The Canterbury Sewage Works are on the Sturry road. The works, 72 acres in area, belong to the Corporation, and differ from other sewage farms in supplying liquid manure to the entire exclusion of all solid matter.

Charles TERRY, Superintendent

1913 directory


26 Jul 1895 - William Hancock Philpott, a Builder and Contractor living at 14 New Town Street Canterbury: stealing 3 ducks, value six shillings, goods and chattels of Charles TERRY, a Corporation employee. Taken from TERRY's house in Sturry Road Canterbury. Documents include a letter from the defendant, dated 22 Jul 1895, addressed to the Gentlemen of the Bench in which PHILPOTT pleads "Not Guilty". Imprisoned, one calendar month hard labour in HMP St Augustine's Canterbury.


2 Nov 1906 - Charles Standen of 24 Hospital Lane Canterbury: obtaining goods by false pretences from Charles TERRY, Superintendent of the Irrigation Works. Standen selected vegetables worth two pounds and twelve shillings asking for them to be carted to Sturry Station and to send the invoice for payment to Vint and Co.. Vint and Co said they had received the goods on behalf of Mr Standen, who was not their agent, and had sold the goods on his behalf remitting the money to him.

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