Chartham is 3 miles South West of Canterbury, population 974 (1850)

c. 1294

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Monumental Brasses

Sir Robert de Setvans, St. Mary's, Chartham, Kent. Date 1306.

Robert Sheffelde, priest, from St. Mary's, Chartham, Kent. Date 1508.

Jane Cucas, from the same church. Date 1530 *should be Jane Eveas?

May 1849, Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London April 1849 - April 1853 (Rev. William Grant exhibited the following rubbings from Monumental Brasses



Memorials, Chartham Church

In the church are these following memorials: on a flat stone, a small brass female figure, and on a plate "Of your charitie praye for the soul of Jane ......, daughter of ....... died Jan. 1530, on whose sowl Jesu have massie."


H. S. E.

"Sarah Sandys, Edwyni Humphredi Sandys de domo fratrum heremitarum Sti Ausgustini Cantuariae generos. uxoris, et domini Gulielmi Fagg, Baronetti, filia natu minima. Morbo longo et molestissimo consecta 21 Aprilis, 1782, animam efflavit; ab omnibus sibi familiaribus, praecipue marito, valde deflenda. Vixit annos xxix."


A flat circular marble agaist the wall to the memory of Lady Fagg. Arms "Party per pale; Gules, two bends Vair, with the arms of Ulster; a bend, Gules, between three mullets, Sable. The inscription is: "Near this place are interred the remains of Elizabeth Lady Fagg; one of the daughters of Abraham Legrand, of Canterbury, gent. deceased, and wife of Sir William Fagg, of Mystole in this parish, Baronet, by whom she had issue, Elizabeth, born Aug 22, 1749, who died an infant; Helen Ward; Sarah, born June 19, 1875, who married Edwin Humphry Sandys, of Canterbury, gent. and died April 21, 1782. John. She was lovely in her person, more amiable in her manners. Her excellent understanding cou'd be equalled only by her benevolent heart, both which she uniformly exercised to the honour of her Maker, the delight and comfort of her family and friends, and as far as her influence extended to the benefit of mankind.

Blessed be her Memory !

Having thus exemplarily satisfied all ends for which she was born; she was called to her reward, by a sudden, but most gentle summons, and fell asleep as in the bosom of her Saviour, FEb. 27, 1785, in the 60th year of her age." "Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like hers."



Chartham is within the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the diocese of Canterbury and deanery of Bridge. The church, dedicated to St. Mary, is large and handsome, being built in the form of a cross, and contains one aisle and a chancel. Besides other monuments and memorials, there are some to the Kingsford's; and on the north side of the chancel, is a tomb, under a pointed arch; while, on the pavement, are two ancient brasses, one to the memory of -------------, in pontificalibus, and the other, without inscription, presents the figure of a knight in haubert, cross-legged, his feet resting on a lion, part of which is gone. In the north transept is a monument to the memory of Sir William Young and his lady, sculptured by Michael Rysbrack in 1751. The font, which is plain and modern, bears the date 1720. The organ was erected in 1813 by the present Sir John Fagge, rector. The roof is ornamented with gothic roses, shields, and other devices; and the windows contain many remnants of stained glass, collected from the fragments of what formerly abounded here. There is also a monument for Dr. Delangle; and another, with the figure of a woman, having an inscription, for Jane Eveas, daughter of Lewys Clifforbt, Squyre, ob. 1530.

Part of the parsonage house appears very ancient, the whole being built with ashlar stone, and the windows and doors in the Gothic taste.

This rectory was valued in the kings books at £41 5 10, the yearly tenths at £4 2 7 . In 1640 the valuation was £120, and communicants 300.

In 1821, there were 137 dwelling's in the parish of Chartham; and at the same period, when the last census of the population was taken by order of Parliament, the numbers of inhabitants were as follows: males 435, females 420, making a total of 855 souls.

England's Topographer 1829


A monument stone in the graveyard


Sacred to the memory of George TERRY

Late of this parish who died

July 26th, 1845, aged 75 years

Also of Sarah his wife who

died February 24th, 1811,

aged 56 Years.

Also of four sons,

And two daughters

Left surviving Phoebe his second

Wife five sons and four daughters.....ail Rebecca.


*the stone is broken away at the bottom

Christening of a George Terry September 9, 1770, to Isaac and Mary TERRY

Marriage of George TERRY to Sarah Wanstall, December 24, 1797, Chartham, Kent

Christening of a James TERRY February 3, 1810 to George Terry and Sarah (nee Wanstall)

Mary TERRY, christened April 10, 1801

Isaac TERRY, christened November 14, 1802

Rebecca TERRY, christened August 12, 1803

Ann TERRY, christened July 19, 1801

In 1841 there was a George Terry, age 70, Blacksmith, born in county and wife Phebe, age 50, born in County, as well as a John Terry, Carpenter's Apprentice age 15, born in County

two houses away there is a George Terry age 35, Blacksmith born in county, with wife Ann Terry age 35, born in county, children George age 5, James age 3 and John age 1

there is also a James Terry age 30, Carpenter, born in county and wife Sarah, age 25 born in county with Frederick Cosins age 13 Carpenters Apprentice


TERRY John (1858 Melville & Co's Directory of Kent) Chartham, Kent - Boot & Shoemaker, High Street

TERRY John (1858 Melville & Co's Directory of Kent) Chartham, Kent - TALLY HO, High Street


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