Northgate Church was rebuilt in 1773, renovations 1792

Partially rebuilt in 1830, consecrated 1832, closed in 1912, now used by the King's School

Parish records of St. Mary Northgate available at the Canterbury Cathedral Archives 1640 - 1942

St. Mary Northgate Cemetery is in Broad Street

The Kent Family History Society has a Microfiche available for Canterbury St. Mary Northgate MLS inscriptions

"It was at Northgate that the Recorder of the City, with the Mayor,

Aldermen, and other civic dignataries, used to meet the King when

passing through the city on his journey from Margate to London.

At such times the ceremony of delivering up the keys of the city to the

Sovereign was carried out with various loyal and flattering speeches from

the Recorder, as the mouthpiece of the citizens."


"St. Mary Northgate church is built partly over the city gate, called Northgate, and partly on the west side of it, from which is a staircase to go up to that part over the gateway, in which divine service is performed. It consists of only a body and chancel, being remarkably long and narrow, having a square tower steeple at the west end, rebuilt of brick in the room of the old one, which fell down a few years ago. Under the choir, or chancel of this church, is a vault, with an open space or loop-hole in the wall, fashioned like a cross. It was sometime a hermitage, but is now belonging to the parsonage.

There is a modern burying-ground belonging to this parish, on the north side of Broad street, a little westward of Ruttington Lane.

This church, which is now a vicarage, was part of the antient possessions of the prior and convent of St. Gregory in Canterbury, with whole consent as patrons of it, archbishop Stratford, in the year 1346, endowed the vicarage of it as follows: that the vicar and his successors, vicars in this church should have all and all manner of oblations in the church of Northgate, and in every other place within the bounds, limits or tithings of it, of whatsoever sort made or to be made, or accruing to it, or in it, or liable to increase in future, the oblations or obentions of the hospital of Northgate alone excepted; and that the vicars should receive and have all tithes of wool, lambs, pigs, geese, apples, pears, hemp, flax, beans and other fruits and herbs growing in orchards or gardens, and the tithes of mader arising within the parish; and also all other small tithes of whatsoever sort belonging to this church and all other profits, which the vicars of it had been used to take in former times except all great tithes (estimated of the yearly value of four marcs) belonging to it, which the religious had reserved to themselves; and that the vicards whould undergo at their own costs and expences, the burthen of perfomring devine offices in the church and the finding of the books and ornaments of it, of the processional tapers and of one lamp which ought to burn in the chancel of it, and the administring of bread, wine, lights and other things there necessary for the celebration of divene rights; and also the payment of tenths, and the imposition of any other matters which should hpapen to be impsed on the English church, for the moiety of tax of this church; but that the religious should acknowledge for ever and under go the burthen of rebuilding and repairing the chancel of it, within and without, and the payment of the tenths of this fort and the imposition of whatsoever fort for the other moiety of the taxation of it, and all the other burthens, ordinary and extraordinary incumbent, or which ought to be incumbent on it, and which were not allotted above to the vicar of it..... The heirs of George Gipps, esq. late M.P. for this city are the present lessees of this parsonage, worth as estimated only three pounds per annum."

*In Mr. Somner's time there were brass plates which have been long since lost and destroyed, for Jeoffry Holman esq. obt. 1478; for Walter Garrade, late vicar obt. 1498; for Ralf Browne, sometime alderman and mayor, in 1507 and 1510. In one of the windows were formerly the arms of Apulderfield, and a shield containing six lions rampant. In the church is a memorial for the Macarees, but it is mostly hid by the pews. The parish register begins so late as 1640.


"Northgate church is situated on the west side of Northgate street; was partially rebuilt in 1830, on the ruins of the ancient structure, part of which crossed the street on the north gate of this city. The east front is of brick, in the rude pointed style, with two windows. Against the north wall is a brass representing a figure kneeling at a desk with a label over the head; the label from his mouth - "Oh, Mother of God, have mercy on me." with the following inscription...

"All ye that stand up pon mi corse,

Remember but lat Raff. Brown I was,

All dyr man and Mayer of this cete,

Jesu a pon mi sowll have pete!"

*this was for Ralph Brown


City grants lands and tenements within City Wall from Burgate towards Northgate. Cathedral to repair the City Wall here. Prior and Convent to have liberty to make a postern and bridge between churches of Northgate and Burgate. CCA-CC-SuppMs/6

1830 The taking down of the chancel and the Northgate. CCA-CC-

Canterbury - On Tuesday, the 14th inst. the Archbishop consecrated the new church of St. Mary, Northgate, in this city, and preached a most excellent and animated sermon from the 10th chapter of Hebrews, verse 25. A very large number of the clergy of the city and persons of distinction attended on the occasion, and the whole was conducted with the greatest order and decorum. The British Magazine



I have HAYWARD also in my family tree of Canterbury

James Hayward of St. Mary Northgate (Cant), bachelor & Mary Gann of the same, spinster, at St. Mary Northgate. June 8, 1772

James Hayward of St. Mary Northgate, Cantebury, Gardener, widow & Mary Hartup of the same, minor (mother Sarah Hartup, widow), at St. Mary Northgate. Feb 17, 1777

Will of Mary TERRY Cant. St M Northgate Created, 1624 Probate, 1624 Ref# PRC17/66/448

Will of John TERRY Canterbury 1821 1822 Ref #PRC17/106/348



In February of 1673 the Churchwardens of St. Mary Northgate were looking to get places for 4 boys into the school at the poor priests hospital.



Patron, The Archbishop of Canterbury

Incumbent & Vicar - William Edward HOSKINS, St. George's Place


S. J. Benj. MIETTE, Broad Street

G. BATEMAN, Broad Street

Parish Clerk, W. BLIGH, Orchard Place

Sexton, W. MUTTON, Staplegate Place


St. Mary Northgate, in which are Monuments for Jeffery Holman Esq.; and Walter Garrage, Vicar of this Church, as also an Inscription on the North Wall for Ralph Brown, who was an Alderman and Mayor of this City. Archbishop Stratford, with Consent of the Prior and Convent of St. Gregory's, who were the Patrons, erected it into a Vicarage. Magna Britannia Antqua & Nova 1738


Saint Mary Northgate

"This church stood originally over the city gateway, at least part of it. A vault of the old structer, called an "Hermitage" was fashioned like a cross, as Hasted informs us, in one part of it. The present church dates from 1830 only. It contains a mural incised brass to one of the Mayors, Ralph Brown, which, if he were a literate man, he certainly did not compose; it is as follows:

"All ye that stand up pon mi corse,

Remember but lat Raff. Brown I was,

All dyr man and Mayer of this cete,

Jesu a pon mi sowll have pete!"

There is a label issuing from the mouth of the effigy inscribed, "Mater Dei memento mei." Ralph Brown was Mayor A.D. 1507. This memorial was removed from the old structure. Northgate church was united to Saint Alphage about two centuries since. J.B. *also mayor part of 1510


"In St. Mary's Church is the tomb of Ralph Brown, Mayor of Canterbury in 1507, who is represented kneeling at a desk, with the following inscription (which an alderman or mayor might think equivocal) underneath...." (see above)


"Raff Brown, alderman and mayor, c. 1540, pecul., mur., p. 215"

A manual of monumental brasses *apparently a rubbing of this is housed in The Ashmolean Museum Oxford


This church, remarkable for its situation, being much of it built over the Northgate, and therefore not likely to abound with monuments, was at the time I examined it, undergoing a repair, and much covered with diust "Rebecca, wife of John Macan, aged 56, 1739..." (the rest was covered by a pew)

A memorial in the church 1792


"St. Mary Northgate" from my old Canterbury View Book c. 1902


"Site of St. Mary Northgate" Small stone plaque in the ground


"St. Mary's Church, situated in the Northgate street, was partly re-built in 1830, on the ruins of an ancient structure, part of which crossed the street over the north gate of the city. The east front is of brick, in the rude pointed style, with two windows; the interior presents no materials of any interest. The living was united to that of St. Alphege in 1681. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the patron."

Directory 1847


"St. Mary Northgate"


1830 - The taking down of the chancel and the Northgate


Roman wall side of St. Mary Northgate


St. Mary's Church, Northgate 1861 (1877)

This church has been for themost part rebuilt in brick in a very poor meagre style, with a tower at the west end and an east end facing the street, but the original north wall remains, though somewhat concealed. It is of rough flint work, with a trace of a Norman window and one square headed Perpendicular one. The east end of this church was formerly over the north gate, which is now destroyed.

The Church of St. Mary, situated in Northgate street, is a comparatively modern edifce of brick, rebuilt in a poor and meagre style, the south side being pulled down as well as the old north gate over which the chancel stood, a new south aisle has been erected; the church possesses little architectural interest, but the original north wall remains, though somewhat concealed; it is of rough flint work with traces of Norman and a Perpendicular window; it contains an inscription to Ralph Brown, alderman and mayor of Canterbury; there are 400 sittings, all being free. The registers date from 1558 and 1640 respectively and are in excellent preservation. Kelly's Directory of Kent 1882


*Christening of a John Terry, son of William TERRY and Bennet on Dec 7, 1671, at St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury


1825 - death, lately in the Precincts, Canterbury aged 58, the Rev. Thomas Bennett, Minor Canon of the Cathedral; Vicar of St. Alphage, and Rector of St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury; and Vicar of Stone, Isle of Oxney. He was of Trinity College, Cambridge, A.B. 1792, A.M. 1795. He was elected Minor Canon in 1810, presented to St. Alphage in 1812 by Archbishop of Canterbury; and in 1820 to the Vicarage of Stone, by the Dean and Chapter. *T. Bennett, a minor canon of Westminster, 1797, and also of Canterbury, 1810; in the latter year he was presented by the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury to the vicarage of Stone, Kent. He was likewise vicar of Herne Bay, and, in 1812, made vicar of St. Alphege, and rector of St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury. He died within the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, aged 58, at the close of the year 1824. He took his degrees of B.A. in 1792, and of M.A. in 1795, and was second on the list of junior optimes in the former year. MS. note by Bp of St. Asaph; Cant. Grad.; Gent. Mag. xcv. 187 *he was made vicar of St. Alphege, and rector of St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury in 1812

1845 - tributes of respect have recently been presented to the following: W. E. Hoskins, St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury, plate

1847 - Rev. William Temple is the vicar

1851 - William Temple rector of St. Alphage & Vicar of St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury *living at 10 St. Alphage Lane

1858 - Rev. William Temple

1882 - Rev. William Temple M.A. (surrogate) Hours of Service; 3 pm.

1896 - A presentation was made to the Rev. A. Stevens (late curate of St. Gregory and St. Mary Northgate), on the 16th at Broad Street School. The presentation was made as a testimonial from his late parishioners, the recipient having been recently inducted to the post of Rector of St. Mildred's.

1903 - Rev. Francis Robert Mercer M.A. Hours of Service: Irregular

Index of Wills

Humfry SHORE, husb., St. Mary Northgate, Canterbury, Kent 1655, folio 342


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