St. Mary Northgate & St. Alphage

1962-64 - removal of no. 31, 32, 34 St. Radigunds Street


William Hawkes. Where do you live? St. Radigund's Street. What is your employment? Dairy manager. (more conversation) Parliamentary Papers Jan 6 - Aug 27, 1881

Two properties were built in St Radegunds, Canterbury, St Mary Northgate c.1826 by John COLLER, and occupied by John WORSLEY, a baker and pastry cook, and his wife Lavinia (no. 21, 22, 23, possibly 27, 28, 29 renumbered)



George Bass, John Collard, Catherine Page, John Williams (Miller), James Fox, Stephen Tottman, George Champan (Tanner), James Harvey (Baker), John Divers (Miller), John Coller (Butcher), Thomas Barber (Fell Monger), William Laming (Builder), Henry Gasson, Mary Moore, Maria Friend, Jesse Collyer (Victualler)


No. 1

Henry BLIGH, Coach Builder (see No. 21 Sun Street) (


No. 2

Elizabeth WICKENDEN, her husband is a Domestic Coachman (


No. 3

Edward SLADDEN, Gardener (

Andrew KILLIAN, Domestic Gardener )


No. 4

John PARNUM, Glover ^

Mary A. PRETTMAN, Dressmaker (


No. 5

William FIELD, Builder ^

William BLIGH, Coach Builder (see No. 21 Sun Street) (

James *****, Church of England Preacher Missionary )


No. 6

John Shrubsole DENNE, Lay Clerk ^

Charles KIRBY, Canterbury Corporation Road Sweeper )


No. 7

Henry TAYLOR, Accountant ^

John Thomas COUSENS, Tanners Labouer (

William H. SMITHSON, Telephone Wireman (

Harold Ethelbert SANDY, Tailor )


No. 8

Thomas PARNELL, Cathedral Bell Ringer ^

"At a court holden at Canterbury in the Eastern Division of the County of Kent before me, the revising barrister appointed to revise the list of voters for the said Eastern Division of the said County, on the 22nd day of October, 1861, the Reverend Francis James HOLLAND, Joseph BURN, and Thomas PARNELL, severally claimed to be placed on the list of voters for the said Eastern Division of the said county in respect of property situate wholly, or in part within the parish, called the Ville of Christchurch, in the said city of Canterbury, and were duly objected to by Benjamin Richard Eastes, a person on the said Register of Voters, on the ground that they did not possess the requisite qualification. the claims were set forth in the following form:

Thomas PARNELL, St. Radigunds, Canterbury, Freehold Office. Bell ringer, Canterbury Cathedral.

...As regards the claims of Thomas PARNELL it was proved that in A.D. 1857 the said Thomas PARNELL had been appointed by the said dean and chapter one of the eight bell ringers in the said cathedral, that the appointment was for life, and that an annual stipend of £20 a year payable out of hte cathedral funds, was attached to the said office of bell ringer, and was paid annually to the said Thomas PARNELL by the said treasurer of the said dean and chapter at the audit room in the said Ville of Christchurch and that it was the duty of the said Thomas PARNELL to from time to time to assist in ringing the bells at the said cathedral prior to the celebration of divine service ther further appeared that the appointment to these different duties incident to them, and the amount of salary to the holders, or occupants of the said offices were regulary...

George Edward TOMALIN, Plasterer )


No. 9

William BIGG, Wheelwright ^

Henry G. BLUNSON, Leather Cutters Assistant ( )


No. 10

George MOUNT, Carpenter ^

Alfred Thomas FEDARB, Labourer in the Iron Foundry )


No. 11

Arthur ANDERSON, Coffee House Keeper )


No. 12

William POST, Pork Butcher )


No. 14

Francis HARRISON, Tobacco Pipe Maker (

WTHBH - April 15, 1899 - Property Sale, Messrs. Young and Briggs have sold, by private treaty, the freehold dwelling house with yard and outbuildings being No. 14 St. Radigund Street, Canterbury. The price realised was £340. The same property was sold by them in November at a slightly lower figure.


No. 16


John STEVENS, Beer Shop Keeper ^

Walter JEFFORD, Public House (

Alfred George SUTTON, Pub, Victualler )


No. 17

Harriet LAMING, Undertaker (

Harriet E. LAMING, Coffin Trimer, Undertaker )

William J. LAMING, Undertaker )

Catherine C. LAMING, Costumier, Dressmaker )

Thomas H. LAMING, Undertakers Groom / Coachman )


No. 18 (New church cottages c. 1895)


No. 19 (New church cottages c. 1895)


No. 20 (New church cottages c. 1895)

James A. SWAN, Tailor (


The parish boundary between St. Alphage and St. Mary Northgate runs through these two houses but the greater part is in St. Alpahge (No. 20 & 21)


No. 21 (New church cottages c. 1895)

Ezekiel S. BROADBENT, Tanners Flesher, son in law Alfred W. SUTTON, Tanners Flesher (


No. 22

William BURTON, Tanners Skinner (


No. 23

Thomas AUSTIN, Tanners Labourer (


No. 24

Esther KEMP (


No. 25

William GOLD, Labourer (


No. 27

John KALK, Tanners Labourer, John Wetherall, brother in law*




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