St. Peter

Pre-1874 there were less houses on the West Side of the street due to large garden/nursery of William Masters that used to be here

Clearance of houses 46-66 St. Peter's Lane, 63-79 St. Peter's Lane

1909 Flooding of the River Stour showing St. Peter's Lane with the Abbot's Mill in the background. The Mill burnt down October 17th, 1933. These old houses are gone now, with new ones in their place. The wall still stands.

I'm very grateful to the CURTIS family for supplying this photo postcard for the site


*William WANSTALL born in St. Peter's Lane c. 1859


"A person unknown left the yearly rent of a piece of land in St. Peter's Lane, amounting to 1£, to be divided among the poor of this parish annually." 1838D

"Henry SWORDER, in 1504, left three houses in St. Peter's Lane, to be enjoyed rent free by three poor people of the parish. These were sold in 1806 for 62£ 12s., which was conveyed to the churchwardens to be invested in the funds. This was never done; and, after the death of one of the churchwardens, John CHANDLER, his widow, in 1828, having an account of £34 7s. 5d. with the churchwardens then in office, paid them the balance of 28£ 4s. 7d., which was applied towards the expenses of a new churchyard. Since then the sum of 2£ 9s. has been distributed, as interest of the original sum, annually among the poor of the parish." 1838D

"We shall have "Venice in Canterbury" if the rain continues. In St. Peter's Lane, on Thursday (23rd), all that was wanted was the city barge and the bridge that was washed away at Westgate, and the illusion would have been perfect." The Meteorological Magazine 1894

St. Peter's Lane Now, with new houses on the left, Solly's Orchard is just over the wall on the right

Solly's Orchard looking towards Miller's Arms (showing the backs of houses on Blackfriars Street and Mill Lane)


detail from the 1907 Ordance Survey map


Solly's Orchard highlighted in yellow in the above map



1532 Almshouses are standing on the ground in St. Peter's-lane, now vested in the officers of that parish. HT


Grant by John WILLIS late of Canterbury to Thomas Buyssh' of the same of a tenement with garden in the parish of St. Peter, Canterbury, in a place called 'Seyntpetrislane*,' which he had by gift of Ellis Curteys, deceased. Witnesses:—William Byllyngton and William atte Wode, bailiffs of Canterbury, and others (named). 25 January, 17 Henry VI. - (C. 4625)
From: 'Deeds: C.4601 - C.4700', A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6 (1915), pp. 105-119, BHO

*likely is St. Peter's Lane


In St. Peter's Lane, near the church, was found at eight feet deep a mortarium nearly entire, an amphora, and other Roman pottery. 1877


At Canterbury, the heavy rains which fell during the latter part of the last week have inundated the vale of the Stour, both above and below that city, and the water has risen in its vicinity to the ground floors of many of the houses adjoining the banks in North Lane, St. Peter's Lane, &c. Below Canterbury the valley to Starr had the appearance of a lake, and the adjacent levels of St. Nicholas, Minster, and Monkton, were so completely inundated as to give the idea of an estuary, and reduce Thanet literally to an island. The waters has since subsided. TGM, 1810


No. 46 - 66 St. Peters Lane (evens, clearance areas c. 1930's)

No. 63-79 St. Peters Lane (odds only)

St. Peter's Lane, Even Numbered Properties (Army Huts), the original houses were bombed out in 1942. These huts were used to house shops after WW2. The tall building behind the huts is the Marlowe Theatre, which is to close in 2009, and be rebuilt.


10 cases of measles attended to in an epidemic of this disease in St. Peter's Lane, Canterbury during 1852 by G. Rigden, Esq. (138 cases total in the city)

15 cases were fatal of the 138 cases seen. AMJ


St. Peter's Street to St. Radigund Street



1889 Mrs. E. FILL



No. 1

1889 George BARTON

Builders Workshop )


No. 2


1838 Police Inspector Andrew PLANK, 2 St. Peter's Lane

1889 Mrs. Ann CARDEN

Builders Stores )


No. 3

1889 Thomas BERRY, Outside Porter

Builders Stores )


No. 4


Samuel COLLARD %

1889 Mrs. BAKER


No. 5


William TAYLOR, Fish Seller &

1889 George BALDOCK


No. 6


William BLACKMAN, Fish Dealer &

The White House, St. Peter's Lane, Canterbury

William Henry Hart, F.S.A. The White House, St. Peter's Lane, Canterbury - 1869 - 1871

1889 George James BLOGG, decorator


No. 7

William PIERCE, Agricultural Labourer %

John NORRIS, Painter &

1889 Walter PITTOCK

Michael KENNEDY, Shoemaker )


No. 8

Eliza NAYCOOK, Shoe Binder %

1889 Charles WELSH, Groom

John PICKERING, Worker at the Electric Works )


No. 9

Sophia BLAIR %

George TAYLOR, Basket Maker &

1889 Henry MARSHALL, Bricklayer

Annie LONG )


No. 10

Rebecca ANDREWS &

1889 William WHITE, Tanner

Jan 23 1900 Robert FOX, 10 St. Peter's Lane CCA

No. 11

George TAYLOR, Fish Dealer &

1889 John HOGBIN, Tanner


No. 12

William CHEESMAN &

1889 William ROBINSON, Miller


No. 13

James JARMAN %

1889 John DENNE, Painter


No. 14

Thomas GRAHAM, Chimney sweep %

1889 James BALDOCK


No. 15

James SHREDWICK, Stonemasons labourer %

1889 Mrs. Jane HARRIS

Jan 23 1900 James SAVAGE, 15 St. Peter's Lane CCA


No. 16

David JILLY, Cordwainer %

1889 William NICHOLS


No. 17

Michal MAXTED, Carpenter %

William HAMMON &

1889 William BENNETT, painter

George COLLARD, Umbrella Mender )


No. 18

Thomas MAXTED, Stable labourer %

1889 George COLLARD, Umbrella Maker



No. 19

James WELLS %

1889 nothing listed

Felix J. CRAWLEY, Gas Storeman )


No. 20

Edwin BRADFORD, Carter %

1889 Thomas ELVY, plumber

George W. SUMMERS, Railway Carman )


No. 21

--- %

1889 John A. SNOW, Painter

Robert GILES, Hawker )


No. 22

Mary Williams, Tailoress %

1889 William HAMMOND, Bobbiner

Frederick Gilham, George Palmer, Moses Todd, William Whittaker, W. Hammond, senior, W. Hammond, junior, P. Leman, W. Blackman, J.H. Palmer; they all live in St. Peter's Lane? Yes. (Edwin Wells, sworn, 9106, Parliamentary Papers 1881)

John J. CHAPMAN, Coal Heaver )


No. 23

1889 William HAMMOND, Junior, Labourer

Frederick Gilham, George Palmer, Moses Todd, William Whittaker, W. Hammond, senior, W. Hammond, junior, P. Leman, W. Blackman, J.H. Palmer; they all live in St. Peter's Lane? Yes. (Edwin Wells, sworn, 9106, Parliamentary Papers 1881)

Mark BERRY, Hardware Hawker )


No. 24



No. 25


No. 26


No. 27

1889 Mr. HOLNESS, carter


No. 28

George OLIVE, Fish Hawker (date?)


No. 29



No. 30

George TAYLOR - Where do you live? St. Peter's Lane. What are you? A basket maker. Did you get any money from Mr. Barton at the last election? This last election I had three half crowns. From Barton? From Barton. Was that for your vote? That was for my vote, sir. Did you get anything in 1879? No, I never had anything before. Never had anything before this last election? No. Parliamentary papers 1881

1889 Mr William RAW


No. 31

1889 Edward John RIGDEN, Woolsorter



No. 32

Richard WICKENDEN, Bricklayer )


No. 33

1889 Alfred TODD, Blacksmith

Maria DAISEY )


No. 34

1889 Mrs. JARRETT


No. 35

C. W. D. Lambert, Railway Engineer & Robert Willwood, Corporal of the 2nd Battalion of the Buffs


No. 36

*property damaged in WW2

James BOREE, Carpenter & Joiner %

1861 Hannah TERRY, widow age 72, Laundress, born in Canterbury, living with Ann Steddy, widow age 60, Servant, born in Canterbury, and a Lodger

1889 Mrs. DALTON

Alfred H. SITCHER, Scissor Grinder, Cutler )


St. Radigund Street


St. Peter's Lane and St. Radigund Street - Postcard sent December 2, 1909 posted from Canterbury

to Miss Russell, 78 St. Mary's Road, Faversham from her neice Ethel


No. 37

Thomas ELVY, Plumber & Painter %

1889 John JOSLIN, Platelayer

John STRANG, Coachman )


No. 38

Edward BAILEY, Carpenter %


No. 39

Jane TOMLIN, Fish Seller )


No. 40

1900 Henry SMITH, Labourer, no. 40 St. Peter's Lane


No. 41

Antonia MAGLISCCA, Musician (Organ Grinder) )


No. 42


No. 43


No. 44


No. 45

1889 Frederick ANDREWS, Weaver


No. 46 - 66 St. Peters Lane (evens, clearance areas c. 1930's)


No. 50

1889 Charles D. FASSUM, Weaver


No. 59

William BALDOCK )


No. 60

Florence AUSTEN )


No. 61


No. 62



No. 63 - 79 St. Peters Lane (odds, clearance areas c. 1930's)


No. 63

1889 George PALMER, Bootmaker

Frederick Gilham, George Palmer, Moses Todd, William Whittaker, W. Hammond, senior, W. Hammond, junior, P. Leman, W. Blackman, J.H. Palmer; they all live in St. Peter's Lane? Yes. (Edwin Wells, sworn, 9106, Parliamentary Papers 1881)

Charles PALMER, Bootmaker )


No. 64

1889 Mr. Thomas COX



No. 65

John JONES, Paper Hanger )


No. 66

Charles IGGLEDEN, Glazier )


No. 67

William CHAPMAN, Labourer )


No. 68

Elizabeth COMISH )


No. 70

Alfred J. PAYNE )


No. 71

Edward SUPPLE, Plasterer )


No. 72

Joshua TAYLOR. Where do you live? 72 St. Peter's Lane. What is your occupation? Waiter. Did you get any money at the last election? Yes. How much? 5s. Who from? Mr. Williams, the tailor. Did you get any more money from anybody else? No. It was for your vote that you got it? Yes. Did you get any money at the 1879 election? No, this is the first time that I have ever voted. Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

Solomon OLIVER, Blacksmith )


No. 73

Joshua TAYLOR, Waiter )


No. 74


Ellen B. COLLEN, Nun )


No. 75


Charles WOOLEY, Domestic Gardener )


No. 76


1903 William G. PRICE, Assistant Master at the King's School (born in Bombay)


1841 Thomas Blair of St. Peter's Lane, Plumber - Death of a Mr. T. Blair of Canterbury age 78 noted in the Dover Telegaph 1850, Sept 28

The coins and other objects found in several parts of the city bore evidence of exposure to the action of fire, and this was especially the case with such as were found in St. Peter's Lane and the whole of that lower or "island" part of the city. Discoveries made during the Excavations at Canterbury in 1868 (1871)

Lewis Dalton, St. Peter's Lane, Canterbury - Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades 1880



William HOMERSHAM, tanner


From the Poll Book 1830

1830 Poll of the Electors for members of parliament to represent the city of Canterbury

Thomas FORDRED, St. Peter's Lane, Cordwainer

William BADCOCK, St. Peter's Lane, Carpenter

Peter ELLIS, St. Peter's Lane, Cordwainer

William GURNEY, Junior, St. Peter's Lane, Shopman

James BOREE, Junior, St. Peter's Lane, Carpenter

Thomas CLARK, Junior, St. Peter's Lane, Cordwainer

James DYASON, St. Peter's Lane, Cordwainer

John BLOGG, Senior, St. Peter's Lane, Tailor

Edward BLOGG, Junior, St. Peter's Lane, Tailor

James BLOGG, St. Peter's Lane, Cordwainer

William BAILEY, St. Peter's Lane, Bricklayer

Thomas PLANK, St. Peter's Lane, Smith

William HOMERSHAM, St. Peter's Lane, Gentleman

Thomas FORDRED, St. Peter's Lane, Cordwainer


1837 Directory

R. SMITH, St. Peters Lane

Edward THURSTON, "Plough" St. Peter's Lane



Thomas BLAIR jr., Woolstapler

Robert PERKINS, Fishmonger

John FULLER, Labourer

Stephen LANCEFIELD, Shoemaker

Thomas BLAIR, Plumber

Henry MAXTED, Shoemaker

Daniel RATCLIFF, Carpenter, Journeyman - wife Mercy son John (carpenter), daughter Rebecca

*Parish Registers - St Peters: Sacred to the memory of Daniel Ratcliff who departed this life 28th November 1843 aged 58 years. Also of Mary wife of the above who died 25th March 1845 aged 53 years Also Stephen son of the above died 6th November 1838 aged 21 years Alice daughter of the above died 10th March 1837 aged 14 years Left surviving 1 son and 1 daughter Viz. John James and Rebecca who erected this stone to their memory

Footstones: S.R. 1838 D.R. 1843

A.R. 1837 M.R. 1845

James BOREE, Carpenter

George COX, wife Ann, son Thomas COX is a Woolstapler, son James COX is a law writer

*Parish Registers - St Peters: Sacred to the memory of Ann COX wife of George COX of this parish who died 3rd July 1842, aged 61 years. Also of the above George Cox born 27th January 1783 died 2nd October 1863.

Edward BAILEY, Carpenter




$ Thomas GRAYLING, esq. (Ind), born in County, wife Elizabeth c. 1790, children, Elizabeth, Dorothy Jane (1813), Catherine, Caroline, Harriet, Ellen ( & two servants) *living at 18 Broad Street in the 1860's (son James is a clergyman), in the 50's they were at 12 Longport

Statues at large... Thomas GRAYLING, Longport, Canterbury 1844

1848 - Death Sept 27. At Lahore, aged 24, Hosier Gell GRAYLING, surgeon 14th Irregular Cavalry, youngest son of Thomas GRAYLING, esq. Longport. Canterbury

*1851 death March 18th, aged 72, Thomas GRAYLING, esq. of Canterbury GMv189


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