St. Mary Northgate

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3 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in Old Ruttington Lane, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. Association Medical Journal


1838 Policeman, James BRETT, Old Ruttington Lane


No. 4

Edmund Hooker. - Where do you live? 4 Old Ruttington Lane. What are you? A skinner by trade. Did you get some money from Holttum at the last election? Yes. How much 10s. Was that for your vote? Yes. Did you get anything in 1879? No. Parlimentary Papers 1881


No. 20

Edward Goddard, Brushmaker


No. 24

Henry Hymers -Where do you live? 24, Old Ruttington Lane. What are you? Tailor.....Is there any other person of your name in your lane? No, not living in the lane. Is there in Canterbury? Oh, yes; I have one brother in Canterbury. Where does he live? He lives in Artillery Street. What is his Christian name? Herbert. Is your bother here today? I do not think he is. I have not seen him today. I saw him yesterday. You know the man I mean? Yes, I know David Clay indeed he used to keep a public house called the "Cambridge Arms".... Parliamentary Papers 1881


No. 29

Alfred Uden, Labourer


No. 30

Mark Styles, Labourer


No. 31

Robert Browning, Wood Turner, Bobbin Maker


photo courtesy of Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/


No. 32

Edward Browning, Fish Dealer...John Ed Browning Bobbin Turner


No. 33

Sarah A. Gillis, Dealer


No. 34 & 35

Edward Champ sworn. Where do you live? 34, Old Ruttington Lane. What are you? A marine store dealer. Did you receive any money about the last election? No. In 1879 did you get any? Yes. How much? Half a crown. From whom? Mr. Swain. For your vote? Yes. Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881


No. 47

Jan 23 1900 Arthur Lloyd PEPPER of 47 Old Ruttington Lane, Manager to Miss LEFEVRE, Draper of 13 The Borough, Canterbury CCA


No. 59

Christening on January 13th, 1888 at St. Pauls Canterbury of Louisa, daughter of James Henry TERRY, Labourer and Emily Emma TERRY of 59 Old Ruttington Lane

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