We are looking for anyone that can help out with a photograph of Philip Davies Rose or Laura Osborn Snoulten, if anyone can help the family out they would greatly appreciate it. (Or anything on the Rose family)

Laura Osborn SNOULTEN (1830-1871) born Canterbury, died Gloucestershire November 22, 1871, she married Philip Davies Rose. Philip died in Australia



Osborn SNOULTON Sr.- In Memory of Osborn Snoulton who died on the 14th of March 1837 in the 83rd year of his age. (St. Peter, Canterbury) - Alderman

Married Mary SOUTHEE on January 18, 1780 in St. Peter's Church, Canterbury (daughter of William Southee and Mary Dilnott)

* death of Mary Snoulten, July 17, 1796 age 37

Children of Osborn and Mary SNOULTON

christening March 24, 1782 Osborn, son of Osborn and Mary Snoulten his wife

(death January 2, 1783)

christening October 28, 1783, Mary daughter of Osborn and Mary Snoulten his wife, pr:admd. Novr. 9, 1783

christening March 20, 1785 Hester daughter of Osborn Snoulten and Mary his wife

(burial February 21, 1788, Hester, daughter of Osborn Snoulton, aged 3 years)

christening 1787 August 5th, Elizabeth daughter of Osborn Snoulton and Mary his wife

(burial April 22, 1789, Elizabeth, daughter of Osborn Snoulton, aged 22 months, John Gostling Rector)

christening May 16, 1790, Charlotte daughter of Osborn Snoulton and Mary his wife (Interlined by John Gostling)

christening Oct 21, 1792, Elizabeth daughter of Osborn Snoulton and Mary his wife

(burial September 25, 1795, Elisabeth, daughter of Osborn Snoulton aged 3 years)

christening January 11, 1795, Osborn, son of Osborn Snoulton and Mary his wife


Charlotte SNOULTEN - married first George DENNE, second Richard HALFORD


Richard Halford, 2nd husband of Charlotte SNOULTEN (previously DENNE) - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

photograph by J. Clark Photographer, 42 Town Wall Street, Dover

Marine Parade Dover from my collection, showing Dover Castle on the hill


1830 Canterbury (Union Bank) Halford, Baldock & Co.....Grote & Co.

Richard HALFORD the younger, William Henry Baldock, Osborn SNOULTON the younger and Edward KINGSFORD the younger


"Mr. Halford carried on the banking business in co-partnership with Mr. SNOULTEN and others; and in October 1841, the firm became bankrupt. The trustees had claimed to prove, as seperate creditors of Mr. Halford, the sum which they computed the fund direct to be accumulated would have amounted to if the trust..." The English Reports

1841 - The Legal Observer - Richard Halford, William Henry Baldock, and Osborn Snoulten, Canterbury, Bankers. Sankey & Co., Canterbury; Richardson & Co., Bedford Row. Oct. 12.


Osborn SNOULTEN Jnr. (1795-July 24th, 1860) born Canterbury, died Watersend Villa, Temple Ewell, Kent. He married Frances (1801-1853) born Canterbury, died Dover, Kent (bankrupt 1841)

Children of Osborn and Frances SNOULTEN

Julia Osborn SNOULTEN (b. 1827, Canterbury d. 1902, Surrey, England) married Flackton Homersham (b. 1827 Canterbury, d. 1913 Leatherhead, Surrey)


Julia Osborn Snoulten (married Flackton Homersham 1857) - photo courtesy of Marion Gower


Laura Osborn SNOULTEN (1830-1871) born Canterbury, died Gloucestershire November 22, 1871, she married Philip Davis Rose. Philip died in Australia

Marriages, June 11, 1850 - The Gentlemen's Magazine - At Temple Ewell, Philip Davis Rose, Esq., of Rosebrook (Station), Port Philip, fourth son of W. G. Rose, esq. of Dover to Laura Osborn, second daughter of Osborn Snoulten, esq. of Woodville near Dover.

June 11, 1850 at Temple Ewell Church by the Rev. Peter Spencer, Philip Davis Rose, Esq. of Rosebrook, Australia Felix, fourth son of William Grant Rose, Esq. of Waterloo Crescent, Dover to Laura Osborne, second daughter of Osborn Snoulton, Esq. of Woodville, near Dover.


Laura Elizabeth Rose, born August 4th 1852, S. Kilda Australia, photographer - Alex Grossman, Dover

Laura Elizabeth married Leslie Arthur Chambers of Australia when he came home in 1873

http://oa.anu.edu.au/obituary/chambers-leslie-arthur-208 (information and photo of L. Arthur Chambers) Australian Dictionary of Biography


Margaret Rose, Sept 1870, photographer - J. Fullayway, Stroud

Margaret ws born Bisley, Stroud district, Gloucestershire 1860. Possilby never married. In 1911 she was unmarried and living with her sister Beatrice in Babbacombe, Devon. (the girls father was living here before his death)



M. Rose, possibly a later photo of Margaret - photographer - Alex J. Grossman, Dover


Beatrice Rose, Sept 1870, photographer - J. Fullayway, Stroud

Beatrice was born in France c. 1864 and was living with her sister Margaret in Babbacombe in 1911.


Emma Helen Rose Sept 1871. J. Fullaway photographer, Stroud

Emma was born in Bisley, Gloucestershire in 1865. Emma married Reverend Cecil Richard Hoggins, Devon 1888, she died 1892 and Cecil Richard Hoggins went on to marry Eleanor Mary Amelia Kingdon in 1896.


Francis Rose born c. 1852 Australia. Alex J. Grossman photographer, Dover


Lucy Rose August 1870. Photographer J. Fullaway Stroud

Lucy was born in 1858 in Bisley, Gloucestershire


William Davies Rose, age 13 . J. Fullaway photographer, Stroud

William died in Australia, buried Rhyll, Victoria Australia with his father Philip Davies Rose



Henrietta Sarah Corlet. (J.H. Insignia on the back) She was the governess of the children of Philip Davies Rose and Laura Osborn Rose's children. In 1871 Henrietta is noted as a 'friend' rather than family or visitor and her occupation as governess with the Philip Davies Rose and Laura Osborn Rose and their children at Bisley, Gloucestershire. Nine of the Rose girls are here and Laura Homersham age 12. Henrietta was born c.1824 in Wrexham, Wales. She is also with the family in 1861 in Bisley as governess and professor of music, she seems to have stayed with the family when they moved to Babbacombe in Devon. She dies in 1899, leaving £2035 to Lucy Rose, daughter of Philip and Laura. Courtesy of Marion Gower


Alfred Osborn SNOULTEN (1832-1889) born Canterbury, died Eastry, Kent

Ellen Osborn SNOULTEN (1836-1888) born Canterbury, died Surrey (never married)


Charlotte SNOULTEN (1839-1905) born Canterbury, died Surrey married John Sicard Rutter


Charlotte Rutter (nee Snoulten) with son John Guy Rutter, photo taken April 1870, Negretti & Zambra Crystal Palace, Sydenham - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

July 6th 1867 marriage of a John Sicard RUTTER (wine merchant) to Charlotte SNOULTEN of Clapham (parents John Snoulten RUTTER, Gentleman and Osborne SNOULTEN, Gentleman)


John Sicard Rutter (was divorced previously), Dover & Folkestone photographer - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

born c. 1830

Children of John Sicard Rutter and Charlotte Rutter (nee Snoulten)


John Guy Snoulten Rutter with sister Charlotte Rutter, Alfred Harman & Co, Peckham photographer, taken November 1872 - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

Charlotte RUTTER born 1871, died 1956


John Guy Snoulten Rutter, taken August 1873, Alfred Harman & Co. 79 High Street, Peckham, Photographer - photo courtesy of Marion Gower

The London Gazette, May 4, 1909 - Under Clause VII. of the Order in Council of 4th June 1870. Customs and Excise Department: Messenger - Alfred George Mace. Post Office: Third Class Clerks (Supplementary Establishment) in the London Telephone Service - Barrington Lindley Beaumont, John Guy Snoulten Rutter


Charlotte Rutter, Peckham photographer, taken September 1874 - photo courtesy of Marion Gower


?Beatrice Mary Rutter (married William Richard Francis Richmond)



There is a painting that was owned by Osborn SNOULTEN in the Collection of the Canterbury Museum



Marriage of an Osborn SNOULTEN to Mary SOUTHEE, January 18, 1780 at St. Peter's, Canterbury

Marriage of an Easter SNOULTON to John BAKER on February 8, 1778 at St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury

Christening of an Osborn SNOULTEN March 24th, 1782 at St. Peter's Canterbury, death January 2, 1783 (parent's Osborn and Mary Snoulten)

Christening of an Hester SNOULTEN March 20th, 1785 at St. Peter's Canterbury, death February 21, 1788 (parent's Osborn and Mary Snoulten)

Christening of a Charlotte SNOULTEN May 16th, 1790, at St. Peter's Canterbury (parent's Osborn and Mary Snoulten)

Christening of an Elizabeth SNOULTEN October 21st, 1792 at St. Peter's Canterbury, death September 25, 1795 (parent's Osborn and Mary Snoulten)

Christening of a Mary SNOULTEN October 28th, 1783 at St. Peter's Canterbury (parent's Osborn and Mary Snoulten)

Christening of an Elizabeth SNOULTEN August 5th, 1787, at St. Peter's Canterbury, death April 22, 1789 (parent's Osborn and Mary Snoulten)

Christening of an Osborn SNOULTON to Osborn and Mary SNOULTON, January 11, 1795, St. Peter's, Canterbury

Died at Canterbury (April), Mrs. SNOULTEN. - The Monthly Magazine 1801 pg. 281


March 11th, 1833 - Coprorate Officers, Canterbury - Osborn SNOULTEN, Banker


There is a will of Osborn SNOULTEN of Canterbury dated June 8, 1837 on the National Archives (buried in St. Peter’s Canterbury) died March 14, 1867 age 83


Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. cap. 35 Last Day of Claim. Tuesday, May 14, 1861 - Osborn SNOULTEN, Esq., Watersend-villa, Temple Ewell, Kent. Lewis, Solicitor, 9 Castle Street, Dower. June 18 (The Solicitors Journal & Reporter)

1873 *Certified teachers of phonography... A. A. Gilham, 1 Snoulten Place, Canterbury


*noted in the List of Freemen 1830 - Osb. Snoulten Sen., St. George's Place, Canterbury, Gentleman

**To Osborn SNOULTEN, Esq. Canterbury

Tavistock Place, July 20, 1819

My Dear Sir,

Mr. Britton, a literary friend of mine, visits your city, for the purpose of collecting the best information he can, relating to the history of your noble Cathedral; any introduction you can give him to the heads of the church, will be acceptable to him, and gratifying to me.

I beg you to present mine and Mrs. Oakley's best regards to your daughter, and believe me to be, my dear Sir,

Yours very truly,


(letters on miscellaneous and domestic subjects, by Benjamin Oakley)


1839 List of subscribers to "Recollections of Naples" - Osborn Snoulten, Esq., Canterbury


*The Poll of the Electors - freemen 1830 - Ald. O. SNOULTEN - Brother Freemen, upon no former occasion have I ever stood forward to address you with feelings of greater pleasure than at present, the satisfaction of seconding the nomination of a gentleman, whose principles I believe to be as independent as those of any man in the kingdom (applause). The principles which that Hon. Gentleman profess I do feel must be those of every true Patriot; and I hope that when you hear him declare them to you this day, you will unanimously declare him to be your Representative. I consider, gentlemen, that the spirit of intelligence which has now happily been diffused so universally throughout the country at large, has enabled every freeman to discriminate who are the fittest objects of so noble a distinction; and I do hope that the City of Canterbury, which has commenced so early will set an example to every other place worthy of imitation (Great Applause). Gentlemen, I will not trespass longer upon your time, than to allude for a moment to the circumstance of the family of the Hon. Richard Watson, whose family as you well know has been and still is justly celebrated for various acts of liberality and munificence throughout the whole of this county;.....I therefore second the motion of Ald. Frend, that the Hon. Richard Watson is a fit person to be chosen the Representative of the interests of this City in Parliament. (Great Applause).

Died at Canterbury (April), Mrs. Snoulten. - The Monthly Magazine 1801 pg. 281



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