St. Dunstans


No. 1

Eliza NEAME w., son John Neame %

"Death, July 30th, At Bengal, of cholera, George A. NEAME, youngest son of the late John Neame, esq. of St. Dunstan's Canterbury." GM1858

Daniel PREBBLE, Railway Clerk ^


No. 2

1847 Nathaniel PHILLIPS, Excise officer, 2 Orchard Street.

Robert HAMILTON, Supervisor of Inland Revenue %

Ann B. DEAN ^

1858 Mrs. Ann DEAN, Orchard Street

Aug 2, 1913 (Kentish Gazette and Canterbury Press) Wanted, Respectable Woman for Laundry work, good washer and all round ironer. Apply 2, Orchard Street, Canterbury.


No. 3

Richard BLAN, Post office messanger ^


No. 4

Morris HAYWARD ^

1858 Mr. Morris HAYWARD, Orchard Street

November 29, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)


HAYWARD - November 15, at 4, Orchard Street, Canterbury, Ann HAYWARD, aged 84 years.


No. 5

Charles WHITTLE, Accountant ^


No. 6

William PETT ^

1903 Miss DUNNING, 6 Orchard Street



No. 7

1847 Mrs. Margaret PARKER, 7 Orchard Street

George BATEMAN, Carpenter ^

Richard Connett Cross. Where do you live? 7, Orchard Street, St. Dunstan's. Are you a lay clerk? Yes. Do you remember the last election? Yes, very well. This year's election? Yes. Did you do anything in the way of distributing money? Not a penny. You did not give a penny to a single one? Not a single one. You had nothing do to with it? I had a the election. I had the canvas book. Did you canvas? Oh, yes. Which side did you canvas for? The Conservative side. You were on the committee? Not on the committee, I was working. ....Who asked you to canvas? I took a great interest in the Conservative party. I have canvassed ever since I was 16 years of age. Do many of the gentlemen connected with the cathedral do so? Most of them, I believe; and I did in the prior election, in the election before. I took an interest in it, and a pride in it. Did you take part in the election of 1879? I voted, but I was not able to go canvassing in 1879; but I did in 1874. You cannot give us information about bribery on either side? Not in the least. I do nnot care which side it is on? Not in the least. Parliamentary Papers 1881


No. 8

Mary A. Kerfoot %

Thomas Addley, Farmer ^


No. 9

1847 Mr. Benjamin Jaques, 9 Orchard Street

Sarah Oliver ^


No. 10

1847 Mrs. Thomas Southee, 10 Orchard Street

Thomas Southee, Secretary for the Kent & Canterbury Hospital ^

1865 Poll for two knights of the shire..."name of voter and residence" 1738 SOUTHEE, Thomas, 10 Orchard Street, Canterbury, listed under parish of St. Peter (it is the parish of qualification) Voted for B., K.

three candidates: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, Bart. - Sir Brook William Bridges, Bart. - Sir Norton Joseph Knatchbull, Bart.


No. 11

Hamet Taylor^


No. 12

Black Horse Inn


No. 13

Edward Hefkins, Inn Keeper ^


No. 14

1847 Miss Elizabeth Quested, 14 Orchard Street

Reeves Quested %

William W. Blackey, Surveyors Clerk ^

1891 William TERRY born Canterbury, Surveyor with wife Emily and children, William, Harry, Violet, Lilly M., George T. and Frank


No. 15

1847 Mrs. Sarah Bell

Sarah Bell %

William Collard, (farmer) ^(


No. 16

1847 Mrs. Harriet STEED, 16 Orchard Street

Harriot STEED %

Joseph BURN, Lay Clerk for Canterbury Cathedral ^

"At a court holden at Canterbury in the Eastern Division of the County of Kent before me, the revising barrister appointed to revise the list of voters for the said Eastern Division of the said County, on the 22nd day of October, 1861, the Reverend Francis James HOLLAND, Joseph BURN, and Thomas PARNELL, severally claimed to be placed on the list of voters for the said Eastern Division of the said county in respect of property situate wholly, or in part within the parish, called the Ville of Christchurch, in the said city of Canterbury, and were duly objected to by Benjamin Richard Eastes, a person on the said Register of Voters, on the ground that they did not possess the requisite qualification. the claims were set forth in the following form:

Joseph BURN, 16 Orchard Street, St. Dunstan's, Canterbury. Freehold Office. Lay clerk, Canterbury Cathedral.

....As regards the claim of Joseph BURN, the facts proved were that, at a chapter held in July, A.D. 1834, the said Joseph BURN was appointed by the said dean and chapter of Canterbury Cathedral one of the eight lay clerks of the said Cathedral, that the appointment was for life, and was made by a resolution of the chapter, a minute of which resolution, was recorded in the record of the chapter house and signed by the said Joseph BURN; that a salary of £80 a year was attached to the said office of lay clerk, and was paid annually to the said Joseph BURN by the treasurer of the said dean and chapter in the said audit room of the said cathedral situate wihin the said Ville of Christchurch, that the duty of the said Joseph BURN was lay clerk was to attend and officiate as clerk a certain number of times in each year during the celebration service in the said Cathedral." 1862

Charles BEECHING (


No. 17

1858 Mrs. Mary Anne Mathews, Orchard Street

Mary A. Mathews ^

Adam Dalten


No. 19

Mary Marsh, Officers widow ^


No. 20

No. 20 & 21 bought by E. B. GOULDEN in 1896


No. 21

No. 20 & 21 bought by E. B. GOULDEN in 1896


No. 22

Gothic Cottage

Frances Sokeley, Lieutenant ^

1882 Mrs. Ann Acors, Ladies' School


No. 23

Shakespeare Cottage

Samuel Stonham, Inspector for the East Kent Rail ^


No. 24

Robert Hamilton, Surveyor for Inland Revenue ^


No. 25

1858 The Misses Neame, Orchard Street

Ellen NEAME, sister Charlotte NEAME, their Aunt Charlotte CLARK and cousin Louisa FOREST ^

July 25, 1879 - Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. cap. 35. Friday, July 25, 1879. Last day of Claim. Charlotte NEAME, Canterbury, spinster. Sept 3. Wightwick & Gardener. Folkestone.


No. 26

James Blackman, Baker ^


No. 27

Richard Delph, Whitesmith & Bell Hanger %

Silas Dodd


No. 28

James Sands, Bricklayer %

George Philpot, Works for a Wine Merchant ^


No. 29

William Ladd, House Painter ^

Mary Hilden ^


No. 30

Jessie Manuel, Police Constable ^


No. 34

1861 Jane TERRY, daughters Jane, Harriet and Mary TERRY


No. 35

1847 Mr. William Stokes, 35 Orchard Street

James Warden, Blacksmith ^

Isaac Cooper, Railway Booking Clerk )


No. 36

Susan Groom )


No. 37

Henry Upton, Gardener (retired) )


No. 38

Charles R. Milliner, Railway Goods Clerk )


No. 39

Frederick Bourne, Signalman for the Railway )


No. 40

George Pembry, Plumber )


No. 41

Geroge Pilcher, Cordwainer %, Joseph Pursey, Father-in-law, Cordwainer

Herbert Denyer, House Painter )


No. 42

Silas BODKIN, Wool Sorter %

William J. Bryant, China & Glass Assistant )


No. 43

George Reker?, Grocer %

Ann Munford (b. London) %

Emily Reeve, Grocer )


No. 44


George EASTES, Professor of Music %

Susanna GREEN )



1847 Mr. George Burch, Orchard Street

1847 Mr. Gurney Croasdill, Orchard Street

*1844 The Jurist, Gurney Croasdill, Holy Cross, Westgate Canterbury, Feb. 9 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.

Bankruptcy, G. Croasdill, Holy Cross Westgate, Canterbury, Maltster (Plummer and Sons, Canterbury; Nethersoles and Barron, Essex street, Strand). - The Monthly Magazine 1826 pg. 679

1847 Miss Mary Kerfoot, Orchard Street

1847 Mr. Thomas Kingsford, Orchard Street

1847 Mr.William Lancefield, Orchard Street

1847 Mrs. Elizabeth Hayward, Orchard Street

1847 Mrs. Mary Marsh, Orchard Street

1847 Mr. John PATCH, Orchard Street

*There was a John PATCH that was bankrupt in 1863 - John PATCH late of Maidstone, Canterbury and Ramsgate, newspaper proprietor; also, bookseller, stationer and printer. Solicitors, Stuchbury and Co. Gresham Street

1847 Mr. James Sanderson, Orchard Street

1847 Mr. Phineas Shrubsole, Orchard Street

1847 Mr. James Waters, Orchard Place

1847 Captain Smith, Orchard Street

1847 Mrs. Ann Richards, Orchard Terrace

1847 Mr. Samuel Prentice, Orchard Terrace

1847 Edward Southee, Fellmonger, Orchard Place

1847 Henry Southee, Fellmonger, Orchard Place


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