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Unnamed photographs from May & Amelia Inge's album supplied by a descendant. Some of the photographs may date back to the 1860s.

May Inge was a grocer in Canterbury and a Bible thumping Methodist lay preacher. Amelia was John Hobday's daughter. John Hobday was a businessman of many trades. In 1882 an advert described him as a "Cabinet Maker, Upholster, Auctioneer, Appraiser, House Agent, House Decorator, Undertaker, &c., 60 & 61 Palace Street, Canterbury. Contractor for Removal of Furniture in Pantechnicon Vans, by Road or Rail."


1425 Freemen of Canterbury - Thomas INGE, Cissor. 1425


1594 April 8, marriage of a Jonas INGE to Brigett HOLMAN, at Saint Alphege, Canterbury


1594, August 23, christening of a Marye INGE at Saint Alphege to Jonas INGE


1595, Nov 2, christening of Richarde INGE to Jonas INGE at Saint Alphege, Canterbury


1599, Jan 23, christening of a Jonas INGE to Jonas INGE


1604 Jonas INGE inhabitant of Northgate ward


1615, Mar 2, marriage of a Henry MILLER to Joane INGE, at St. Mary Breadman, Canterbury


1663, Dec 1 Marriage of John BOLDING and Anne INGE at Saint Mary Bredin


1663 a reference to a Mr. Inge


1685 marriage, January 25th, at St. Paul, Richard INGE and Sarah NAYER


1714 marriage June 10th at Saint George the Martyr of John MARSH (or MARCH) and Sarah INGE


1715 Burials St. Dunstan's, Canterbury, October 23, Sara wife of Richard INGE


1715 Burials St. Dunstan's Canterbury, October 23, Ann daughter of Richard INGE


1735, Jan 11 marriage at Saint Mary Bredin of John STANDFORD and Susan INGE


1747(48) Christening, St. George's Canterbury, Feb 21. John son of John and Mary INGE


1750 Marriage, St. George's Canterbury, May 17 Richard INGE of Beaksbourn and Dorothy HAWKER of this parish, by Banns.


1756 Marriage, St. George's Canterbury, Aug 19. Richard INGE as a witness to the marriage of James WARREN and Susan EDRIGE


1754 Freemen of Canterbury - Richard INGE, of Bekesbourne, yeoman


1727 Freemen of Canterbury - John INGE, bricklayer, apprenticed to John NORTON. 1727


1797, April 20th, marriage of a William COCK to Jane INGE, Canterbury (no church listed)


1801 Nov 23, marriage of a John INGE and Eliz. COOPER (?)


1824 May INGE, maltster of Littlebourne (re: a mortgage)


1825 a lease to Mr. May INGE for a Stall no. 10 in the market


1828 marriage of Edwin INGE and Emily BUSHELL, Feb 2, 1828, Canterbury


1830 Edwin INGE, Canterbury Lane, Baker (unpolled)


1838 Edwin INGE, Canterbury Lane, BAKER


1838 Elizabeth Wood (retailer of May INGE's fine Ale and Porter), Northgate Street


1838 Mary INGE, Littlebourne, Maltster *could be May


1840 Pigot Directory - Edwin INGE, Canterbury Lane, BAKER


1844, Oct 22, Christening of an Elizabeth INGE to Jesse and Sarah INGE


1847, christening of Eliza INGE May 30, to Jesse INGE and Sarah INGE


1850's Susannah INGE, Teacher, Bridge Street


1851 Feb 2, christening of an Emma INGE to Jesse and Sarah INGE


1851 Edwin INGE, head, married, age 28, Baker, born Ickham, Kent, wife Frances A. age 31, born Canterbury


1854 Oct 14 at St. Mildred, Canterbury, marriage of Charles NICHOLLS and Mary Dunk INGE (?)


1859, July 17 christening of Esther INGE to Jesse and Sarah INGE


1863 Nov 11, christening of an Helen INGE to Edwin and Frances Ann INGE


1865 Poll book - Edwin INGE, 4 Canterbury Lane (parish of qualification, Saint Mary Magdalen)


1871 Edwin INGE, Master Baker, sons John and Emrie are Assistants


My great grandfather May Inge was a grocer, he married Amelia Hobday and her father was John Hobday b 1814 Canterbury
In 1871 he lived at 26 Northgate Street
In 1881 at 31 Northgate Street
In 1891 at 14 Longport Street


1881 4 Canterbury Lane, Edwin INGE, born Ickham, age 73, Baker, widowed, sons Henrie (26) & Frank (24) are Bakers, daughters Laura (20) and Helen (17)


1882 a theft from May INGE of Canterbury by Henry Smith the Younger of 12 Church Street, St. Mildred


1890's No. 4 Canterbury Lane - Emric Inge, Baker, with sisters Laurie & Helen


Conveyance of Shares and Interest, 1896 - William Richard Rigden, Whitstable, dredger to Mr May Inge, 12 Best Lane, Canterbury, grocer. CCA-U372/X/212/52 *likely a shareholder in the Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company


Conveyance of Shares and Interest, 1896 - Tom Foreman, Whitstable, dredger to Mr May Inge, 12 Best Lane, Canterbury, grocer. CCA-U372/X/212/53

1898 conveyence deed re: a piece of land opposite the Cavalry Barracks, St. Mary Northgate, between May INGE, brickmaker, Frank INGE, confectioner and Thomas Goldfinch, builder


1902 Frank INGE a baker, conviction notice


1917 Miller Bros. (Stuart INGE) Cycle Depot, Burgate Street


William Richard Rigden, Whitstable, dredger to Mary* INGE, 12 Best Lane, Canterbury, Grocer CCA-U372/X/211/65 *says Mary, but I suspect it's May Inge



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