Christenings St. Alphege

  1. 1590 Stephen born to a George Marable
  2. 1592 May 21. John, s. of George Marrable
  3. 1594 we have a William to a George Marrable, Mason
  4. 1596 June 1. John, s. of George Marrable, mason
    1598 a Catheren to the same George Marable, Mason (both spellings of Marable/Marrable used)
    1600 Peter, son of George Marrable
    1601 Mathew, son of Georg(e) Marables (spelt this way).
    1603 Marie, d. of George Marable
    1605 Valantyene, s. of Gorge Marable, masun
    1610 Elizabethe, d. of George Marable
    1611 William, s. of George Marrable
    1627 Priscilla, d. of John Marable the younger
    1631 George, s. of Valentyne Marable (apparently went to the States (V.A.) according to information on line)
    1634 James s. of Valentyne Marable
    1635 John s. of John Marable and Prisila his wife
    1637 Daniell, s. of Valentine Marrable and Ruth his wife
    1639 Thomas s. of William Marrable and Auis his wife

Burials at St. Alphege

1599 July 16 - William, s. of George Marable
1602 July 13 - Mathewe, s. of George Marables
1603 May 23 - Peter s. of George Marable
1628 Oct 23 - George Marable
1633 Mar 5 - Rachell, d. of John Marable (sic) of All Stes. (All Saints)
1639 Mar 11 - Thomas s. of William Marrable
1663 Jan 29 - Old…..Marable
1665 Mar 15 - Anne, wife of James Marrable
1672 May 21 - Pridcilla Marable, widow
1673 May 7 - James, s. of Valentine and Elizabeth Marable
1676 Aug 13 - Mary, d. of James and Mary Marable
1680 Sept 21 - James Marable


Married at St. Alphege

Marriage 1626 Oct 30. John Marable, Junior, and Priscilla Halsowde both of this parishe

Marriage 1630 April 10. Valantyne Marable of this parishe of St. Alphege and Ruthe Mounte of the parishe of St. Andrew

Marriage 1639 May 6. William Marrable and Avis Kinsey (no other information)

St. George's, Canterbury
Marriage. November 17, 1650 - Richard Marable & Mildred Miria

St. Peter's Canterbury
1613 - A Richard Marable noted as churchwarden
1612 Feb 25 George Marable, s. of Richard Marable
1615 April 6 Sara Marable, d. of Richard Marable
1617 Aug 14 Siluester Marable, s. of Richard Marable
1619 Aug 8 Elizabeth Marable, d. of Richard Marable
1764 Aug 12 Valentine, s. of Valentine & Mary Marable
1678 Mar. 16 George Coneere and Hester Marable
1612 April 8 Stephen Marable, so. of Richard Marable
1618 Aug 16 Sara Marable, d. of Richard Marable

*A Richard Marable of the city of Canterbury, brazier (bond)- noted in a entry for Marriage Licences for Matthew Legerton (Aug 1, 1631)

The Roll of the freemen of the city of Canterbury
John Sawkins, victualler married Thomasine, d. of Richard Marrable, brazier 1647
Thomas Marrable, bricklayer, app. to his father, Richard Marrable. 1677
Paul Wiggens, bricklayer, app. to James Marrable. 1674

Obituary, March 19th - Sir Thomas Marrable. At his official residence in St. James's Palace, aged 63, Sir Thomas Marrable, Knt. Secretary of the Board of Green Cloth. He was the second son of Mr. John Marrable, a bookseller and wine merchant in Canterbury, and was formerly in the privy purse and private secretary's department under the patronage of Sir John McMahon, private secretary and keeper of the privy purse to the Prince Regent. Sir John at his death in 1817, not only bequeathed to him as "a dear and esteemed friend" the sum of 2000£, but added the following words - "And, with my last prayers for the glory and happiness of the best-hearted man in the world, the Prince Regent, I bequeath him the said Thomas Marrable as an invaluable servant.... He married, in 1817, the daughter of William Breach, esq. of Sloane street" (received his knighthood in 1840 after thirty-four years service at the court.) The Gentlemen's Magazine 1850

Another firm of repute was that of William and John Flacton. They were the sons of John Flacton, bricklyer, and took up their freedom by "birth," that is as the sons of a freeman, William in 1730 and John in 1738. Their place of business was in the parish of St. Alphege. Seymour's Survey of Kent, printed in 1776, was published by them. They were also publishers of music, William Flacton being an amateur musician and composer of considerable ability. At one time he was organist of Faversham and in 1742 wrote a musical setting to Somervile's The Chace. The firm also held book auctions from time to time. Before the close of the century the firm consisted of the Flactons, James Claris and John Marrable. The date of John Flacton's death is unknown but William died in January 1798, aged 88, and was buried in St. Dunstan's churchyard on January 12th.

In 1812 John Marrable**, bookseller and wine merchant, an interesting survival of the old alliance between wine and books, who had dissolved partnership with John Claris in 1804, was succeeded by his son-in-law, William Flood*, who set up as a printer in Mercery Lane and announced his intention of issuing a Sunday morning paper, but whether he ever did so is unknown.

**this implies that John is still alive. In fact he died in 1798. His wife Mary Ann seems to have kept things going with James Claris until 1804 when they dissolved the partnership and she transferred the lease of the shop to Claris.

*Marriage of a Mary Ann Marrable December 25, 1810 to William Henry Flood at St. Andrews

There is a reference to a John Marrable who was apprenticed to William Flackton - a bookseller and wine merchant in the eighteenth century. His son became Sir Thomas Smith Marrable who died in 1850.

*John Marrable bookbinder and stationer - freeman of the City of Canterbury 1774 (apprenticed to William Flackton)

We are looking for John Marrable's parents.

John married Mary Ann Gore in 1781 when he was about 28 which means he was born about 1753 - however we can find no matching Marrable marriages or births around this time. It is believed his grandparents may have been a John and Christian Marrable who had a son John Read Marrable in 1726.

1781, Jan 16 - the marriage at St. Alphage of John Marrable and Maryann Gore (by Licence), with witnesses, John Reader, Israel Gore, William Garner, John Gore

There was a George and Mary Marrable christening children around (1750's) at St. Alphage but I don't see a son John.



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