther Hanree

Marriage of Cassey HANREE December 9, 1773 to Mercy BROWN at St. Mary Northgate

Canterbury Poll 1780, a Stephen HONREE voted Newhaven and Dashwood

Nov. 25 1784 a lease to Casey HANREE, victualler of Canterbury from the Dean And Chapter (BB 74/319) *a tenement on the western corner of Burgate and Canterbury Lane called Newhouse in 1677.

June 26, 1789, a lease to Casey HANREE, victualler of Canterbury from the Dean and Chapter, same tenement as above

December 17, 1789, Mercy HANREE, coroner's report. Poisoned herself whilst not in her right mind, wife of Casey HANREE.

*burial of Mercy HANREE, December 20, 1789 aged 33 years, buried at St. Mary Northgate

burial of a Merce HANREE, September 27, 1782 age 5 months at St. Mary Northgate

burial of a Mildred HANREE, December 21, 1755 at St. Mary Northgate

burial of a Magdalen HANREE, April 26, 1761 of St. Aphage at St. Mary Northgate

burial of a Judith HANREE, July 15, 1789 age 76 years at St. Mary Northgate

*more burials of HANREE

1786 John HANREE, baker noted in a lease and release regarding land late in the tenure of the churchwardens of St. Alphege's Church and is now to be used as a burial ground for St. Alphege. (plan in margin) CCA-U3-8/6/1

1799, death at Canterbury of a John HANREE, formerly a baker (MM vol 7) *marriage of a John Hanree of St. Alphage Canterbury, baker, bachelor (23) & Ann Inment of Thanington (17, father John Inment, brewer) at St. Alphage, Canterbury. Jan 11 1774 at St. Alphage

May 1794 death lately at Canterbury, Mrs. HANREE, wife of Mr. J. HANREE, baker in Orange Street (KR 1794 pg 196) *burial May 7, 1794 of an ANN HANREE age 39 years buried at St. Alphage

1802 poll - Casey HANREE freeholds Canterbury, of what consisting "house" occupier ...FOWLE, voted Honywood

1803 poll of the knights - Casey HANREE of Canterbury, voted for Honywood

St. Peter's - christenings 1798 May 28. Matilda Harriot, daughter of Isaac Hanree and Mary his wife, born May 5th, 1798, was privately baptized at her fathers apartments in the Parsonage house of St. Peters, 12 at noon. Received into the congregation, June 10, 1798

Marriage of an Isaac HANREE November 19, 1792 to Mary HALSEY at St. Peter's

Canterbury poll 1802 James HONOREE, Canterbury, house, occupied by self, voted Geary and Honywood

1830 poll book William H. Hanree, Palace Street, baker. Stephen Hanree, Jesus Hospital, cordwainer.

Marriage of a William Henry HANREE April 29, 1813 to Eleanor ROBINSON (widow) at St. Mary Northgate

1838 directory Mrs. Ann HANREE, 68 Broad Street

1841 an Elenor HANREE age 62 cork cutter from Ireland, Archbishops Palace, Palace Street

1860's still a family of HANREE living in Broad Street, Canterbury...Maria Hanree age 65 and son William ?. Hanree age 44, cabinet maker

1898 a death of a William Casey HANREE of 71 Broad Street, in Canterbury, March 24, 1898

Canterbury Poultry show held at the Music Hall on Dec? 12th and 13th of 1873...BANTAMS, Black breasted or other reds. 2. W. C. HANREE, Canterbury



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