Maynards Hospital
But the buildings of this hospital and chapel, having been blown down by the great storm, which happened on Nov. 3, 1703, were all rebuilt from the foundation with brick, by the charitable contribution of the mayor, aldermen, and other worthy benefactors, in the year 1708, John Beaumont, esq. being then mayor; the work being first principally promoted and carried on by the application of alderman Oughton, chamberlain, and alderman Wilson, master of this hospital; the contributions amounting to upwards of 300l. and the expences of erecting the buildings to 299l. and upwards, as appears by the chamberlain's accounts.

"There can be no doubt, as will appear, that Anthony Oughton was the "Mr. Oughton" who was a neighbor of the writer of the Letter. Born in 1664 he was an Apothecary by trade, completed his apprenticeship with one Israel Jacob, was sworn a Freeman of Canterbury, November 29, 1687, and served his city in many capacities, as Common Councillor (1690), Sheriff (1697), Alderman (1700), Chamberlain (1706) and Mayor in 1702 and again in 1730."

…to Anthony Oughton, "descended from an ancient family of that name in Warwickshire…lived in the city 66 years', d. 1750 aged eighty-seven, a mural with arms in St. Margaret's."

Here lie the bodies of Anthony Oughton, gent. and of Ann his wife, to whose memory the marble on the wall is erected.
These which follow are marbles against the wall:

To the memory of Anthony Oughton, gent.
Descended from an ancient family
Of that name of Fillongley in Warwickshire,
But for three score and six years
An inhabitant of this parish
And to Ann his wife
Daughter of Sir James Bunce, of Kimsing,
By Dorothy daughter of Sir William Hugesson
Of Provender, both of this county.
They had issue three sons and one daughter
Of whom the last only surviving,
Hath appointed this table to their remembrance.
He died August 27, 1750, aged 87
She died March 12, 1732, aged 66

(picture of this memorial on English Heritage taken by Bill Brandt 1942)

Civitas Cantuar Memorand q et domino Nono dia Septembuis Ano Rim Du….. Anno Doi g.a Magnes Britani.. ffuauria ..fi bmee ..gma ffidai da fouifo .. Domino A..ogs Doni 17__ Gu.. Imus Hardens Do.. Hardens douat in go.h Magn Hardens in om Kaus Baronettus a…. sus . jurat osl ad .. Libtat Avivit p:. .ouam Auth Oughton Aldermano et Iam… ….. vit po to muor. …. . . ffindall Au Major Iivit .. peroviso siuysor q hir admifsio non .hndil as fari… n..ffelios nit ffilias Ind Gulialini Lebos Iivit pet sid Lerpenu fauhun fanoyus ..i ..flenioninnu Sigi. Lff.ig dorunsau Aivit po psentibus … apparit Datin Jamson Juiitat … . Anno suparud …

You shall swear that you will be …. and faithfull to Our .. Soveraign Lady the Queen H.. Hi….. and .u..ssous Also you shall … …ioal to the Mayor as this … for the tyme being And the ______ _______ and sussonies of this City made _ to be made Mai______ and suffain_ _o your _____ you shall be pa____ in all things loo__ing tho said City as in Sun __ __ _____ bu_ons ________ Collagos shall ___ __ang as other ff____non af__ ___ City __ And if you shall _uon of an
All those points aforesaid you shall well
And my son pain of loosing your Libertys.

Anth Oughton Chamberlain


Freemen - Garlin HATCH, apothecary, apprenticed to Alderman OUGHTON. 1723

Edward HAYWARD, Junior, apothecary, apprenticed to Anthony OUGHTON. 1716

Freemen of Canterbury - John LUKYN, gentleman, marries Anne daughter of Anthony OUGHTON, Alderman and Chamberlain of Canterbury. 1727.


*CCA-CC-W/23/1 - April 22, 1720 - of oath sworn upon admission as Freeman by George HAMMOND, gent. of Canterbury, to the King, the mayor and the customs of the City of Canterbury. Signed by Anthony Oughton, Chamberlain. (parchment)


*Thomas WHITE, mercer, apprenticed to Thomas OUGHTON. 1659



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