GAS WORKS - Canterbury, for many years, had been lighted with oil lamps, in so imperfect a manner, that an individual belonging to the Corporate Body, (Alderman James Sladden Browne) urged a plan for illuminating the city with gas; and after wading through great difficulty, at length succeeded in carrying it into effect. Mr. John Gosling became contractor, who afterwards vested the concern in a Company, and the shares now reap a handsome premium. Many of the lanes, which before the introduction of gas were literally in darkness, are now brilliantly illulminated, as well as the principal streets. A walk in and about the city of Canterbury


Died March 23, at Canterbury, aged 85, James Sladden Browne, esq. He had filled the office of chief magistrate, and was for many years alderman under the old corporation.

The Gentlemens Magazine 1855


S. C. Homersham and D. Campbell. Canterbury Gas and Water. New Water Supply. Report from the Engineer (S.C. Homersham) to the Waterworks, and a Chemical Analysis of t-he Water from the New Works at Wincheap, by D. Campbell. Second edition. 8vo. London, 1873. Presened by W. Whitaker, Esq. F.G.S. - additions to the library and museum of the geological society. Session 1876-77



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