St. Mildred

1796, Crab Lane (CCA)

Showing the entrance to Rosemary Lane from Castle Street

*runs east-west between Stour street and Castle street and north-south between Hospital Lane and Gas Street

*Compulsory purchases by Canterbury Housing Committee, 3-32 Rosemary Lane

Rosemary Lane looking towards Stour Street and the Old Tannery Site

photo courtesy of Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/


photo courtesy of Paul Crampton www.paulcramptonbooks.co.uk/

No. 1 & 2

William SIDBETTER, Boot maker and beer shop keeper ^

Henry W. HYMANS, Licensed Victualler (


No. 3

William MINTER, Painter, son in law John BOUNDS, Painter, wife of son in law, Agness E. BOUNDS ^

Angess L. BOUNDS (


No. 4

George BOUNDS, Plasterer ^ (wife Jane, Dressmaker, daughters Fanny, Louisa, sons George, James, Walter)



No. 5

John COLE, Carpenter ^

Ambrose ASHBY, Carpenter (


No. 6

Frances STEDDY, Proprietor of houses^

Daughter Emma STEDDY, milliners apprentice, son James STEDDY, scholar

Stephen BAKER, Gas Works Labourer (

WTHBH - April 15, 1899 - A Fatal Fall. An inquest was held at the Royal Oak, Longport, Canterbury on Thursday, by the City Coroner (Dr. T. S. Johnson) on the body of a deaf and dumb man, named Mark Edward Mears. Maria Baker, of 6 Rosemary Lane, Canterbury, identified the body as that of her brother who lived in Fortune's Passage, and was aged 24. He did not do anything for a living, but received 2s. 6d. a week from St. Mildred's Parish. She saw him on the Monday morning previous and he was then in his usual health. Charles Hogben, living at 65 Stour Street, sated that on Monday evening, about six o'clock, he was with the deceased witnessing the volunteers go away by the L.C.D. Railway. The deceased was sitting on a wall when he fell on to a truck and then into the dock below. Alfred John Foster, a porter at the station, deposed that he got deceased out from under the truck. Mr. Eustace Frend, house surgeon at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, stated that he admitted deceased in the Hospital on April 4th at 5 p.m. He was in a bad conditiona nd died at 8;15. The deceased died from peritonitis, supervening a rupture, which was no doubt caused by the fall. The Jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."


No. 7

William DELO, Proprietor of houses ^

1865 Poll William Hall DELO, 7 Rosemary Lane, Canterbury (parish of qualification - St. Mildred)

John W. FINNIS, Tanner (


No. 8

Charles James BERRIFF, Coach Trimmer ^

Alfred C. BAKER, Tanner (


No. 9

Jeremiah MURRAY, Railway engine driver ^

Edward HACKMAN, Tanner, Shedman (


No. 10

Charles DODD, Police Inspector ^

George DUNK, Labourer (

No. 11

George HUNT, Engineers labourer ^

William READ, Brickmaker (wife Ellen, nee HODGES) ^

William C. HARVEY, Iron Moulder (


No. 12

William JORDAN, Carpenter (journeyman) ^



The old Cardinals Cap, now The Blind Dog (2011)

No. 13

The Cardinals Cap Birthday Outing 1911

1828 CARDINAL'S CAP, Johnson FRANKS, Rosemary Street

1832 CARDINAL'S CAP, Levi LAMBOURN, Rosemary Lane

1838 CARDINALS CAP, Thomas GILBY, Rosemary Lane

James CHAMBERS, Victualler ^

Stephen MAY, Licensed Victualler (


No. 14

Albert JOHNSON, General Labourer (

George BECKETT, French Polisher ^


No. 15

Elizabeth VINCER, Laundress ^


No. 16

Joseph CLIFTON, Field labourer


No. 19

John BUTCHER, Tanner (


STONE COTTAGES (19 Rosemary Lane)









No. 20

William ROALFE, Black Smith *

(St. George the Martyr - April 8, William ROALFE, bachelor and Sarah SAFFERY, spinster)

1881 *William ROALFE, sworn. Where do you live? 20 Rosemary Lane. What are you? A smith. Did you get any money in the last election? No. Did you get anything in 1870? Yes. How much? 10s. From whom? William LAMING. Was that for your vote? Yes. Did you get any money before at any election? No.

RE: Roalfe name - *Kent...At the anniversary of the Kent Society for the encouragement of Agriculture and Industry, holden at Canterbury on the 10th of June, the following premiums were adjudged:....To Mr. ROALFE, of Canterbury, for his best cart stallion, five guineas. 1808 MM

1812, Married at Canterbury, Mr. Benjamin ROALFE to Miss Harriet Horn. MM

1760 - St. Peter's - Jan 6. John Cantwell of the parish of St. Dunstan and Susanna ROALFE, by banns

Bankrupts November 13, 1755, Thomas Roalfe, of Canterbury, Harness Maker. Miscellaneous Correspondence

Registers of Canterbury Cathedral - April 8, 1861 - John Ellis ROALFE, age 21, Bachelor of Chislett, Saddler, son of James ROALFE & Elizabeth Caroline BLOGG, age 28 of the Precincts of this Cathedral, Spinster, daughter of James BLOGG.

"Five hundred guineas were last month offered for Diddler, that wellbread stallion, who broke down in the running for the Gold Cup at York races, late the property of Mr. F. MELLISH, now of Mr. ROALFE, horsedealer at Canterbury. Sporting Magazine 1807 (vol. 29)

George BARRETT of Deal mariner, bachelor and Rowena ROALFE of Harbledown, spinster at D.

Marriage at Canterbury, 1821 - Mr. C. BRIGGS to Miss ROALFE

Law Journal - 1835 - Stephen COX, of Herndon, Middlesex, and of Brunswick Street, Stamford Street, Surrey, horse dealer; joint div. of John ROALFE (deceased) and Stephen COX, of Canterbury.

Thomas Taylor, Carman (


No. 21

Richard STRAND, Coal Heaver (


No. 22

Susannah WHITE, Tailoress *

Henry COLLARD, Gas Stoker (


No. 23

William SOLLY, Farm Labourer *

John W. JOHNCOCK, Brewers Servant (


No. 24

George KEMP, Journeyman Carpenter & wife Sarah (ch. James and Annie C.) ^

Oliver WILTSHIRE, Labourer *

Ann WILTSHIRE, Charwoman (


No. 25

John FORD, Cordwainer ^

John FORD, Shoe Binder *

John FORD, Shoemaker (


No. 26

Charlotte GANN ^

James BRETT, Sail Maker *

James BRETTt, Tent & Tarpauling Maker (


No. 27

Henry ROSE, Cordwainer ^

Henry ROSE, Cordwainer *

Thomas GAMBILL, Gas Stoker (


No. 28

Robert Wilkinson, Tailor ^

Albert JAMES, Tailor *

Albert JAMES (


No. 29

Charlotte NEWTON ^

Richard W. KNELL, Waiter *

"Richard Watson KNELL. What are you? I am a waiter. Where do you live? 29 Rosemary Lane. ....Who is Charles Knell that lives at St. Mildred's Street? He is my father....." Parliamentary Papers

William EASTMAN, Whitesmith (


No. 30

Thomas FOWLER ^

Richard EASTMAN, Labourer at the Soap Works *

Richard EASTMAN, General Labourer (


No. 31

Rachel SMITH, Charwoman *

Benjamin MORLEY, Labourer (


No. 32

William HUGGINS, Carpenter ^

James DUNK, Bricklayer *

James DUNK, Bricklayer (



Poll book 1830

John BUTLER, Rosemary Lane, Butcher

1838 Henry Grant BROWN, listed under Carpenter, Rosemary Lane

1838 BRICKLAYERS ARMS, John HARRIS, Rosemary Lane (Taverns and Public Houses)


Compulsory purchases by Canterbury Housing Committee, 3-32 Rosemary Lane

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