Borough of Staplegate, Ward of Westgate


July 18th 1816 Burial of Mary TERRY of King Street age 58, Thomas Bennett, Rector (St. Alphage)


Orange Street to Borough (left from Orange Street)

No. 1

listed building

1838 James BLIGH, Plasterer, 1 King Street

Marriage, April 1862, at St. George's Hanover Sq., Edwin Henry Alger, esq., of Windsor, to Frances, youngest dau. of James Bligh, esq., of Canterbury. GM1862*

*1 King Street, Canterbury 1860's, James Bligh, age 65, Master Plasterer, employer, wife Mary, and children E?, Frances, son James and son Alfred. James is a widower in 1870's, still living on King Street.

*James Bligh, a master plasterer living at Canterbury, was another person who received money from Pout to bribe. For that purpose Pout gave him; a few days before the election, a 20l note of the Canterbury bank. Bligh changed this note at the bank, and gave the change to a voter named Marsh, who bribed a man named Bean with 4l, and a man named Sayer with 5l. Of the remaining 11l, Marsh kept 4l, under the pretense of "a trifle for himself for an outstanding debt," and 7l. he transmitted to one Ebenezer Masters, as the price for his vote, though Masters would not admit it was a bribe, but merely that it was "a gift for telling whom he was going to vote for." This man, Bligh was concerned in another act of bribery, which requires to be noticed, not only as affording a remarkable instance of the practice which we have reason to believe prevailed in Canterbury to a great extent, of what may not inappropriately be termed "sweating the bribe" on its way from the hands of the briber to those of the bribed, but also on account of the curious manner in which this change at the bank of the 20l. note given to him by Pout tended to implicate him in the fraudulent abstraction of the notes which will be afterwards mentioned. Bligh was in communication with a voter of the name of WHITE, who had a father and a brother also voters (the latter resided at Ashford, a town about 14 miles distant from Canterbury). He agreed with White for the purchase of the three votes for 15l. And advanced him a sovereign to fetch his brother from Ashford. After the three had voted, Bligh told him that he would find a parcel at his (Bligh's) house. White accordingly went to Bligh's house, and received a parcel containing fourteen sovereigns, which with the sovereign already advanced, made up the stipulated 15l. Bligh informed us that he told a Mr. WARD, who was and is the editor of a Conservative journal published in Canterbury that he had arranged with the Whites for the purchase of their votes and should want the necessary money, but had not stated the exact sum which he had agreed to pay for them. Mr. Ward on the other hand, declared that he gathered from what passed between Bligh and himself that a sum of 30l was required by Bligh to carry out his contract with the Whites. Ward had no funds at his own disposal for the purposes of bribery, but a Mr. White COLLARD, who was chairman of a district committee in the Tory interest had. Ward represented to Collard that 30l was wanted by Bligh to purchase the votes of the Whites. This was told by Ward to Collard in a small room (where the two were alone) adjoining the general committee room, and Collard thereupon placed that sum in notes, of which one was a 20l note of a Canterbury bank, in an envelope, in the presence of Ward. This envelope was stated by Collard to have been an adhesive one, but Ward declared that it was fastened with wax, and was sealed by Collard in his presence. Collard, having placed the 30l. in the envelope, left it, and Ward also, in the room while he went in to the adjoining committee room to fetch a man called Ashenden, a son-in-law of Ward's, who was to give it to Bligh; he was absent but a very few minutes, and sent Ashenden by Ward and he and Ward immediately quitted the room, and passing down the street, the envelope was dropped by Ashenden into Bligh's window. A little girl, a daughter of Bligh's was on the watch, and she immediately carried it to her father, who opened it in the presence of his wife, both of whom stated to us that the envelope was an adhesive one, and that it contained not 30l but 15l., and of course, therefore, no 20l note. We may here observe that Ward stated that Ashenden was never out of his sight from the time they quitted the committee room together to the time when he saw him drop the envelope into Bligh's window. The fact, however, of Bligh having about that time changed a 20l. note tended to strongly to corroborate the statement of Ward, and to fasten suspicion upon Bligh but the examination of the banker's clerk by whom the note was changed proved to demonstration that that note never came from Collard.....We are bound to add that very little doubt remains upon our minds as to the party into whose pocket the deference between the 30l. put into the envelope by Collard, and the 15l. found in the envelope by Bligh and his wife, had gone. PP 1852-53

1889 Henry LINK, Market Gardener

1917-18 William JACOBS, General Shop

The east side of King Street (middle section) in July 1954. Most of the old houses seen here were demolished in two phases from the early to mid 1960's. Note the third-floor jettied gables of one of the properties, typical of the late 17th century Canterbury vernacular style, once so common in the city.

Write-up and photo provided by Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/


No. 2

1832 Isaac NEWTON, Retailer of Beer

1838 Thomas MUTTON, listed under Cowkeeper and milkman, 2 King Street, Borough

1889 Henry WILSON, Tailor

1889 Jennings SOUTHEY, Fellmonger & Wool Stapler

1917 John Henry ATTENBOROUGH


No. 3

1889 Alfred DULY, Printer

1917 John HARVEY


No. 4

1838 (listed under Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Retired Persons) Mrs. Frances DAVIS, 4 King Street

1917 Frederick DELO


No. 5

1917 Arthur G. BAKER


No. 6

1838 Thomas SUTTON, listed under Builders and Carpenters, 6 King Street

John CAIRNS, Smith *

1889 Charles ROBINSON, Organ Builder

1917 Clifford KNELL


No. 7

Harriett OAKENFULL, Bill Poster, with son Richard GAMBRILL, Clerk *

1917 Charles William CLARK


No. 8

Monastery Cottage

Thomas WHITE, Baker *



No. 9

1865 Poll Book James BOREE, 9 King Street, Canterbury (qualification Parish of St. Mildred)

1889 J. H. Nixey, Staff Clerk

1917 W. J. PAYNE, Timber Merchant

1927 W. J. PAYNE, Electric Saw Mills, 9 King Street, Canterbury (phone book)


Blackfriars North




No 10


1917 T. J. GOWER


No. 11

1838 James KING, day (listed under Academies and Seminaries), 11 King Street

Samuel CALDWELL, retired (w) *

1900 John William TODD, a seaman of 11 King Street, Canterbury

1917 Henry BAKER


No. 12

William BRAMFLER, Painter ^

William TOTTMAN, Plasterer *



King Street Square


No. 13

Thomas SMITH, General & Coal Dealer ^

William E. MURREU, Printer, Photography (London) *

1889 Timothy HALLORAN - a Domestic Groom born in Ireland

Timothy HALLORAN, Stableman, Livery, Groom )

1917 Charles KENNETT


No. 14

In 1817 my family members John and Hannah TERRY were living on King Street. John was working as a Labourer.

1838 John TERRY, (Greengrocer Only), 14 King Street ...see also Donjon Fields for James TERRY

John BRIENT, Baker ^

Alfred William DULY, Printer *

1917 James E. WILLIAMS


No. 15

Thomas KELSON, Master Carpenter ^ _(Built some houses in Notley Street)

Charlotte HUGHES, Hawker )

George LUFF, Brewhouse Labourer *





The photograph above showing the junction of King Street (west side) and Mill Lane, mid 1960's. The site of no. 13 - 15 shows only the ground floor wall fragments remaining. Possibly demolished in the slum clearance of 1937 and 1938.

Photo courtesy of Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/


Mill Lane


No. 16

Jane NASH, Lodging house ^

George BROWN (Canterbury Election Commission) c. 1881

(Mr. Dicey) Where do you live? 16 King Street

What is your occupation? French Polisher and Cabinet Maker

Did you get anything at the last election? No, not at the last election.

You got something after the election? Yes.

How much? 10s.

Who from? Dobson

It was for your vote? I do not know; I did not promise my vote

You would not have got it if you had not voted? I do not know that, but I did not promise my vote at all

But you would have got it if you had not voted? No, I do not think so.

You got nothing in 1879? No.

George BROWN, French Polisher *

1889 George BROWN, French Polisher


1917 John SMITH


No. 17

1838 Joseph LUNNISS, Butcher, 17 King Street

Stephen BOURN, Hair Dresser %

William HOGBEN, Coachman ^

Edward FAIRBRASS, Milkman *

Albert WHITE, cook * (?)

1889 Edward FAIRBRASS, Milkman

Edward FAIRBRASS, Church Official (Parish Clerk) )

James HOGBEN, Butcher

1917 Frederick John FAIRBRASS


No. 18

1838 William SMITH, Boot and Shoe Maker, 18 King Street

1838 Mrs. Elizabeth GRACE, Miller (dressmaker), 18 King Street

1838 Mrs. Elizabeth GRACE, Stay and Corset Maker, 18 King Street

Henry WILSON, Tailor % ^

Black Prince's Chantry No. 18 - Henry LEACH, Rag Dealer * (?)

Ann HILGRAVE, Shopkeeper *

1889 Mrs. BISHOP

1917 George CLAYSON, China Rivetter


No. 19

1838 Miss Mary TERRY, Stay and Corset Maker, 19 King Street

1851 death of a Mary Ann Terry age 57 of King Street, buried at St. Alphage on May 25th

1889 Higham PRESS, tailor

1917 William DEVERSON, Tailor


No. 20

1838 Mrs. Amy POOLEY, Listed under Grocery Dealers, 20 King Street

50's - 60's Daniel TAPPENDEN, Tailor & Shopkeeper ^


1889 - 1900's Mrs. Esther SKINNER, "FARRIER'S ARMS"

1917 J. E. KENNEDY


Jewish Synagogue






No. 21

George HINTON, Journeyman Tailor & John English, Journeyman Carpenter ^

James BLIGH, Plasterer, with wife Jane and 9 children * (no address listed)

1889 James BLIGH, Bricklayer & Plasterer

James BLIGH, Builder, his son Henry is a Plumber

1903 James BLIGH, Plasterer

1917-18 James BLIGH, Builder



1917 G. R. JACKSON Ltd. Marine Stores

G. R. JACKSON (ltd.) General Merchants; E. A. Short, Manager (tele. 114) *see also Knott's lane


No. 22


Black Princes Chantry - No. 22 John J. L. ADMAN, retired builder *

1889 John James Lepine ADAMS

Susanna GREEN, Rug Merchant )

1917-18 E. A. SHORT


A view of the Black Princes Chantry (No. 22), with Jackson's Yard in the background. Knott's lane is to the right and King street is front and center (No. 20 and 21). You can see the Jewish Synagogue on the bottom left hand side.




Looking up King Street towards "The Friars, Best Lane and Orange Street"


No. 23

1838 Edward COOK, Chimney Sweep, 23 King Street

1838 Edward COOK, Listed under Coal Merchant and Dealers, 23 King Street

Robert HAYES, Master Chimney Sweep ^


Thomas WELLARD, Victualler

1917 Richard BRADFORD


No. 24

Philip CLIGG, Master Baker ^

1889 Mrs. Mary POWELL, second hand clothing dealer

1917 Mrs. SIMPSON, Wardrobe Dealer


No. 25


Stephen WILL, Victualler ^

1889 Mrs. Mary POWELL, second hand clothing dealer

1917 Mrs. SIMPSON, Wardrobe Dealer


No. 26

1889 Edward MOODY, Grocer

Alfred GREENSTREET, Grocer (

1917 Alfred GREENSTREET, General Shop


No. 27

1838 PRINCE OF WALES, John GRIST, 27 King Street

1838 LITTLE ROSE, James BLISSETT, King Street, Staplegate (?)

Showing the Little Rose Inn on the right

1889 Thomas Wm. JOHNSON, Little Rose Inn



Left From Borough (here is Cobden Place, Staplegate Place and the Borough)


No. 28

1838 Mrs. Charles NORLEY, Miller, 28 King Street

William SOLLY ^

1889 William COLLEY, Bootmaker

William H. COLLEY, Caretaker of the Museum )

Anthony CARREE, Shoe Maker *

1917 William Henry COLLEY


No. 29

1838 Richard FILMER, Smith, 29 King Street

James BEAN, Agricultural Labourer ^

Benjamin GAFFEE, Cordwainer *

1889 H. T. ADSLEY, Sweet shop

1917 Mrs. E. BLISSETT


No. 30

1838 Policeman, Thomas ADDIS, 30 King Street

Thomas DOBSON, Baker *

1889 - c.1903 Thomas DOBSON, Baker

1917 William MORRIS, Baker


No. 31

George MAXTED, Postman * (?)

1881 JOHN TERRY, (Slept out) No 31 King Street

1889 John PARRY, currier

1917 Harry HAZELDEN


No. 32

1889 Alfred GREENSTREET, Milk Seller

William DEVERSON, Labourer )

John CHRISTIAN, Bricklayer *

1889 Alfred GREENSTREET, Milk Seller

1917 John KIRBY


No. 33

1889 John William PARRY, Leather Cutter

Frank BLIGH, Plumber )


Emma COGGER (Kate BLIGH is her Neice) *

1889 John William PARRY, leather cutter

1917 Alfred SOUTON


Highbury Cottages

No. 34

1838 Mrs. Rebecca HOMERSHAM, Grocery Dealer, 34 King Street

Charles VILE, Tailor *

1889 William BROMLEY, labourer

1917 Edward William BAKER


No. 35

1838 EIGHT BELLS, Michael ELLEN, 35 King Street

Emily BARKER *

1889 Edmund PHILPOT

1917 Mrs. MARSH


No. 36

no one listed *

1889 Mrs. HAMMOND

1917 Stanley COLLARD


No. 37

James AUSTIN, Tanners Labourer )

Robert WIDDOWS *

1889 vacant

1917 John FORD


No. 38

1838 Thomas STACE, Boot and Shoe Maker, 38 King Street

Henry GOODHEW, Milk Carrier )

Augusta CHILD *

1889 Frederick GREEN, labourer

1917 Mrs. MAY


No. 39

Sarah HOPPER *

1889 James PARRY, carter

1917 W. P. JORDAN


No. 40

1889 J. MILLS, Stone Mason

Henry HORTON, Labourer )

1917 William LOVELAND


No. 41

1838 Henry WEST, Mealman, 41 King Street

Henry WEST, Baker, wife Mary $

Sarah ADMANS *

1889 William GOMM, Tailer

1917 Mrs. MOON


No. 42

William DEVERSON, Labourer *

1889 William DEVERSON, labourer

1917 Mrs. HADLOW


No. 43

Oct 1883 John BURTON, 43 King Street, Labourer


1893 Jane GRANT (death of a child aged 4, Eight Bells Inn)

Stephen CASTLE, Brewer's Labourer )

EIGHT BELLS, William DITTON, Victualler *



No. 44

1889 Edward MILES, Grocer

William H. SCROSCTON, Grocer )

George E. SMALL, Grocer *

1917 William VASS


No. 45

1889 Edward MILES, Grocer

William H. SCROSCTON, Grocer )

Henry BARBER, Tanner *

1917 George H. HADLOW


No. 46

1889 Frank HILLS, Gardener & Shopkeeper

John D. FORD, Green Grocer )

Thomas MASON, General Dealer *

1917 George FORD, Green Grocer


No. 47


Harry GIBSON *

1889 Thomas MASON, general dealer


No. 48


1889 Stephen KNOTT, painter


No. 49

William MARTIN, Brewers Servant *



No. 50

1889 Henry ASHBY


No. 51

1889 T. Robinson, "PRINCE OF WALES INN"

Pub, Oliver B. GOODSHEW )

PRINCE OF WALES, Thomas JOHNSON, Victualler *



Brent's Cottages *

here is St. Alphage Lane


Looking from The Friars down King Street towards St. Alphage Lane on the right in the far distance


No. 52

1889 empty

Reuben C. HOLLAND, Fish Hawker )

1903 William Thomas BROWN, Fishmonger

1917 Geroge EASTON, Bootmaker


What No. 53-57 King Street (The Cloisters) now look like


No. 53

1889 vacant

1917 nothing listed

*purchase of property 53 King Street by the city


No. 54

1889 Vacant

Stephen OAKENFULL, Bill Poster & Town Crier )

1917 Henry BRADFORD


No. 55

1889 George GAMBRELL, Tailor

1917 William CULLEN


No. 56

1889 William CULLEN, Greengrocer

1917 William T. CORNFORD, General Shop

56 King Street (The Woollen Drapers and Tailors Co)


No. 57

1889 Mrs. Sarah Ann GRACE, Stay & Corset Maker

Esther POTTS, Sick Nurse )

1917 Frederick DAVISON, Tailor


No. 58

1889 Thomas NEEVES, Labourer

Catherine M. DALRYMPLE (w) )




George GAMBIER, bricklayer

Edward HARNETT, baker

Thomas and Joshua LEEMING, attornies

John PALMER, instrument tuner and repairer

Jacob PARSLEY, baker

Henry PIDDOCK, cabinet maker and japanner

Joseph POTTER, builder


2 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in King Street, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. AMJ

"Death - In King Street, Canterbury, aged 98, Mrs. Anna Maria LEFEVRE. She has lived in the reigns of four Kings of England, and been subjected to various diversities of fortune." The Gentlemen's Magazine 1820 & the Annual Register 1820

1823 Marriage Mr. J. DOLBY, of Margate to Mrs. E. HAMBROOK, of King's Street, Canterbury. MM1823

Osmond SNOULTEN, Fellmonger, King Street, Canterbury *noted in the List of Freemen 1830

1830 Mr. Homersham, King Street Canterbury, subscriber to England's Topographer


1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Jenning U. Southee, listed under Fellmongers


1838 William COPPINS, Brawn manufacturer, King Street

1838 William COPPINS, Bricklayer, King Street

1838 Michael WRAKE, King Street

1838 Mrs. Ann WHITE, listed under Lodging House Keeper, King Street

1838 CROWN AND ANCHOR, Joseph ADMANS, King Street

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