John Strettell, b, 8, 29, 1721, son of the Councillor, remained in England when his father removed to Pennsylvania, and was brought up to business by his uncle John Owen. He became an opulent merchant in Lime St., London, for some time residing at Croyden in Surrey. He died in 1786, leaving an estate of over £45,000. He married in 1776 Mary Hayling.

Issue :
John, b. 1778, d. 1781,
Amos, b. 1782, m. Harriet E. Utterson, see below.

Amos Strettell, b. 1782, son of John and Mary Strettell, last named, resided at Knowlton House, Kent, and afterwards at Binderton House, Sussex, d. 1855. He m. Harriet E., dau. of J. Utterson ¦of Miland, Hants, secretary to Lord Vernon in India.
Issue :

Mary, m. b. 1810, d. unm. 1874,

John, b. 1812, commander in Royal Navy, d. 1801, m. Annie, dau. of Adm. Young,
Issue :

Mary Georgina, m. F. Smart, who d. s. p.,
Harriet Eliza, unm.,

Harriet, b. 1813, m. G. Makgill, Esq., of Kemback, Fife, who d. 1879,

Issue (surname Makgill) :
John, m. and has issue,
Edward, d. s. p.,
Harriet, unm.,
Mary, unm.,
Arthur, unm.,
Louisa, b. 1814, unm.,

Edward, b. 1816, in Madras Artill., d. unm. 1836

Alfred B., b. 1817, grad. M. A. (Trinity, Cantab., 1844), chaplain at Genoa from 1851 to 1874, now Rector of St.
Martin's, Canterbury, m. 1844 Laura Vansittart Neale,
dan. of Rev. Edward Vansittart Neale, Rector of Taplow, Bucks,
Issue :

Arthur E. V., b. 1845, d. unm. 1882,
Alice L. v., b. 1850, m. J. Comyns Carr,

Issue (surname Carr) :
Philip, b. 1874,

Alma G. V., b. 1855,

Henky, b. 1817, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law, d. num.

Douglas, b. 1819, d. unm. 1843.


*From "The Provincial Councillors of Pennsylvania, who held office between 1733-1776, and those earlier councillors who were some time chief magistrates of the province, and their descendants (1883)"


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