1840 - William Mudford, 45 St. George's Street - Thursdays

1858 - Published every Thursday by Amelia Mudford, St. George's Street

1871 - Frederick Mudford, Newspaper Editor & Proprietor

1881 - Frederic Mudford, Newspaper Proprietor, employing 6 men and 8? boys, 52 St. George's Street

1889 - Proprietor and Publisher, Fred Mudford, 49 St. George's Street. Thursday. Price 3d.

Kentish Observer - September 15, 1894

1903 - Kentish Observer & Surrey & Sussex Chronicle, 49 St. George's street; Charles Tilleard Mudford, proprietor & Edward Henry Elvy, publisher; published thursday & saturday.

Kentish Observer & Canterbury Chronicle - June 18, 1914

The Penny Sunday Reader, edited by Rev. I.E. Molesworth, Published by The Kentish Observer, Canterbury, 1835 (Hardcover)

The Penny Sunday Reader Vol III & Vol. IV, edited by Rev. I.E. Molesworth, Published by The Kentish Observer, Canterbury, 1836 (Hardcover)

The Penny Sunday Reader Vol V, edited by Rev. I.E. Molesworth, Published by The Kentish Observer, Canterbury, 1837 (Hardcover)


1917 Directory Ad


"Kentish Observer."



Published every Thursday Morning. Price One Penny.




Proprietor - - E. H. ELVY.


Circulating largely among the best classes of the

Community in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, The Kentish

Observer is undeniably a superior medium for Auction,

Legal and Official Announcements.

Cheap Prepaid Advertisements are inserted in

The Kentish Observer, The Faversham Mercury, and

The Whitstable Times for the one payment.




The Kentish Observer is supplied regularly to the

principal hotels and reading rooms in all the chief towns

in Kent, which is obviously a great advantage to


The Kentish Observer is on Sale every Thursday

morning at Messrs. Everett and Sons, Poppin's Court,

Fleet Street, London, E.C., and at the railway bookstalls.

___________________________Tele. 46 Canterbury


In 1841 William Mudford was 55 and noted as a News Proprietor. His family consisted of Amelia (35), Julia (12) Frederick (9), Amelia (8) born in Kent, Rosa (6), William (3), Katherine (2), with two servants, living in St. Dunstans, Canterbury

Deaths March 1848 (from the Annual Register 1848), In Harrington-square, Hampstead road, William Mudford, esq. Mr. Mudford was born January 8, 1782, in London. In 1800 he acted as assistant secretary to H.R.H. the Duke of Kent, and in 1802 he accompanied his Royal Highness to Gibraltar. On his return in the following year he entered upon his career of literary labour, and produced many volumes of memoirs, translations, and novels. He was appointed editor of the Courier, which he conducted with consummate ability during a most trying period of our history. For the last fifteen years he conducted The Kentish Observer and the Canterbury Journal, and latterly was the editor of the John Bull, which he conducted with distinguished ability and success.

1871 - Frederick (39) and wife Evelyn (29), son William (4), daughters Grace and Millicent. Thomas Farman, brother in law, married age 26, Gentleman, with wife Sophia, & three servants.

1881 - Frederick, wife Eveyln and 8 children, William, Grace, Millicent, Charles, Frederick, Beatrice, Amy and Evelyn. Employing 4 servants, cook, nurse, housemaid and under-nurse.

*moved to London c. 1888/89

In 1891 the family was at 28 Ladbroke Square in Kensington London, Frederick is noted as Newspaper Proprietor. Evelyn is not there. William age 24 is a Journalist Author, Grace is noted as Private Secretary, Frederick (18), Beatrice (16) Amy (14) Eveyln (10), Haseltine? son age 3? born Kensington, London. He is also employing two housemaids and a cook.

Evelyn Mudford and daughter Millicent are visiting her father William Clements, widower age 90, living at 10 St. Margaret Street in Canterbury. He is living on his own means, and employing two servants, a housekeeper and a domestic.

1892 - Frederick W.J. Mudford passed away at age 60 in Kensington London.

1901 - 28 Ladbroke Square, Kensington Town, Kensington London, Evelyn E. Mudford, head, widow age 59, living on own means. Living with her are her children, William who is a Journalist (Author), Millicent single age 31, Frederic age 28 a licenced tutor, Beatrice age 26 single, Amy age 24 single, Eveline age 20 single, Walter age 13 scholar. She is employing a cook and a housemaid.

William Heseltine Mudford, Editor of "The Standard" 1876-1900 died at age 77 in 1916 at Wimbledon Common.


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