"Also called Through Hall"

All of these houses in this Lane were destroyed by the bombings of WW2


No. 1

Henry TOMLIN, Blacksmith %

1884 James CROWHURST, Graduated April 30, 1862 London *The Register (and Directory) of Veterinary Surgeons

1885 Kellys Directory - Listed under Veterinary Surgeons - CROWHURST brothers, 1 Iron Bar Lane, Canterbury

1889 Crowhurst Bros. M.R.C.V.S.L., Veterinary surgeons

1903 James Crowhurst & Son, F.R.C.V.S., Veterinary surgeons

Edward READ, Groom (

1917 J. Crowhurst & Son, (F.R.C.V.S.), Veterinary surgeons


No. 2

Mary A. BARNES, Cook %


Robert Jarman, Where do you live? Iron Bar Lane. What are you? A carter. Did you get any money at the last election? Yes, after I voted. Who from? The foreman of our place. What is his name? Moxon gave him the money, and he shared it between us....You are in Moxon and Ash's brewery? No, I am on with Mr. Neame. You did not tell me the name of the foreman. Mr. Hayward. The same name as the man who gave the 2s. to Kay? Yes. PP Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

early 1880's - 1889 Robert JARMAN, Waggoner

Robert JARMAN, Agricultural Labourer (

1893 Annie BARBER (aged 10), 2 Iron Bar Lane

1917 Frank Robert CLARKE


No. 3

Joseph WARMAN, Painter of Houses &

1889 - 1890's William KIRBY, Groom

1917 James MUMMERY


No. 4

Thomas DENNE, Salesman %

John Boyce NORTON, Blacksmith &

Henry G. WARNER, Carpenter *

1889 Mrs. GILES

1917 Thomas CORRIGAN


No. 5

Francis SANKEY %

*Will of Frances Maria Sankey, Spinster of Iron Bar Lane, Canterbury Kent (March 20, 1857)

Eliza HOPKINS, Clothes dealer &

Thomas BUSH *

1889 Isaac GALE

1917 Miss TOPMAN




Bonded Stores for Wines: proprietor, H. Letts

June 5th, 1874 - The British Architect - A Bonded Store - A bonded store is about to be erected in Iron Bar Lane. Including the basement, it will be four storeys in height, and will have an area of cellarage extending to 2425 feet. The first floor will possess an area of 1,000 feet, and the second and third floors each 1500. The floors, except the upper one, which will be of wood, are to be of concrete fire-proof construction. Tenders having been invited, the following were sent in: Mr. John Cozens £3190; Mr. R. Naylor (Rochester), £3166; Messrs. Gaskin and Godden (accepted), £3120. The Architect is Mr. J. G. Hall, whose estimate for the work was £3228.

*Contracts, Canterbury, May 18th, 1874 - for the erection of a bonded store and warehouse. Mr. J. G. Hall, 8, St. Margaret, Street, Canterbury.


No. 6

Samuel HIGH, Horseshoe smith &

John SOLLY, Cellerman *

1889 George DRURY, Iron Stores

Thomas J. SPARKMAN, Assistant, Wine and Spirit Merchant


Biggleston & Sons, Ironmongery Stores


No. 7

Silas COWELL, Veterinary Surgeon (c. 1794?) %

Land Tax Commissioners (For the City and County of the City of Canterbury) 1848 - John Sneller, William Broxk, Charles Brock, Thomas Rout Burch, Charles Goodwin, John Brent Junior, Thomas Andrews, R.F. Beioley, Thomas Lever Burch, Thomas Pauli DeLaSaux, James Vidgen, John Knowler, George Cooper, Robert Avann, Silas COWELL, James Holland.

Silas Cowell, the Younger, Canterbury *The Bankers' Magazine 1856, shareholders in the London Joint Stock Banks furnish those of the Bank of London and the City Bank - the two principal of the recently organized institutions; and as much depends upon the credit and responsibility of the proprietors we have considered it advisable to reprint this information at length. *Silas is apprenticing for William Sharp a Druggist in 1841 (see St. George's Street)

* "Supplement to the London Gazette, February 27, 1858", Silas Cowell, Senior, Canterbury, Veterinary Surgeon & Silas Cowell, Junior, Canterbury, Chemist

1889 Mrs. Nightingale

1917 Thomas H. D. Ward


No. 8

1889 Miss Read, Milliner and Dressmaker

1917 Mrs. Ireland


No. 9

1889 Isaac Clayson


1685. The iron bar, in Iron-Bar-lane, is to be provided by the chamberlain, according to antient custom. HT

A.D. 1685, according to an ancient custom, an iron bar was ordered to be provided by the Chamberlain for "Iron Bar Lane," hence no doubt came the name of that locality. COT


Stephen BUCKHURST, coach and coach harness maker



Cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Iron Bar Lane, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal - one in Iron Bar Lane, Male 2 years, death May 13th, Nature of District - Unhealthy AMJ


1838 Sexton of St. Andrews (Parade), J. PENN, junr. Iron Bar Lane

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