St. Mary Bredin

Oaten Hill Place, the cream building on the right


No. 6

Thomas Eldridge &


No. 8

David Hoare, Tailor &


No. 10

Henry B. Wilson, A large builder &


No. 12

Tuesday, July 18th, 1865 Hambrook S. Southee, 12 Oaten Hill Place, Canterbury, voted for B, K (Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. and Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.)

Hambrook S. Southee &


No. 13

William H. Clarkson, Sup. 13, Oaten Hill place, Canterbury - Circuits, Canterbury (appointed 1820) 1876

1881 George WATERS. Where do you live? 13 Oaten Hill Place. What is your occupation? A gardener.....Do you know a man named PARSONS? yes, a shoemaker living up the Dover Road. Charles Parsons? I do not know his Christian name, there are two brothers. ....

1903 AD Thomas Cowell, Furniture Remover by Rail, Road or Sea. Estimates furnished. Coal, Coke and Wood Merchant and Cartage Contractor, 13 Oaten Hill Place, Canterbury


No. 14

July 15th, 1865 Robert PAYNE (No. 1559) Poll for the two knights of the shire, voted Dering (parish of qualification - Saint Mary Bredin)

Death, December 18th at 14, Oaten Hill Place, Canterbury, Elizabeth Mary Bayley (formerly of Deal) widow of the late George Reynolds Bayley, in her 83 rd year.


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