3rd (East Kent) Regiment of Foot (or The Buffs)



1st Battalion in Seetapore, Bengal

2nd Battalion in Dover

1st Battalion embarked for Calcutta, 24 July 1866 Depot, attached to 2nd Batt.

2nd Batt. returned from Barbadoes, 26 June 1866


Col. Hon. Sir James Lindsay, KCMG


Lieut- Col

Charles Knight Person *

Colonel Pearson served as Adjutant of the 31st Regt. in the Crimea from 3rd Sept. 1855, including the siege and fall of Sebastopol and attack of the 8th Sept. (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal)

Talbot Ashley Cox *

Lt. Colonel T.A. Cox served with the Buffs in the Crimea from the 1st May 1855 including the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and was wounded at the assault of the Redan on the 8th Sept. (Medal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjldic, and Turkish Medal.)


Francis Morley

Mark Walker

Henry Parnell

Walter Augustus Daubeny *

Major Daubeny and Captains F. T. Jones, Hobson and Halahan served the campaign of 1860 in China (Medal with Claps for the Taku Forts)


Clifford Parsons

Francis Eteson

William Ker

John Blaksley

Felix Thomas Jones *

Shapland Grave

Frederick Taylor Hobson *

Henry Thomas Halahan *

Charles James Hamilton

Walter Carr Mackinnon DAAG for Musketry, Peskaeur, Bengal

William Henry Irvine

James Edward Forster

Jos. Jas. Boardman Haydock

William Frederick Kerr

John Francis Whitworth

Edward Girdlestone Graham

Henry Drinkrow Harrison

Edward Charlton Dickson

Francis Wiliam Kane

Charles Edward Reeves

Stewart John Dyer


Thomas Wm. Carpenter

Arthur William Hill Gelston. Inst. of Musketry 15 Oc. 69

Herbert Stoddard Neild

George Agar Alexander

George Robert Taylor

Edward John Lynch, Adjutant 5 Jan. 70

Waldron Edward Roper Kelly

Goerge Ernest Harley, Inst. of Musketry 15 May 67

Arthur Alfred Barnard

George Sydney Carr

Ethelred St. Barbe Sladen

Ricahrd Coropton Maul

Alexander Iunes

Arhtur Trevor Leslie

Robert Albert Hickson

William Henry Wyld

Thomas Edward Spencer

Henry Wallick Maclear

Arthur Charles Jackson

Henry FitzGerald Stevens

William Conquest Howarth

Edwards Werge Howey

George Albert Colvill adjutant, 28 Oct. 71

Albert Edwrd Ommanney

Lionel Thomas Speas

Reginald Edward Guise

Michael King Martin

William Wyndham Harris

Frederick Armstron Coles

Edmund Palmer

Aubrey De Vere Alaxander

Richard Richards Breffney Ternan

Thomas Edw. Kerr Addison

Sub - Lieutenants

Robert Walcott McGillivray Martin

Julius Batt Backhouse

Henry Edward Montague Dorington Clotworthy Upton


John James Bailey

James Wray

Quarter Masters

George Pittendrigh

Alfred Berry


John Lyster Jameson

William Collis

Asst. Surgeons

James Ferguson

Edmond Townsend, MD

Henry Walker


Motto "Veteri Frondescit Honore"....."With its Ancient Honour it is Evergreen"

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