The postcard was sent from Canterbury on Sept 13, 1907 to Bruxelles. To Mrs. Sandiford, Hotel de Luimivers ?, 48 Rue Neuve, Brussells, Belgium

P.C. just come Midge was writing hers at the time hence the double Dutch written on it. Shall be pleased to see you on Sunday thanks for card. With love A.S.

with the postcard came a piece of paper with the following information:

Mr S. Newns sitting on ground

1. Mr Pettit (Bird Pettit) *

2. Ada Sanderson +

Back Row

2 Ada Wilson *****

3 Mr. Sharp H/M Langton *Head Master of the Simon Langton School (1908-1925) John Henry Sharp

4 ?

5 Connie Jennings ***

6 Elsie Pettit **

7 Maud Crow ****


WTHBH, Sat, July 9th, 1904 Lawn Tennis - On Thursday in last week on the Canterbury Road Ground a match was played between the Whitstable Lawn Tennis Club and Canterbury Montrose Tennis Club, who came over in brakes. The match resulted in a win for Whitstable by ten events to one. Tea was parken of on the ground and the proceedings concluded with an open air concert to which several of the visitors contributed songs, recitations, etc. The weather was delightfully fine and a most enjoyable time was spent. The next match on the Canterbury Road Ground is tomorrow (Saturday) when Whitstable play the Rev. J. Beeby's team from Faversham.

WTHBH Aug 4, 1906 - Lawn Tennis - A very pleasant afternoon was enjoyed by the Chums Tennis Party of Whitstable, on the occasion of their going over to Canterbury to play the return match against the Montrose Club. After an enjoyable drive through the woods the Chums arrived at the St. Lawrence Ground about 4 o'clock. The visiting team was very successful, and managed to defeat the Canterbury team by five events to two. The following were the events played - Two ladies doubles, two gents doubles, and three mixed doubles.


Mr. John Henry Sharp, was at the school for more than 17 years and was appointed to succeed Mr. Mann

* Cornelius Bird Pettit (b. 1867 Canterbury), is a Tobacconist in St. George's Street, he is the son of Samuel B. Pettit and the brother of Elsie Pettit. Cornelius has daughter's Dora and Stella.

** Elsie Pettit is the daughter of Samuel B. Pettit, Tobacconist of St. George's Gate - Elsie Myra Pettit born 1889 Canterbury

*** Could be Annie Constance Jennings - I could see Constance being shortened to Connie - b. 1886 Canterbury, Annie is the daughter of John A. Jennings, Printer of Hawk's Lane, her mother's name was Annie. She had siblings, Arthur Cyril, Stanley Herbert, Douglas Cecil, Dora Kathleen, Gerald Clarence Jennings

**** There was a Hilda Maud Crow born in Canterbury in 1883 - She was the daughter of John and Sarah Crow, Woodbine Villa, Nunnery Fields. John Crow was a Cutler

***** 35 Nunnery Fields a Margaret Alice Wilson, daughter of James Vidgen and Jane Wilson

or a Gertrude Margaret A Wilson b. 1888 Canterbury

There was a birth of an Ada Mary Wilson in Canterbury in 1903 but she would only be 4 years old

There was a Constance Ida Wilson b. 1891

+ There was a Kate Caroline Sanderson born in St. Luke, Middlesex, London in 1860 who was living at 42 Nunnery Fields, possibly Ada is a relation to her

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