The Canterbury Cathedral Archives has school managers minutes for St. Mary Bredin Schools

St. Mary Bredin school, letters from the Board of Education; teachers testimonials, resignations, inventory, etc. CCA-CC-BB/201/6


The building of the old St. Mary Bredin school which is now a used car lot

Closed 1940's - site sold 1951 for £4200


"Annie VERRALL said she had lodged with deceased for five weeks. She was assistant schoolmistress at St. Mary Bredin's School. During the time she had lodged with deceased she had always appeared to be very cheerful. When deceased had done her work on Saturday evening she went into witness's room and sat down for a short time. She was in very good spirits then." KGaCP Sat Dec 26, 1896


June 28, 1902 (Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press)

Lady Teachers. For the best arrangement of wild flowers (arranged for effect) in a tumbler and soup plate.

1. Miss E. P. HAWKINS, St. Mary Bredin's School

2. Miss M. CHAMBERS, St. Mary Bredin's School

children under six years of age:

2. Florence PINE, St. Mary Bredin

6. Elsie HEAT, St. Mary Bredin School





Mixed - Erected in 1860, for 100 children; average attendance, 140

Charles S. Bufton, Master


1901 - 1903

Waltar Sagar - Master



Erected in 1860 for 120 children

John Henry Wiseman - Master




Infants - Erected in 1860, for 50 children; average attendance, 64

Mrs Bufton, Infants' Mistress



Mrs. Ada Bufton - Mistress



St. Mary Bredin (infants), Rhodaus Town

Mrs. Ada Bufton, Infants' Mistress


"The Old Church of England School St. Mary Bredin, Canterbury, was sold by private tender in May 1951 for the sum of £4200....St. Mary Bredin School stands on a larger site, but the value of this is offset considerabley by the cost of removing the bank of made up soil which constitutes the site itself and clearly offers an unstable foundation. Taking one thing with another, and making proper allowances for the special attractiveness of St. Mary Bredin School to the firm who bought it for...."

*Waltar is living at 47 Lansdowne road in the early 1900's with his wife Lily and daughter Gertrude, he is a young man in his late twentys and is a Schoolmaster from Blackburn, Lancashire. His father was a Watchmaker and Jeweller. His sister Emily and brother William are Assistant School Mistress and Master in the 1890's in Blackburn, and he was working as a Pupil School Teacher. He came from a large family, his father was a widower looking after 10 children at this time, age 12 to 26 with a variety of occupations.

**Ada is a widow living with her 5 children and nephew William F. Seeley who is a Pupil School Teacher. Her eldest daugther Violet is also a Pupil school teacher. They are living at 11 Nursery Terrace in Pound Lane.


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