"There were several postern gates. We find them existing at Northgate opposite Knott's Lane; at St. Mildred's, in the wall near St. Peters Lane; the Christ Church postern, near St. Michael's Gate; and one leading to the Saint Stephen's Road by a tower in Pound Lane."

Canterbury in the Olden Time by John Brent F.S.A., 1879


Postern - The City Gates - Postern Gates at Northgate opposite Knott's Lane. Incredibly still an accessway through the line of the city wall today. The wall ran along through the house with the red door (no.13) and Hawkswell's (no. 15). A bastion was sited just to the left of this photo at number 16 St. Radigunds Street. A big thank you to Len Parrick for both the photo's and the note

...there were three posterns in the city wall, viz., the one of the Dean and Chapter, as already stated; another at St. Mildred's church yard; and a third in Pound lane, between Westgate and the River Stour.

Canterbury Guide, Henry Ward 1843


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