Sacred to the memory of
Who died March 23rd 1784. Aged 43.
Also Harriot Holt his wife
Who died August 24th, 1824, Aged 88
Harriot Alexander Gradidge. Their Daughter
Died at Folkstone July 12th 1808. Aged 44.
William James their son died April 10th 1804. Aged 38.
John their youngest son died Oct 22nd 1835. Aged 64. And was buried at St. Mary's Church, Shrewsbury.

This tablet is erected by the two surviving
Daughters of James & Harriot Holt Jeudwine **

Their daughter, Margaretta, died January 1st 1852, Aged 84

Ann Elizabeth the last surviving daughter and relict of Peter CRAIG died March 22nd 1861, aged 84 years.


Christening of John JEUDWINE March 31, 1772, Saint Peter, Canterbury to James and Hariot Holt JEUDWINE

Christening of Ann Elisabeth Jeudvine, March 11, 1777 at St. Peter's, Canterbury to James and Harriot JEUDVINE

Christening of an Elisabeth JUDEWAIN July 15, 1750, Saint Peter's, Canterbury to George and Sarah JUDEWAIN

Christening of Esther JEUDUIN on May 13, 1733 Saint Peter, Canterbury to William and Esther JEUDUIN

Christening of Cornelius JEDUAIN on May 15, 1685 Saint Peter, Canterbury to Peter and Mary JEDUAIN

Christening of Stephen JUDUAIN on April 20, 1679 Saint Peter, Canterbury to Peter and Mary JUDUAIN

Christening of Stephen JEDUAIN on Aug 1, 1680 Saint Peter, Canterbury to Peter and Mary JEDUAIN

Christening of Mary JEDUAIN on Feb 18, 1683 Saint Peter, Canterbury to Peter and Mary JEDUAIN

Burial at Saint Peter's March 28, 1784, James JEUDWIN, aged 45 years.


Marriage August 5th, 1788, William GRADIDGE (A. T. Gradridge) of the parish of St. Alphage in this City, widower, and Harriot Alexander JEUDWINE, spinster by licence

Burials, St. Peter's May 12th, 1790, Mr. Peter JEUDWINE, aged 76 years


1774 James Jeudwine, subscriber to "An Essay Towards the History of Liverpool (1774)"


1791 **Harriot Holt JEUDWIN, Ladies Boarding School

1805-07 H. and P. JEWDIYINE ladies boarding school, St. Peter's Street

Died at Canterbury - Mrs. JEUDWINE, Oct. 1824 The New Monthly Magazine

Miss JEUDWINE, St. Peter's Street - Acadamies 1824

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Miss JEUDWINE, 3 Watling Street

% In Watling Street - Margaretta JEUDWINE, with neice Eliza GRADIDGE


Christening of an Abraham JEUDUIN on April 15, 1675 at the Walloon or Strangers Church, Canterbury

Harriett Holt COX was born c. 1737. She married James JEUDWINE. February 14, 1763 at St. Margaret's, Canterbury.

St. Margaret's - 1763 Feb 14 Marriage James JUDEVIN of St. Mildred & Harriet Holt COX, of this parish


St. Peter's, Canterbury

Christening of a Cornelius Jeduain on May 15, 1685 Saint Peter, Canterbury to Peter and Mary Jeduain

1728 October 22 burial of Elizabeth, wife of William JEDVAINE
1736/7 January 18 burial of James JUDWAINE of St. Mildred's
1737 October 5th burial of Margaret, daughter of Peter JUDWAINE of St. Mildred's
1739/40 March 12th burial of James JEUDWAINE from St. Mildred's
1752 May 10th burial of William, son of Peter JUDIUNE of St. Mildred's
1755 June 3rd Marriage of John Cantis of St. Andrew & Hester JUDEVINE, licence.
June 15th, 1763, burial of Mary, wife of Mr. Judevain
February 9th, 1764, burial of Mr. Judevain
March 31st, 1772, Baptism of John, son of James and Hariot (Holt) Jeudwine
Christening of an Ann Elisabeth Jeudvine on March 11, 1777 Saint Peter, Canterbury to James and Harriot Jeudvine
September 15th, 1778, burial of Mary Jeudwine, aged 37 years
1784 March 28th burial of James JEUDWINE, age 45 years
1788 August 5th Marriage of William Gradidge of St. Alphege, Canterbury, Chemist wid. & Harriot Alexander JEUDWINE, spinster (24), of this parish, licence.
1790 May 12th burial of Mr. Peter JEUDWINE, age 76 years
1791 April 1st, burial of Mrs. Margaret JEUDWINE, widow of the late Mr. Peter JEUDWINE, age 79 years

Burial 1804 April 18th of Mr. William JEUDWINE from Bethnal Green, London, aged 37
Years (likely the Gentleman listed below)**

**Death in the neighbourhood of London, suddenly of a paralytic stroke, Mr. William Jeudwine, lately an apothecary at Hollingbourn, co. Kent. The Gentlemen's Magazine April 1804


Memorials in St. Peter's Churchyard

An Altar Tomb

Beneath are the remains of

William JEUDVIN of this Parish

died Feb; 3 1764 Aged 73 Years

Also Mary his wife.......

died June 6.........

Also Pett.......


of the said.........




died March 23, 1784, aged 45 years

Also opposite lieth the Remains of

William James Jeudwine *

Son of the above who died April 10, 1884

Aged 38 Years

*In the register he is described as Mr. William JEUDWINE from Bethanl Green, London


To the Memory of


Widow of James Jeudwine

who departed this life

Augt 24th 1824, aged 88 years




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