Canterbury, All Saints Parish (Pop. 419) - One daily school, in which about 8 males are educated at the expense of their parents; the children of this parish attend the Schools in the parish of St. Mildred. Parliamentary Papers 1835

The school was designed by architect Joseph Messenger (who was living in Bridge Street at the time), and was built in 1855

Now used as residences



Miss E. INGRAM, St. Mildred's Schools, Canterbury (1880 Members - from the 1881 Report of the East Kent Natural History Society)


The Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday, June 30, 1877 - St. Mildred's Schools - On Sunday last the annual sermons in behalf of these schools were preached in St. Mildred's and All Saint's Churches by the Rev. Dr. Mangan, rector, and the Rev. H. A. Richings. The offertories during the day amounted to nearly 11 pounds including 2 pounds 10s. collected at St. Margarets, and other sums from the Cathedral and St. Mary Breadman.

The Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday, April 12, 1879 - County Intelligence - Canterbury and District Teachers' Association. The ordinary meeting of this Association was held at S. Mildred's School on Saturday last, the President, Mr. Paine, in the chair. The minutes having been read and confirmed, considerable discussion arose on teh corresondence that had recently taken place between the Canterbury School Board and the teachers, relative to an assertion made by the Attendance Officer. A decided opinion prevailed amongst all present that more fo that officers time should be taken up in looking after defaulting children, so as to more efficiently carry ouf the provisions of the Act. Attention was also called to Colonel Horsley's statement, that children who had passed Standard IV. were not as a matter of course exempt from making full attendance, and this was thought to be diametrically opposed to Bye law 4. After Mr. Rogers (Waltham) had given notice of a motion to the effect that the meetings be held monthly,, Mr. Colyer (Nonnington) read a capital paper on "Rural Schools" in which the advantages and disadvantages those teachers were subject to who laboured in them were clearly and pleasantly set forth. This gave rise to an interesting discussion, after which the Secretary, Mr. Clements, introduced the subject of District Associations, and it being generally considered in the discussion that followed that the East Kent was not fulfilling the duties which were originally intended should be done by these Associations, he was, on the motion of Mr. Redman, requested to write to the Secretary suggesting whether it would not be desirable at the next annual metting to consider the management with a view to making it of more practical use... After a little more business an adjournment was made to an excellent tea, provided by the Misses Ingram, to whom thanks were heartily accorded. During the meeting three new members were enrolled.



BOYS, Church Street

Erected in 1860, for 124 children; average attendance, 95;

Charles Redman, Master

GIRLS, Church Street

Erected in 1855, for 108 children, average attendance 96;

Miss Helena Foreman, Mistress

INFANTS, Church Street

Erected 1855, for 80 children, average attendance 75;

Miss Ada Abbott, Infants' Mistress




Erected in 1860, for 115 children, average attendance 95

Sydney William Paul, Master


Erected in 1855 for 108 children, average attendance, 109

Miss Rebecca Sharpe, Mistress


Erected in 1855 for 80 children, and enlarged in 1888 for 106 children, average attendance is 98

Miss Ada Abbott, Infants' Mistress


St Mildred's School 1919-1920

Standing back row: Mr Day (Teacher), B Ford, H. Sackett, S. Arter, J. Barret, F. Smith, T. Blackman, ? Lewis, G. Goddard, J. Blackman

2nd Row: S. Jordan, W. Kemp, S. Fuller, J. Hills, F. Holmes, W. Sackett, R. Uden, C. Coley, R. Swain

At the side on left: R. Parker, J. Hooker
In front: W. Rampley, unknown, F. Inge, G. Gower, A. Kemp, C. Carter - last two names unreadable


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