The "Buffs" Memorial in the Dane John dedicated to the men that fought the Boer War 1899-1902. The memorial was unvieled by Field Marshall Earl Roberts on May 24, 1904.


Earl Roberts from a postcard in my collection



The photo above on the left is attributed to George Thompson of Canterbury (I've seen this with his name on)




2nd Battalion "The Buffs"

Died from Disease - Continued

C. F. Bullock
A. Burgess
W. Broadbridge
G. J. Carthew
J. Chesson
R. Chinn
G. Cowlard
W. H. Clark
A. Crapnell
J. Drake
A. J. Davies
H. Davis
H. A. Doughty
G. Franklin
W. Fifield
F. W. Gerkins
T. Glover
J. Golder
C. Haines
R. D. Hicks
A. Holdaway
F. J. Hook
T. Huckstepp
G. Igglesden
A. E. Jones
G. E. Kemp
S. Knight
T. Lockhart
J. Long
E. Lynds
W. Mansfield
B. McDonald
A. Marshall
E. Middleton
W. Milloy
C. Mitten
A. Moore
J. W. Nethersole
W. H. Parkes
W. F. Padwick
F. Philpott
G. Pluck
H. Price
C. Prior
M. Richardson
E. T. Russell
A. Samson
J. Saunders
G. F. Santer
W.H. Sleeman
H. A. Steer
L. Sherwood
R.A. Sillick
J. W. Sullivan
F. Sutton
E. Thompson
C. W. Webb
F. Wells
R. Wells
R. Whelan
W. Wicks
S. Wignell
H. Wraight
I. R. Walker
T. W. Young

Killed in Action

2nd Lieut. L. M. Oliver

(b. Middlesex, London) Leopold Marchant Oliver

*killed 1901 while serving with the 6th Dragoons (was originally with the East Kent Regiment)

son of Lydia (Lillie) Oliver (b. London), and J. A. Oliver, brother to Vera Cecily Marchant Oliver (b. 1882 Brighton Sussex, m. 1911)

family living in Wootton Kent in the 1890's

Sergt. G. Pincott

Died from Disease

Sgt. _. F. Thompson

Cpl. A. Hughes

Cpl. H. Lear

Cpl. W. Adams

to be cont'd




"A stone monument, with a large bronze figure, was erected here in 1904 in memory of officers and men of the East Kent Regiment (The Buffs), and of the Imperial Yeomanry of East Kent, who lost their lives during the Boer War." Kelly's Directory 1913




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