1751 - Northgate takes its name from its situation on the north side of the city. In this ward there is (1) A borough or hamlet, made by the charter of King Henry VI. called Stablegate, because it was the way to the stables of the Archbishop, and of the Prior and Convent of Christ's Church. (2) The house where the Black Prince's chantry Priests inhabited, in St. Alphege's parish (3) The Black Prince's arms undefaced, upon an ancient stone porch, over against the lane that leads from Stablegate, westward.


1835 Northgate Ward - The Parish of St. Mary Magdalen, the Villes of Christchurch, the Archbishop's Palace and St. Gregory, the Precincts of the dissolved Monastery of St. Augustine (including the Almonry), and such Parts or Portions of the several Parishes of St. Mary Northgate, St. Martin, and St. Paul, as are within the Borough.

Undated Ward List: Northgate - The National Archives CC/JQ/380/2 1581

13 Dec 1580: Non-attendance at church;deposit of filth; unlawful games; Hugh Sharpe, Northgate presented for presuming to move the auncient bounde marke' between the liberties of the city and the liberties of Staplegate without consent of the mayor and commonalty of the city - The National Archives CC/JQ/380/1 1580-1581

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