Westgate without

North Lane Flooding c. 1909

In consequence of the rapid melting of the snow, which commenced on Monday evening, a great number of houses in Canterbury were overflowed, and the furniture in many materially damaged. The thaw continuing all Tuesday, and the greatest part of Wednesday, occasioned the river Stour to spread its waters to a greater depth and extent than at any time since the year 1776, over all the adjoining low lands from Ashford to Sandwich haven. At noon on Wednesday, the flood increased so rapidly, that many houses in Stour Street, Beer cart lane, Lamb lane, Bests Lane, St. Radegund's bath, Pound Lane, part of St. Peter's, Cocklane, St. Dunstan's, and North Lane, had their ground floors laid under water, those nearest the river several feet deep. The inhabitants were obliged to betake themselves to their chambers for safety, and some families to leave their habitations. In the afternoon it again began to freeze, which probably in some measure checked the supplies of the torrent, and lessened its rapidity; and between ten and eleven at night the waters were perceived to subside, and in the morning marked their progress, by leaving the streets covered with broad and broken sheets of ice. TSMFeb1795

Nov 1810 - At Canterbury, the heavy rains which fell during the latter part of the last week have inundated the vale of the Stour, both above and below that city, and the water has risen in its vicinity to the ground floors of many of the houses adjoining the banks in Northlane, St. Peter's Lane, &c. Below Canterbury the valley to Starr had the appearance of a lake, and the adjacent levels of St. Nicholas, Minster, and Monkton, were so completely inundated as to give the idea of an estuary, and reduce Thanet literally to an island. The waters have since subsided. GM1810

The view looking down North Lane from the corner of St. Dunstan's Street 2011

A view of Pound Lane on the right and North Lane on the left from West Gate Towers (my collection)


Death August 12, 1809 - At his Fathers in North Lane, aged 22, Mr. James Claris, late assistant to Mr. J. Saffery, bookseller of Canterbury. GM1809


March 8th, 1815 - An attempt was made to excite a riot at Canterbury, on acount of the corn bill. A number of the lower orders paraded the effigy of a noble earl through the principal streets of the city; and in the evening, having returned to the front of the Guildhall, consigned it to the flames, amidst hootings, hisses, and groans. They then proceeded to acts of violence, by breaking the windows of John Baker, Esq. one of the members of parliament for the city, at St. Stephen's; and of Mr. D. J. Parker, at the end of North Lane. The disturbances, however, were speedily quelled, and next day, John Jarman, one of the rioters, was committed to gaol, together with his brother Thomas Jarman, who had attempted as rescue. TEAR1815


Partnerships Disolved - Gazette June 18 - William Thomas MACKNEY and George BURMAN, North lane, Westgate Without, Canterbury, Ironfounders & Millwrights, June 8th, 1830


Three cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in North Lane, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq.

15 cases were fatal - two in North Lane (Westgate) Male 5 year old, death June 6th & Female 3 months died June 7th. Nature of District - Unhealthy AMJ


A view of Canterbury Cathedral from North Lane with a great view of Abbots Mill on the left. My thanks go out to Len Parrick for the loan of this postcard for the site


1823 - Deaths, In North Lane, 90, Mrs. H. Couchman. MM1823


1825 - lxxxviii, An Act for more effectually repairing the roads leading from Saint Dunstan's Cross to North Lane near to the city of Canterbury, and to the sea side at Whitstable in the county of Kent, and for widening and improving the road from North Lane aforesaid, over west gate bridge, to the west gate of the said city, and for making a foot bridge on each side of the said bridge and gate into the said city. AR1824


1830 Poll of the Electors for members of parliament to represent the city of Canterbury

William James, Labourer, North Lane, Canterbury

Peter Delo, Junior, Labourer, North Lane

Richard Peters, Labourer, North Lane

Isaac Thorp, Woolcomber, North Lane

John F. Homersham, Woolstapler, North Lane

Alfred Sabine, Senior, Baker, North Lane

Robert Avann, Fellmonger, North Lane

*1851 - Robert AVANN, of the parish of Holy Cross, Westgate, near the city of Canterbury, in the county of Kent, fellmonger, d. c. surr. April 4 and May 5 at 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan. Sols. S.C. Venour, Gray's Inn-square; Furleys & Mercer, Canterbury. Petition, March 18. Pet. Crs. James Homersham, sen. and James Homersham, jun., of Canterbury, Woolstaplers. (The Law Journal)

Charles Parsons, Cordwainer, North Lane

Charles Christie, Tailor, North Lane

James Howard, Baker, North Lane

Henry Grey, Junior, Woolcomber, North Lane


1839 Robert AVAN, Woolstapler, North Lane


1847 Mr. George Blake, North Lane


1850's North Lane - ELIZABETH TERRY, widow, age 75, Pauper born Norfolk

death of an Elizabeth TERRY, age 2 of North Lane, buried July 20th, 1819 at Holy Cross

death of an Hester TERRY, age 33 years, buried Jan 31, 1823 at Holy Cross

death of an Esther TERRY, age 1 of North Lane, buried October 10th, 1824 at Holy Cross


1840's Thomas Fairbrass, Ship Owner with wife Jane, daughter Helen and sons Frederic, Thomas and Edward.

*Marriages January 6, 1848 - At Canterbury, James Mewburn, esq. of Leak House near Thirsk, Yorkshire, to Helen, only daughter of Mr. Thomas Fairbrass, of Canterbury. The gentlemen's magazine 1848


Miss Sarah Evernden, Landed Proprietress, North Lane % ^ (family - Elizabeth Robertson (married sister), Mary Evernden, and brother William Evernden) the family came from St. Nicholas at Wade, Kent

*Sarah passed away in 1868 in Canterbury at the age of 86

*Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. cap. 35. Last Day of Claim. Tuesday, Sept 21, 1869 - Sarah Evernden, Canterbury, Spinster. Nov. 1. Callaway & Furley, Canterbury


The buildings on the left are the backs of the houses from North Lane that back onto the River Stour


To be let, Small House in North Lane. Rent £25. Frederick Keyes. Auctioneer & Appraiser, accountant, house and Estate Agent, 29, Westgate Within, Canterbury (KG April 12, 1870)


No. 1

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - John WELSH, listed under Carriage Builders

1889 John WELSH, Coachbuilder

1889 Taxidermist

Agnes DABBS, Naturalist )


No. 2

1889 Taxidermist

Sydney BLIGH, Coach Builder )


No. 3

1889 Joseph HINTON, Labourer

George Henry BROADBRIDGE )


No. 4

1889 John HOGBEN, Fly Driver

Eli HAYELDEN, Gardener )


No. 5

1889 William BURTON "FALSTAFF TAP", and livery stables

1907 "Falstaff" Mews, North Lane Canterbury. W. Burton, Proprietor. Superior Broughams, Landaus, Victorias, Brakes, Waggonettes, Dog Carts, etc., at reasonable terms. Funeral Cars and Carriages supplied. Complete turn-outs jobbed. Special facilities for commercial gentlemen. Sole Contractor at Canterbury West Station for Omnibusses and Flys. Orders received at the "Falstaff" Mews and at Nash's Brushshop, 23 St. George's Street. Tele No. 50. Patronized by Royalty.

George Edward ADLER, Pub )


No. 6

1889 Putwain Bros., Coal Merchants

1889 Charles GREEN, Wool Warehouse. Benjamin LEFEVRE, foreman to Charles Green, Staple Cottage

William BURTON, Stable Master )


No. 7

1865 James MILLS, 7 North Lane

1889 Miss Jane BARROWS, Apartments

George EAST )


Star/Steam Packet Passage




No. 8

1889 H. PAINE, Builder & Undertaker

Charles R. MILES, Groom

Moses TODD, China & Earthenware Seller )

No. 8a

Percy J. PAINE )


Wood's or Martin's Passage


No. 9

1889 Mrs. CONNELL, Washerwoman

Albert HOLLANDS, Bricklayer )


No. 10

1889 Edward STROUD, Labourer

Henry BURTON )


No. 11

1889 Charles MILES, Fly Driver

Albert J. BING )


No. 12

1889 - 1890's H. FIELD, Baker & Confectioner

Henry FIELD, Baker )


Robers Passage


1889 - 1890's Mrs. ATTWOOD, Robus Yard


No. 13

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Thomas ROBUS, listed under Boot & Shoe Makers, Warehouses & Dirs.

1889 - 1890's Thomas ROBUS, Boot & Shoe Maker

Thomas ROBUS, Bootmaker )


No. 14

1889 - 1890's Joseph BENNETT, Groom



No. 15

1889 - 1890's John WILSON, Stone Sawyer

Chrsitian FOSTER )


No. 16

1889 - 1890's Edward J. LILLEY Jun. Poulterer / Fish

Frederick BERWICK, Tanner ) *likely related to the BERWICK's of Stour Street

Dec 1901 Frederick BARWICK of 16 North Lane, Canterbury

The building on the right is H & W Hunt - Basket & Sieve Makers - North Lane

1903 - H & W Hunt - Basket & Sieve Makers - North Lane *William G. Hunt, Basket Maker, New Street


No. 17

1889 Mrs. HEAD

James TODD, Metal Merchant )


No. 18

1889 John LOCK, Labourer

John BELSEY, Bricklayer )


No. 19

1889 Vacant

James BUSHELL, Brewers labourer (

George FIELD, Baker )


No. 20

1889 Vacant

George ASHDOW, Licensed Victualler (pub) (


No. 21

Ringwood Cottages

1889 James SKINNER, Labourer

Frederick AUSTEN, Groom )


No. 22

1889 H. MILES, Fly Driver

William FLINT )


No. 23

1889 Vacant

William DUNSTER )


No. 24

1889 Vacant

William WELLER, Army Schoolmaster (

James HOLLOWAY, Shopkeeper )


1909 North Lane, Flooding of the River Stour showing the "BLUE ANCHOR" pub on the left and beside it the entrance to William Manwaring Miller and Cornfactor North Lane Grist Mill

I'd like to thank the CURTIS family for previously loaning their copy to me (I've now just acquired the one above)


No. 25 (now The Ancient Raj)


1889 - to at least 1903 John Robert BURTON "BLUE ANCHOR"


Blue Anchor Passage


No. 26

1889 - early 1890's Barber Bros. Corn Merchants - George R. Barber, James N. Barber

James N. BARBER, Corn and Fodder Dealer


No. 27

1889 Stephen COX, Smith

Albert RIGDEN, Wool Sorter

John WEBB )


No. 28

1889 Mrs. Susannah STACE, General Dealer

William KENDALL )


No. 29

1889 - early 1890's William BING, Railway Guard

Rachel COLE )


No. 30

1889 Mrs. PARSONS

Thomas COAMLOS )


No. 31

1889 Stephen PARSONS

Angelo POLLARD )


No. 32

1889 Mrs. GALNIN

Caroline DRAY )


No. 33

1889 Frederick W. COOK, Drayman - Mrs. Cook, Dressmaker



No. 34

1889 - 1890's John A. KELK, Tanner

William STACE, Woolstapler )


No. 35

1889 Mrs. Mary A. RICKWOOD, Charwoman



No. 36


1889 - 1890's Francis STROUD, "WOOLPACK INN"

Frinnes STROUD, Pub )


Woolpack Yard/Woolpack Court/Square or Beer's Cottages


No. 37

1889 Collard & Co., Coal Merchants S.E. Railway Coal Depot and Weigh Bridge; H. Reid in charge

early 1900's - 1903 Charles GREEN (see no. 6 above)


No. 38

1889 A. PILCH, Coal Merchant

1903 Pilch, Collard & Co. Limited, Coal merchants, 1 Upper Bridge street; 38 North lane, Gordon road & 52 St. Peters street



No. 39

1889 - 1890's James FINCH, Confectioner

"Jan - Died at Canterbury, 58, James Finch, esq. greatly lamented." The Monthly Magazine, 1821 (possible relation)

Charles A. ALBURY )


No. 40

1889 Miss Elizabeth LIDDELL, Music Teacher. Mrs. E. J. D. Nelson, Ivy Lodge

1889 Finch's Works



St. Stephen's Road, St. Stephen's Fields and the Causeway

North Lane showing the Causeway and Hookers Mill (white building on the right)

Oct 30, 1909




No. 43

1889 Mrs. Eliza WELLARD, Laundress


No. 44

1889 Mrs. SKINNER


No. 45

1889 Ed. James LILLEY, Senior - Game Dealer / Poultry / Fish


1903 Edward James LILLEY, Poulterer & Carrier, 45 North Lane




1. Mrs. SUTER

2. Thomas COOMBS, Labourer

3. Charles PARSONS, Labourer

4. Charles AIANO, Carpenter

5. Frank BUTTON, Dairyman

6. William BURTON, Tailor


No. 49

Thomas LAWSON - What is your occupation? A moulder. Where do you live? 49, North Lane. Did you get any money at the last election? Yes. From whom? Charles Green. How much? 2s. he gave me. Was that for your vote? He might have thought so. There was me and two other men together and he was driving by in a carriage and he said he wanted to speak to me, and he caught hold of me to pull me in the carriage. Was that before you voted? Yes.


No. 50

1889 Mrs. Edward FAIRBRASS

*1903 - Knight's Local Government Reports - Fairbrass v. Canterbury Corporation. Public Health Acts - Buildings - Bye-laws - Pulling down new building not in accordance with bye-laws - Public health act, 1875. October 27, 1902 (38 & 39 Vict. c. 55) ss. 157, 158, 306. The appellant commenced to erect the said new building without taking any of the steps required by the 29th bye-law, which is as ..."Take notice that the premises formerly used as a stable and..." To Mr. Edward Fairbrass of 50 North Lane, in the city of Canterbury.


No. 51

1889 Mrs. Susannah TAYLOR, Shoeing Smith


No. 52

1889 - 1890's Mrs. M. TOMLIN, Coal Dealer


No. 53

1880 Kelly & Co. Directory of the Leather Trades - 53 North lane & Pound Lane - H. HART

1885 Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades - Harry STAGG, 53 North Lane and Pound Lane - listed under Bark Merchants, Fellmongers

1889 Henry STAGG

John W. BUTTERY, Foreman Fellmonger


No. 54

1889 George DUNN, Fellmongers labourer

No. 54a

1889 Joseph HINTON, Fly driver, son Charles is a Refreshment Room Assistant (Inn)

1890's Joseph HINTON jun. Fly Driver


No. 55

1889 Stephen MAY, Greengrocer

1890's Frederick COOK, Horse Keeper


No. 56

1889 - 1890's John JOHNCOCK, Iron Moulder

(Johncock family baptisms in 1726/27 in Saint Dunstans)


No. 57

1889 Henry PAINE, Builder & Cabinet Maker

1947 *damages to 57 North Lane CCA


No. 58

1889 - 1890's Arthur LILLEY, Contractor

1903 Arthur LILLEY, Cartage Contractor, 58 North Lane


No. 59

1889 Daniel RIGDEN, Iron Moulder


No. 60

1889 Thomas LAWSON, Labourer


No. 61

1889 - 1890's Thomas KENNETT, Cabinet Maker

*in 1825 one of the subscribers to "A walk in and about the city of Canterbury: was a Mr. Thomas Kennett of Canterbury

* was a Thomas Kennett listed in the Register of St. Peter's in Canterbury

Parliamentary Papers 1880 "....Did you know whether those voters got anything? I know Kennett never got anything, who went that day. That is Kennett the oilman, not he Kennett I was speaking of just now, that is Kennett the oilman living just above me in Northgate. Did you see him give money away on that day? No, I did not see him that day, I think. Or any day? No; I never saw anybody give money away, only Thomas Kennett. How much money did you take to Kennett? 20l. Not more? No."

KENNETT - Death on the 6th Dec., at 61, North Lane, Canterbury, Mary Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas KENNETT, aged 73 (Kentish Observer, Thursdsay, Dec 20, 1894)


No. 62

1889 James MILLS, Gun Maker * James passed away 1890? wife Frances is a dressmaker


No. 63

1889 Alfred HORTON, Shopkeeper & Lodging House Keeper

George EASTHAM, Army Pensioner, Manager (


No. 64

1889 - 90's William BENNETT, Haircutter / Hairdresser


"Uriah Heap's" mothers home in North Lane


No. 65

1889 Frank DAVIS, Bricklayer


No. 66

1889 - 90's Thomas PAGE, Plumber


No. 67

1889 Kennett, Son & Chamberlain, Upholsterers & Cabinet Makers

Ernest KENNETT, Upholsterer & Auctioneer



Robert WHITE, smith

Alfred SABINE, baker

Kevunulheller SKINNER, broker

Emanuel LEVI, silversmith

Abraham LEVI, slopseller

Edward HOMERSHAM, carpenter

Dan DECAUFOUR, woolstapler

Catherine CHAPMAN, baker

John CASTLEDEN, senior, cornchandler

Thomas SLAUGHTER, tanner



1884 Gardner & Co. (James CLINCH, storekeeper), North lane (listed under - ale and porter merchants & bottlers)


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