Old Ruttington Lane is above Havelock Street, highlighted in yellow on the map above


August 8, 1810 - An affray took place in Ruttington lane, Canterbury, this evening, between some soldiers of the Queen's Bays and the populace; the former having attempted to seize a young man whom they suspected to be a deserter from the Navy. Two of the soldiers were dreadfully wounded with a large knife; the one received two severe cuts in the left breast, and the other in the abdomen. They were both conveyed to the hospital, where they lie without hope of recovery.


Further building took place in Ruttington Lane on plots purchased from the Baldock estates. William Moss built several houses before his death in 1817, and others were built by his son in law Charles Fea before he became a bankrupt in 1837. Others were built there by Henry Hopkins 1814-1818, and by Richard Adams, a Greenwich bricklayer before 1815. CCA


Poll book 1830

S. Butler, Weaver (unpolled)

William W. Peirce, Brazier, Ruttington Lane

John Tevelein, Sadler, Ruttington Lane

Samuel Pond, Bricklayer, Ruttington Lane

James Irons, Labourer, Ruttington Lane

William Styles, Labourer, Ruttington Lane

Richard Linton, Turner, Ruttington Lane


Clearance of houses 62-65 New Ruttington Lane



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