The Rev'd Peter Spencer - courtesy of Marion Gower - photo by BOLTONS private photographic studio 16 St. Augustine Road, Camden Square

The Reverend Peter Spencer, was born 9th March 1807, in Camden, Middlesex.
In 1851 he is noted as rector in Temple Ewell, and is living nearby in the same parish where Julia Osborn Snoulten lived before she married Flacton Homersham. Peter is listed as living in Temple Ewell on 12th March 1839 by the Ecclesiastical Gazette.
Rev'd Peter Spencer died and was buried in the churchyard, on the 9th November 1861.

Re: Athenaeum: Journal of Literature, Science and the Fine Arts No. 1789- February 8, 1862 - "The Theological and Miscellaneous Library of the Late Rev. P. Spencer, M.A. of Temple Ewell, Kent" and another Collection from the country. - Mr. Hodgson will sell by Auction, at his New Rooms, the corner of Fleet street and Chantery Lane on Tuesday, February 18th and two following days a Collection of books in Theology, Classics and Miscellaneous Lierature, including the library of the late Rev. P. Spencer, M.A. of Temple Ewell, Kent. Catalogues are preparing.


A photo of the church from my collection c. 1910

From the British Gazetteer - Vol. 2

This place was anciently Temple Ewell, as it was one of their possessions, and belonged to them as early as 1185. The village stands in a lovely valley, between Barham Downs and the Land's End at Dover, and the principal stream of the river Dour has its source here. There is a building on a hill in the vicinity, still called Temple Farm, but the remains of the ancient mansion of the Templars have long ceased to exist. The living (St. Mary and St. Peter), a rectory and vicarage in the archdy and diocese of Canterbury, is valued at 6 pounds 13s. 4d.; present net income 70 pounds; patron, Heirs of J. Angell; present incumbent, P. Spencer, 1835; contains 1,440 acres: 74 houses; population in 1841, 392. assd property 942 pounds; poor rates in 1838, 197 pounds 5s.

Directory of 1855 (Gentry) Ewell

Mrs. James CLARK

John DELL, Esq.

Thomas HERITAGE, Esq.


Osborne SNOLTON, Esq.

Rev. Peter SPENCER, M.A., Vicar


Mrs. Spencer, Emily, the wife of Rev. Spencer - courtesy of Marion Gower - photo by Lambert Weston & Son, Waterloo Crescent, Dover. Sandgate Road, Folkstone

She was born in Sittingbourne c. 1811, and married Rev'd Peter Spencer, December 10th, 1833 at Folkestone. After her husband's death she had to leave the vicarage at Temple Ewell and move to Folkestone until her death on April, 29th, 1890 - courtesy of Marion Gower


Judah Spencer, son of Emily & Rev. Spencer - courtesy of Marion Gower - photo by Lambert Weston & son, Waterloo Crescent, Dover. Church Street, Folkestone.

Baptised June 19th, 1841, Folkestone


Letitia Spencer, daughter of Emily & Rev. Spencer - courtesy of Marion Gower - photo by Lambert Weston & Son

Baptised January 3rd, 1845 at Temple Ewell. She married Henry Thomas Young. She passed away on August 6th, 1916.


Peter Spencer, son of Emily & Rev. Spencer - courtesy of Marion Gower - photograph by R. C. May, 5 Sloane Terrace, Chelsea. London. S.W.

Born September 21, 1834, died January 10th, 1871


Mrs. Mary Spencer, wife of Peter Spencer - courtesy of Marion Gower

Mary Comyns Newcombe Earl Woodman



Frederick Charles Borckhardt, son of Christian and Eliza Borckhardt - courtesy of Marion Gower - photo by Mess. Lancaster, Grosvenor Street, Chester & 6 Price St. Birkenhead.

Frederick died climbing the Matterhorn during a terrible snowstorm on August 18th, 1886, age 48 - you can see the memorial here http://www.flickr.com/photos/sludgeulper/4949484558/ and here http://www.flickr.com/photos/78436618@N00/1012026802/

Read about it in "The Alpine Journal, Volume 13" page 95

Frederick's father Christian was the one who buried the Rev'd Peter Spencer of Tempel Ewell above



1863 Love the dog! "Ben" Folkestone on the back, Nellie noted on the front - courtesy of Marion Gower - photograph by Lamert Weston & Son




Families of Temple Ewell

The Robinsons were near neighbours of Osborn Snoulten in Temple Ewell


William Robinson born February 21, 1813, Wingham, Kent. He was a gentleman farmer and next door neighbour to Osborn Snoulten in 1857. William Robinson was living at Water's End Farm, Osborn at Water's End Villa. William died February 15th, 1881 - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

Illustrated London News (July 26, 1879) Marriages - On the 22nd inst. at St. Peter and St. Paul's Church, Temple Ewell, Curtis John Johnson, eldest son of the late John and Leah Johnson of New Bridge Dover, and Morton Villa, K....., to Marion third daughter of William Robinson, Great Water's End, near Dover.



Jane Robinson (nee Sharpe) born August 4th, 1871, Southwark. Married William Robinson in Kent in 1839. Living in Ash in 1841, then Temple Ewell 1851, 61, 71. Died in the late 1870's - photo courtesy of Marion Gower - photo by J. Clark, 42 Townwall St. Dover



William Robinson born Ash c. 1840 son of the above William and Jane - photo courtesy of Marion Gower



Jane (Frances Jane) Robinson born c. 1844 Temple Ewell, daughter of the above William and Jane Robinson - photo courtesy of Marion Gower - photograph by W. Dixon, Photographer, Ash-Sandwich






Taken March 1874

Margaret Rosina Cresswell (nee Wolf) born c. 1844, Blackfriars, London. Photo taken March 1874 Clapham, David Rees - photo courtesy of Marion Gower - David Rees photographer

Margaret Rosina Wolf married Richard Henry Cresswell at Clapham Christ Church on the 23rd of September 1873. Richard was a priest of Christ Church. He was born c. 1846 at Salcombe, Devon.

-- --

Clarice Mercedes Cresswell born February 10th, 1881. Photo taken 1883 Rees & Co. 298 Clapham Road, London S.W. - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

They had a daughter Clarice Mercedes Cresswell born 1881 Clapham, London (apparently an artist - paintings) She never married and died in Rome in 1965.

*looks like she possibly wrote and illustrated books (Saxon and Norman and Dane..with eight illustrations by Clarice M. Cresswell)

(from rootsweb) She was in the London area around 1908 - 1910 when she carried out a commmision from a Father William Henry Spencer, a priest, probably Roman Catholic.

Early Church Classics - The Liturgy of the eighth book of "The Apostolic Constitutions" commonly called The Clementine Liturgy, translated into English with Introduction and Notes by Rev. R. H. Cresswell, M.A. (1900)

Richard's Parents were Richard Cresswell and Frances


Annie Palmer on the donkey. Annie appears to be a nurse/servant living with the Cresswell family in 1881 in Clapham - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

1881 Annie S. Palmer, unmarried age 19, born Brandon, Suffolk, England (domestic nurse), 74 Union Grove, Clapham, Surrey

Written on the back of the photo is Annie Palmer, Felixstowe, July 1875


M. Karmann Photo taken March 1874 Clapham, David Rees, 298 Clapham Road, London S.W. - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

What looks like possibly Margaret Cresswell (nee Wolf) sister


-- _

Mrs. Sharland, Inskip photographer, Scarborough - photo courtesy of Marion Gower




Mr. A. Ratcliffe, Photographer, Gallon & Co. 443 West Strand, London - photo courtesy of Marion Gower



Mrs. A. Ratcliffe, Photographer, Mr. GAUBERT, 151 Fulham Road, Brompton S.W. - photo courtesy of Marion Gower



T. Oerton, Photograph by Alex J. Grossman, 16 Snargate Street, Dover - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

*There was a Rev. E. Oerton, but I don't know if there is any connection





Richard Gravely, photo by R. Boning, 10 Verulam Place, St. Leonards on Sea - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

Richard Gravely born c. 1822 Cowfold, Sussex. He is a general practioner. In 1871 the family are in Newick, Sussex.

Married twice. His first marriage was to Louisa Wallis, married in 1848 in East Grinstead. She died in 1852


Richard Gravely, possibly a younger photo of him - photo courtesy of Marion Gower - photograph by W. Constable, 58 King's Road, Brighton


Possibly the 2nd wife of Richard, Mary Colgate - photo courtesy of Marion Gower - photograph by B.W. Botham, 43 Western Road, Brighton-

Richard married Mary Colegate in 1855 in Uckfield, Sussex


Miss Gravely, possibly Louisa or Mary. R.F. Barnes's Studio, Motham House, New Cross Photographer, Lewisham High Road, London - photo courtesy of Marion Gower



Miss Fenton, Photograph by G. W. Taylor, Artist, Doncaster - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

(I don't know if this is relevant or not, I'm just trying to make a connection) *there was a Charles Fenton, Doctor born Sheffield, Yorkshire who was married to a Frances Laetitia Battye who died in Doncaster, Yorkshire in 1847. They were married in St. Andrew's Holborn, Middlesex in 1836. Frances' parents Charles Battye died 1852 in Brighton, Sussex, mother Jane Laetitia Crispin, died 1862 Brighton, Sussex, England. There was a Dr. Charles Fenton practising in 1867 in Doncaster





Felixstowe Suffolk this may be the family, it looks as if they had their own camera, no photographer on back / blank - courtesy of Marion Gower

Felixstowe Suffolk this may be the family, it looks as if they had their own camera, no photographer on back / blank - courtesy of Marion Gower

Felixstowe Suffolk this may be the family, it looks as if they had their own camera, no photographer on back / blank - courtesy of Marion Gower


Suffolk Convalescent home, photographers name on back C. J. Emeny of Walton near Ipswich. Courtesy of Marion Gower






John Eastes Youden was baptised 1802 Dover St James, son of William Youden a stonemason and Elizabeth Denne.
John is a proprietor of houses and remains unmarried until his death 1863, he had lived in Notting Hill before moving to Buckland, Kent. courtesy of Marion Gower

Edith EASTES (1739) of St Margaret at Cliffe, Kent married William UDEN/YOUDEN; June 21,1764, at St. James the Apostle, Dover, Kent. (These are what I believe are William's parents)

William Youden, Male, christening date, 10 Sept 1769, at Saint James the Apostle Dover, Father's name: William Youden, Mothers name: Edith

1826 directory - William Youden, occupation - Stonemason, of St. James Street & John Eastes Youden, occupation - Statuary of St. James Street

Poll for the knights of the shire (July 16/17, 1852)...parish of St. James, Dover - John Eastes Youden, residence London

Re: Dover - "St. Margarets Place was off St. James Street. It existed by 1851 and was built in the stone yard of Mr. Youden, a builder, who was also schoolmaster at St. Margarets. He gave this row of neat cottages the name of the village." (from the doversociety.org.uk)

Marriage at Dover, H. Williams to Miss Youden 1819 (new monthly magazine)

St. James the Apostle, Dover, Kent (bombed in WW2)

*Sept 27, 1862 - The Builder - New Church for the parish of St. James the Apostle, Dover - Mr. Talbot Bury, Architect



Miss Youden written on back, 'Martha Youden', Martha is a sister to John Eastes Youden, her parents are William and Elizabeth. Baptised Dover St James 1804.
Martha never marries and is buried at St Margaret at Cliffe 1880 although she died at Notting Hill, London. courtesy of Marion Gower



Mrs H. Fernie written on back, 'Edith Fernie'. She is Edith Lewis.
Edith Lewis born 1834 Dover and is the granddaughter of William Youden and Elizabeth Denne, her mother was Edith Youden (sister to John and Martha) and her father was Thomas Lewis.
Edith Lewis married Henry Mortlocke Fernie Dover in 1864. Henry was a surgeon in Macclesfield, Cheshire, he died 1891. Edith Fernie returned to Dover and died 1928. courtesy of Marion Gower



L. Lewis written on back Leonora Lewis, born 26th Dec 1872, photo taken may 1873. Lambert Weston & Son photographer, Dover & Folkestone
Leonora Lewis is the great granddaughter to William Youden and Elizabeth Denne, her father is Thomas Lewis born 1836 Dover, brother to above Edith Lewis.
Her mother was Dorothy Leonora Lindsay. Leonora Lewis died Dover 1908 a spinster. courtesy of Marion Gower



Miss Kingdon written on back 'Martha Kingdon' Martha born 1837 in Devon, is another granddaughter to William Youden and Elizabeth Denne. Her parents are Roger Kingdon (b. 1808) and Catherine Denne Youden. (sister to Edith, Martha and John Eastes Youden). Martha never marries and died Notting Hill 1914. (1911 is living with Martha Youden). courtesy of Marion Gower

Martha's siblings are William Youden Kindgon Esq. of Notting Hill, and Charles Kingdon of Torington





Likely relating to the convent of St. Margaret, East Grinstead, Sussex. This is noted as "the temporary St. Margaret's", the actual convent was built in 1868 I believe. The Architect was George Edmund Street. The Sisters of St. Margarets were founded in 1855 by Dr. John Mason Neale (1818-1866) at Rotherfield England.

Sackville College founded 1609 by Robert Sackville. Still in use as an Almshouse today. A previous warden of the College was Dr. John Mason Neale, who founded the Sisters of St. Margarets as noted above.

You can see photos of him here http://anglicanhistory.org/neale/


C. Hill (c. 1860-1876) unknown gentleman. Photograph by The London School of Photography, 52 Cheapside - photo courtesy of Marion Gower




Mrs. Mary Bodle, December 1870. Photographer Lewisham, London.

She is Mary Page born c. 1833. She married Edward Bodle in Reigate, Surrey in 1865. Edward was born c. 1831. He was a provisions merchant. Edward died in 1880 at Mapleton Lodge, Lewisham Hill. Mary died 1907 at Mapleton Lodge, Lewisham Hill. The couple did have 2 daughters not photographed, a Margaret Mary Bodle born 1871, who married local Lewisham vicar and Louisa Francis Bodle born 1873, who remained unmarried and died in1940. Courtesy of Marion Gower

*premises Lewisham Hill, No. 8 Colfe Villas - Lessee, Edward Bodle, term of years 90 3/4, commencement of term, Midsummer 1870, annual rent 10 pounds

There is a monument to the family in Ladywell Cemetery, Lewisham, London.

Edward Bodle, age 48, born 1832, buried 1880

Edward John Bodle, age 28, born 1866, buried 1894, son of Edward Bodle

Thomas Albert Bodle, age 26, born 1870, buried 1896, son of Edward Bodle

Mary Bodle, age 79, born 1828, buried 1907, wife of Edward Bodle

Louisa Francis Bodle, age 67, born 1873, buried 1940, daughter of Edward Bodle

William Pace Bodle, age 34, born 1868, buried 1902, son of Edward Bodle, died at Grepliagstadt, South Africa

(London Gazette - Notice is hereby given, that all creditors and other persons having any claims or demands upon or against the estate of Edward Bodle, formerly of No. 8, Saint Mary Axe, in the city of London, but late of No. 133, Whitechapel High Street in the county of Middlesex, and of Mapleton Lodge, Lewisham Hill, at Lewisham in the county of Kent, Provisions Merchant (who died ont he 26th day of February, 1880, and whose will was proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Cour of Justice on the 24th day of April 1880, by Mary Bodle, Penfold Page, and Thomas Mee, the executors thereof)...etc.

Oct 3, 1871 - EDWARD BODLE . I carry on business under the name of Warren & Co., of 3, St. Mary Axe. William Dearman was convicted of stealing bacon, butter and wooden tubs from Edward Bodle and another. (oldbaileyonline)


Edward John Bodle, born 1866 and died 1894 Mapleton Lodge, Lewisham


William Page Bodle, born 1868, buried 1902, son of Edward Bodle, died at Grepliagstadt, South Africa


Thomas Albert Bodle, died 1896 at Mapleton Lodge




Miss Pooley. Photograph by Maull & Polyblank, London - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

*the photo studio was founded in 1854 to c. 1866


Mrs Pooley. London School of Photography same as (Sophia/Olive Milliken) number 61231. Most likely to be Emily Milliken as next to T. Pooley in the album. Emily Milliken marries Thomas John Pooley at Holy Trinity Church Clapham 1865.

Children of William Milliken and Maria Margaret Young (born Portugal)
Frederick Williams Milliken born 1827 (married Anne Nicholls 1853)
Sophia Williams Milliken born 1828-1910
Alfred Williams Milliken born 1829-1867 (see photo below)
Augusta Milliken 1830-1904
Margaret Milliken 1832- (see photo below)
Emily Milliken 1833- Marries Thomas John Pooley
Olivia Fanny Milliken 1837-1917

Courtesy of Marion Gower


T. Pooley, likely Thomas John Pooley (or sometimes John Thomas) - courtesy of Marion Gower

Children of Thomas Pooley and Sarah Brightly
Matilda Pooley born 1839
Thomas John or John Thomas Pooley 1841- (married Emily Milliken)
Augusta (Marion Augusta) 1843 (*Medical News Nov. 30, 1878 - On November 26, at All Saints, Norfolk square, William Frazer, B.A., M.D. of Bournemouth, eldest son of W. Frazer, FRCSI of Dublin to Marion Augusta Pooley, daughter of the late T. Pooley, Esq. of Upwood)
Charles Edward Pooley 1845 (was a lawyer and political figure in British Columbia, Canada, arrived in 1862) married Elizabeth Fisher
Richard Pooley 1847
Anne Maria David (Maria Annie D. Pooley) 1848-1921 marries William Edward Drummond Milliken (a relative of the MIllikens)

*London Gazette February 8, 1867 - Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership between us the undersigned, William Aubury Yeats and Thomas John Pooley, in the trade or business of Bakers, carried on by us at No. 149 Lambeth walk, in the county of Surrey, under the firm of Yeats and Company, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. Witness our hands this 2nd day of February, 1867. William Aubury Yeats. Thomas John Pooley.


Alfred Williams Milliken born London 1829 and brother to Margaret below. He is in Wimbledon, near Clapham in 1866 and dies 1867, his occupation is Comptroller of GPO Savings Bank (Post office savings bank), died unmarried. F. Joubert, London photographer - courtesy of Marion Gower


Clapham photographer. Possibly Margaret Milliken born 1832 Kensington, her profession in 1861 is as a governess. She would be the sister to Alfred above. Courtesy of Marion Gower


Miss Milliken, by London School of photography, number 61007 not sure who this is, most likely Sophia Milliken or could be Olive Milliken. Courtesy of Marion Gower

1871 listed at 11 Church Buildings, Sophia Milliken age 43, Head school mistress, Olive F. Millikin is her sister, age 35 visitor.
Also Marion A. Pooley age 28 visitor and Maria A. D. Pooley age 23 as boarder, (Maria Pooley marries a Milliken).


Mrs Milliken, by Clapham Photographer so would think it was Maria Anne David Pooley, who married William Edward Drummond Milliken. William Edward Drummond Milliken marries Anne Maria David Pooley 19th September 1874 at Clapham. A witness is Thomas John Pooley. Courtesy of Marion Gower


Richard Pooley born 1847 Huntingdonshire - courtesy of Marion Gower


Alick this photo is on the same page as the Milliken people so may be their dog? Fradelle, London photographer. Courtesy of Marion Gower


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