St. Mildred

No address listed

Thomas Minter, Bricklayer $

James Hubbard, Carpenter $

Sarah Atkinson, Widow $

William & James Marshall, Painters $

John TERRY, Hop Factor, wife Mary and daughter Mary Ann TERRY $

John Hobday, Cabinet Maker $

Thomas Potts, Waiter $


No. 1

Alfred Marsh - Head Boots (Inn), Sarah Crunden, is his mother in law, John Crunden, Hotel Porter (

Frederick James DENNIOS, Brewers Drayman )


No. 2

Mary A. Cook, BOARDER - William FRIAR, Painter (

Louisa HARVEY, Laundress )


No. 3

William MARSHALL, Herald Painter (Art Service) *

George JOHNCOCK, Carpenter & Joiner (


No. 4

George COX, retired Hairdresser (

Emma WHITE )


No. 5

William MURREN, Photographic Artist (

William H. CHILD, Ironmongers Assistant )


No. 6

David CLIFFORD, Butcher (

Samson TURNER, Prudential Agent )


No. 7

David CLIFFORD, Butcher *


The building was not being lived in, in the early 90's


No. 8

John DANCE, Retired Chemist *

The building was not being lived in, in the early 90's


No. 9

Miss Hannah HARVEY (

Hanna HARVEY with sister SARAH )


No. 10

Charles J. Court, Iron Monger (

Harry J. HOULDEN, registrar of births and deaths )


No. 11

George TODD, Vesturer & Subsacrist in Canterbury Cathedral (

George TODD, Cathedral Vesturer )

St. Mary's street looking towards Castle Street


No. 12

Frederick KNOTT, Manager Pork Butcher (

Ellen ABERY, lodging house keeper )


No. 13

Matilda Hayward, Miss Rebecca Carpenter (



No. 14

George Twyman, Linen Weaver & Twine Spinner (

Clarence E. HARRIS, dispenser of Medicine, with wife Emma (nee CROWDER) and children Margaret & Charles )


No. 15

Miss Mary A. Smith, Millier, Dress and Mantle Maker (

Mary A. SMITH, Millier & Dressmaker )


No. 16

Anne Manuel, Matron, Canterbury Refuge, Miss Mary A. J. Sturt, Assistant Matron Canterbury Refuge (

Emily GARDNER, Matron of the Canterbury Refuge )

Inmate, Annie R. BAKER & May HALLIDAY

Charles John COURT, deceased. All persons having an Claim or demand against the estate of Charles John COURT, late of No. 16, Saint Mary's Street, Canterbury, who died on the 12th day of June, 1914, are requested to send particulars thereof to us the undersigned forthwith, and all persons indebted to the said estate are requested to forthwith pay the amounts to us. Dated 16th June, 1914. Mowll and Mowll, 68, Castle street, Canterbury. Solicitors to the Executrix.


No. 17

Thomas ATTWOOD, Cathedral Verger (

Jane ATTWOOD, Widow )

Alfred J. COULTRIP, Butcher )


Castle Street junction with St. Mary's Street and St. Mary De Castro Churchyard (now a park)

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