(L.C. & D. Railway) Winecheap Green to Rhodaus Town


1889 - St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church - Minister, Rev. J. Patterson

1889 - 1890's Shepheard Neame & Co. Ale Stores and Offices

1889 Agent, Richard Keeler

1890's John E. Newport, Brewer's Storekeeper

Pin Hill

WADE HOUSE - 1889 - 1890's Thomas Wright, Veterinary Surgeon (M.R.C.V.S.)

SOUTHWOOD HOUSE - 1890's Frederick L. Elmes, Accountant

Alexandra Terrace

1889 Stephen Piddlesden

SUNNYSIDE - 1889 - 1890's William Matthews, Farrier (Smith)

1903 James Nash, Coal Merchant, Sunnyside, C & D, Station Road

1. 1889 Charles Bufton, Schoolmaster

1890's Samuel Hopper, District Superintendent, Pearl Insurance Co.

2. 1889 George A. Pitcher

1890's George A. Pitcher, Spirit Dealers Manager (Wine)

3. 1889 Arthur Roberts Dixon

1890's HAWARDEN HOUSE - Thomas J. Whiteman, ?eal Manager and Superintendent of Agents for the Carlton Banking Company 38 Finsbury ....?

4. 1889 Percy Ashenden

1890's William T. G. Full, Life Assurance Agent

5. 1889 Ambrose Hayward

1890's Charles S. Bufton, Elementary School Teacher

6. 1889 Charles Clay

1890's Charles Clay, Railway Signalman and Henry R. Martin Railway Signal Clerk

7. 1889 - 1890's James B. Stevenson, Inland Revenue Officer

8. 1889 Henry Rapson, Assistant inspector of Schools *1891 living at 8 Alexander Terrace, St. Mildred

1890's Henry A. Rapson, Asst to H.M.J.P.? Schools? (Education Office) Civil

9. 1889 Frederick J. Godden

1890's Frederic J. Godden, Auctioneer, Furniture Remover, Upholsterer & Cabinet Maker

Godden & Sons, offices and furniture depository, auctioneers, house agents and furniture removers

1889 L.C. and D. Railway goods station; Thomas Henshaw, Station Master

1890's Station Masters House, Thomas Henshaw, Railway Station Master

1889 L.C. & D. Railway, Passenger Station; J. Booth Station Hotel

1903 Station Hotel, Wincheap Green - Wm Thos. Hookway

1890's L.C. & D. Railway Station


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