Established 1717

The Kentish Gazette - March 11, 1780, Simmons and Kirkby

September 1789, Printed by Simmons and Kirkby, Canterbury

Mr. John Bexley was a carrier working for the Kentish Gazette in the late 1700's*

April 17th, 1803 at Canterbury, in his 69th year, after a painful and lingering illness, Mr. Henry Kirkby, printer and one of the Proprietors of the Kentish Gazette. The Gentlemens Magazine.

The Orthodox churchmans magazine - On Sunday died, at his house in St. George's Fields, Canterbury, in the 69th year of his age, Mr. Henry Kirkby, printer and one of the proprietors of the Kentish Gazette

1824 - Tuesday & Friday, Rouse, Kirkby and Lawrence, St. George's Street

1840 - Robert Smithson, 10 St. George Street - Tuesdays

Death of April 9th, 1851, at Canterbury, aged 82, Robert Smithson, Esq. proprietor of the "Kentish Gazette." He was a descendant of the Yorkshire family of Smithson, of which Sir Hugh Smithson was created first Duke of Northumberland. He was formerly a joint proprietor of the Northampton Mercury, and was for many years and alderman of that town, and Mayor in 1819-20. The Gentlemen's Magazine Jan - June 1851

1858 published every Tuesday by Henry Ward, High Street

1861 31 High Street, Mrs. Jane Ward (widow), Proprietor of the Kentish Gazette, employing 9 men and 7 boys.

1871 Mrs. Jane Ward, Printer and Newspaper Proprietor, employing 4 men and 8 boys. Living at 31 High Street.

1881 Ms. Mary Ann Ward, age 50, Newspaper Proprietor *she took over from her mother Jane Ward.

1882 Directory KENTISH GAZETTE Misses Mary Ann, Catherine & Lucy Harvey Ward, Proprietors & Publishers, published Tuesdays

1889 - Printer & Publisher, E.B. Goulden, 39 St. George's Street. Tuesday and Friday. Price 1d.

The Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press - January 26, 1895

The Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press - December 26, 1896

1903 - Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, 39 St. George's Street; E.B. Goulden & Co. proprietors & publishers; published Friday afternoon.

1907 - July 20th, E. B. Goulden & Co., "Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press" Office, 39 St. George's Canterbury. Printing of every description in the best style of workmanship, and at Moderate Charges.

*The Paper likely took on other printing jobs as well, as I have a little booklet about St. Margaret's Church that was printed by them (see logo below)

The Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press - December 30, 1905

The Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press - July 20, 1907

The Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press - August 2, 1913

1913 The Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press - Friday, P.D. Eastes and Co. Limited, 39 St. George's Street

The Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press - June 18, 1914

*A sponsor of the "Big Dig" in Canterbury

1903 AD, directory

The Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press.




The "Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press" is the oldest newspaper in Kent, h as a larger circulation than any other Kentish newspaper published eastward of Ashford, and its sale is at least ten times that of any other journal printed and published in Canterbury. It is the best medium in the County for official auction, and general advertisements.


Advertisements should be forwarded as early in the week as possible, and arrive not later than first post on Friday mornings.


Central Office: 39, St. George's Street, CANTERBURY.

1917 AD



The "Kentish Gazette" (Established 1717) is one of the

original County Newspapers of Kent, and still takes leading

position over a wide area. Its circulation is MUCH LARGER THAN

THE COMBINED SALES of all the other journals issued from the

Canterbury centre. Best medium for official, auction and general


"SALE & WANT" ADVERTISEMENTS are inserted at the following reduced

rates for prepayment: Not more than 12 words, 6d; from 13 to 18 words, 9d; 19 to 24

words, 1l; one half-penny per word subsequently. Three inserstions are charged as Two.

P.D. EASTES & CO., Ltd., Proprietors and Publishers




1841 finds Robert age 70, and Mary age 61, with daughter Hannah age 35 living on St. George's Place in Canterbury. Robert is noted as Newspaper Proprietor.

In 1851 Robert Smithson was living with his daughter Hannah M. Smithson (age 44) at 31 St. George's Place in Canterbury. He is now age 82 and noted as Newspaper Proprietor. Robert was born in Thornton, Yorkshire and daughter Hannah M. Smithson was born in London.

Death of April 9th, 1851, at Canterbury, aged 82, Robert Smithson, Esq.

Was a death of a Hannah Marshall Smithson in 1852 in Canterbury.


1840's finds the family living on Mercery Lane, Henry Ward (39) is a Bookseller (not born in county), with wife Jane (37), and eight children, Elizabeth, Sarah, Henry (12), Mary, Rosa, Catherine, Lucy and Richard. Henry had two apprentices working for him, Stephen Golder, age 19, and William Chadd age 16, as well the family is employing two domestic servants, Sarah and Ann.

Death of a Richard Ward in 1846 in Canterbury.

In 1850's Henry & Jane Ward are living at 8 Mercery Lane. Henry Ward is noted as a Printer, their children still at home are are daughters Elizabeth (25), Sarah (24), Maryanne (20), Rose (18), Catherine (14), Lucy (13) son Frank (8), and Emily (7). Henry has an Apprentice Printer James Farley? who is 20 born Blackfriars, as well as a house servant.

1851 Sarah Caroline Ward marries Frank Masters in Canterbury.

Henry Ward passes away in 1857 in Canterbury.

In 1861 Jane is living at 31 High Street, and is the Proprietor of the Kentish Gazette, employing 9 men and 7 boys. Living with her are daughters Mary A., Catherine, Lucy H., and Emily and a domestic servant Martha.

Death of a Henry Alfred Ward, 1864 in Canterbury.

Frank Ward marries Mary Ann Graham in 1869 in Stow, Suffolk.

Son Frank is married and living with his wife Mary and baby daughter Annie (6 months) in Stowmarket, Suffolk in 1871, he is working as a Drapers Manager.

In 1871 Jane Ward, who is now 68, is living with daugthers Mary Ann, Catherine, Lucy H. and Emily all unmarried at 31 High Street. She is a widow, as well as a Printer and Newspaper Proprietor, employing 4 men and 8 boys. She was born in Eythorne, Kent. Her grandchildren Adela Masters and Duncan L. Lawes are staying with her and she is employing one domestic servant, a Ms. Mary Browning.

Jane Ward passes away in 1877 in Canterbury and her daughters take over the running of the newspaper.

1881 Mary Ann Ward, head, unmarried, age 50, Newspaper Proprietor born Canterbury

In 1881, Frank is an Outfitter-Clothier in Stowmarket, and has 6 children, Annie Jane, Henry Duncan, Laurie Adela, Frank Graham, Percy Ernest and Harold Edmund. The family is also employing two servants, a domestic, and a nurse (domestic).

In 1891, Mary Ann Ward is now 60 years of age and living at 10 Wincheap Street in St. Mildred, Canterbury with her two sisters, Catherine and Lucy who are all living on their own means. (likely still from the sale of the newspaper)

Mary Ann Ward passes away at age 68 in 1899 in Canterbury.

Lucy Harvey Ward passes away at age 62 in 1900 in Canterbury.

In 1901, Catherine is the head of the household, now age 67 and living on her own means at 81 Old Dover Road with neice Rose Stanner? born Middlesex, London, and a domestic servant, her brother Frank Ward, General Outfitter and wife Mary are with her at this time.


*There is a book "Illustrative Views of the Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Canterbury Exhibiting the Most Interesting Points of its Architecture and Antiquities in Nineteen Highly-Finished Line Engravings" Publisher - HENRY WARD, date 1836

*from John Bexley, Fifty-four years the Canterbury News Carrier. published July 1st, 1788


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